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Independent Jana Kemp at 6% in Idaho Governor’s Race

Early results posted by Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics See the article there for more about Kemp and her race.

Butch Otter (REP) – 78,501 votes (62%)
Keith Allred (DEM) – 39,296 votes (31%)
Jana Kemp (IND) – 7,313 votes (6%)
Ted Dunlap (LIB) – 1,514 votes (1%)
Pro-Life (IND) – 953 votes (1%)… Read more ...

Independent Jana Kemp Draws Unlikely Applause in Idaho Debate

Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

All five candidates for governor of Idaho met for a debate on Thursday, in front of a packed crowd at the Idaho Capitol and broadcast on Idaho Public Television.

Attending the showdown were Republican governor Butch Otter, Democrat Keith Allred, Libertarian Ted Dunlap and independents Jana Kemp and Pro-Life Richardson.… Read more ...

Uncovered Politics ‘Oddball’: Pro-Life (formerly named Marvin Richardson)

Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

Today’s oddball in the spotlight is Pro-Life.

Yes, that’s the man’s name.

Marvin Richardson legally changed his name to “Pro-Life” after an Idaho court refused to allow him to be listed on the ballot with the label in a 2006 race for Governor as the Constitution Party candidate.

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Idaho Republican Party Steals Constitution Party Platform?

From Capitol Hill Blue via TPID:

Joined by tea party members, Ron Paul disciples and old-guard conservatives, Beck strode into the three-day confab in Idaho Falls amid a swelling national tide of frustration with Washington, D.C., magnified by Idaho’s already rightist tilt. When it was over, a majority of the 500 delegates had transformed their platform with a spasm of anti-fed outrage — and anger at Republicans who Beck thinks have strayed from the fold.… Read more ...

Edgar Steele, Attorney for White Supremacists, Is Rejected by Constitution Party of Idaho

Edgar Steele is an attorney who has represented various racist groups and white supremacists in court. His claim to fame amongst that community is that he defended the Aryan Nations in the lawsuit that eventually put them under. Apparently Edgar Steele has political ambitions, too.

“I have defended and provide legal advice to probably more of the politically incorrect than has any other attorney in America today,” Steele said in a May 2009 essay available on his website.

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Idaho: Constitution Party Candidate’s Membership in Militia Draws Media Attention

Posted at http://thirdpartydaily.blogspot.com/

From the Bonner’s Ferry Herald:

Every able-bodied Idaho male 18 through 45-years old, already belongs to the militia, according to Jeff Stankiewicz. That is outlined in the Idaho Constitution, said Stankiewicz, major of the 21st Battalion of North Idaho’s Lightfoot Militia.

A member of the Constitution party, Stankiewicz is challenging incumbent assessor Dave Ryals in the Nov.… Read more ...

ID: Independent Candidate for Governor Passes Petition Threshold

Jana Kemp is running for governor of Idaho as an independent in 2010.  The former Republican state representative has announced that she has amassed the necessary signatures to qualify for ballot access, as reported by the Idaho Statesman.  Kemp remarks that some were hesitant to sign her petition “because their names would be public and they feared retaliation.”… Read more ...

Out of state circulator for Ralph Nader sues Idaho

Ballot Access News:

On January 16, Donald N. Daien filed a federal lawsuit against the Idaho law that makes it a crime for him to circulate a petition in that state. Daien lives in Arizona. Daien had wanted to volunteer to help Ralph Nader get on the Idaho ballot in 2008, and says he wants to help similar candidates in the future.

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Kootenai County, Idaho, Constitution Party: if we don’t get involved politically now, how will we have the courage to take up arms later?

Posted at http://www.kootenaicp.org/2008/12/13/a-respectful-inquiry/

A Respectful Inquiry
13 Dec, 2008

The political and economic outlook is certainly making for some colorful exchanges when one is out doing the work of a political activist. The pain threshold is becoming high enough now for the survival instinct to kick in and get people interested.

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Constitution Party of Kootenai County, Idaho opposes US Constitutional convention

Posted at http://www.kootenaicp.org/2008/12/12/con-con

Con Con
12 Dec, 2008

“They” Have Nearly Accomplished the Coup d’Etat

While our media has been entertaining us with car chases and O. J. Simpson, an effort to steal our country has nearly been accomplished. It is the 11th hour and the need for action is truly urgent.

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Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader hopes to set a new world record for campaign stops in one day

The Nader campaign blog reports

Ralph Nader will be running the Massachusetts Marathon.

And we’re hoping to put Ralph in the record books for most campaign stops in one day.

As a result, Ralph Nader and the Nader/Gonzalez road crew are in for the sprint of their lives.

Twenty-one campaign stops.

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Three Idaho U.S. Senate candidates asked to quit by GOP

Three alternative candidates for the U.S. Senate in Idaho “were contacted by Republicans including Congressman Bill Sali, urging them to exit the race to help Republican Jim Risch,” the AP reports. Libertarian Kent Marmon, independent Rex Rammell, and independent Pro-Life (formerly Marvin Richardson) “all say they were asked to make an early exit.”… Read more ...