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Posts tagged as “gay marriage” ‘Millennials support gay marriage … and the Second Amendment!’

Libertarian youth

From a media release by the Libertarian Party:

What do gun rights and gay marriage have in common among millennials? Surging support. A recent NPR article notes that people younger than 30 in the United States “are no more liberal on gun control” than earlier generations, “despite diverging from their elders on the legalization of marijuana, same-sex marriage and other social issues.”… Read more ... Libertarian presidential candidates weigh in on Kim Davis controversy


Today, September 14, 2015, we heard from several of the Libertarian candidates seeking the Libertarian Party‘s 2016 presidential nomination on the controversy surrounding Democrat Kim Davis. Davis returned to work this morning as Clerk of the Rowan County, Kentucky, an elective constitutional office, which as part of her service, is to issue marriage licenses from Kentuckians wishing to ask the government’s permission to marry.

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Libertarian Party of Ohio endorses Ohio Liberty Amendments


Monday, 02 September 2013 11:35 | PDF | print | email

Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment supported, joins Freedom to Marry and Ohio Workplace Freedom as party goals

COLUMBUS—The Libertarian Party of Ohio Monday announces its endorsement the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment, which will allow Ohio voters in 2014 to re-legalize both the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes and the use of industrial hemp.The

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