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The Citizen Revolution Has Begun…just like the American Revolution…in Massachusetts.

Political Predictions of GOP Victory…from the Only Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned Vice Presidential Nominee

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

It was only a few weeks ago that I predicted in a commentary that Democrats would pass universal healthcare without a so-called “public option.”… Read more ...

Conservative PAC Says Joseph Kennedy Taking More Votes From Martha Coakley in U.S. Senate Race; Coakley Drops Below 50% Thanks To Kennedy


WASHINGTON, DC (January 18, 2010) – William Greene, Chairman of the conservative online political action committee RightMarch.com PAC, announced today that Independent candidate Joseph Kennedy is taking enough votes from Martha Coakley to insure her loss in the upcoming special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

“Our proprietary internal polling of likely voters in Massachusetts this past weekend makes one thing very clear,” said William Greene, Chairman of the RightMarch.com… Read more ...

Grassroots Joe Kennedy supporters offer opinions on Scott Brown, Democrats at Boston Obama/Coakley rally

Warning: some cursing.

As far as we know the opinions are offered are only those of the people talking and have not been cleared with any campaign. In this youtube clip, supporters of Joe Kennedy offer their take on Big Government Republican Scott Brown and Big Government Democrat Martha Coakley at the Obama / Coakley rally at Northeastern University, Boston MA:

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Joe Kennedy For Senate

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Joe Kennedy Interview – Boston TV News ‘On The Record’

H/T Ben in IPR comments

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IPR posts about Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy For Senate

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Joe Kennedy youtube ad: ‘Scott Brown & Martha Coakley Romney/Obamacare 1.2 trillion Dollars, Joe Kennedy Priceless’

y Mike

Youtube By MikeCann

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Joe Kennedy For Senate

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Joe Kennedy Independent Candidate for US Senate, Recent TV Appearances

Joe Kennedy’s Second Televised Debate, 1/11/2010,

Joe Kennedy on Neil Cavuto 01/12/2010:

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Joe Kennedy For Senate

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Fox News reports on Massachusetts showdown featuring Independent Libertarian Joe Kennedy

Excerpt from a Fox News story aout Joe Kennedy. This story made it to #1 on all of Google News, and as of this writing is still #1 for search term “Libertarian.”

Kennedy has come under pressure — he said he’s received five death threats — to withdraw because of his potential spoiler role.… Read more ...

RightCondition: ‘Scott Brown can make history!’

By Arkady Kamenetsky

Scott Brown, Republican extraordinaire can make political history and shake 200 years of politics to their core. He can overnight transform his name and become truly the man of the people immortalized as the most selfless, thoughtful and generous man in political history. He can do all this literally in one day, by dropping out and supporting independent candidate Joe Kennedy!… Read more ...

GoldMassGroup covers Massachusetts special election, asks whether Coakley and Brown should drop out and endorse Joe Kennedy

Gold Mass Group has a poll (registration required):

– Martha Coakley should withdraw and endorse Joe

– Scott Brown should withdraw and endorse Joe

– Martha and Scott both withdraw to endorse Joe

– All three should keep their words and run hard

– What is wrong that you need to ask this question?… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: New York Times Article on Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate Is Itself Newsworthy

Ballot Access News:

Several blogs that cover politics and election law have linked to this New York Times story about Joseph Kennedy, the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate in the January 19, 2010 special election in Massachusetts.

In my memory, the New York Times has never before devoted so much space to any Libertarian candidate for either house of Congress, in the entire history of the Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

LP.org: Support Libertarian Joe Kennedy in our poll!

LP.org blog:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you’ll show your support for Libertarian Party member Joe Kennedy by voting in our website poll. Joe Kennedy is running for U.S. Senator in the special election on Tuesday, January 19, in Massachusetts.

By running for office, Joe Kennedy has caused the press and his opponents to cover important Libertarian issues, and voters are hearing how Democrats and Republicans have failed to deliver Libertarian policies.… Read more ...

Libertarians applaud Joe Kennedy for standing firm

Press release from LPHQ:

WASHINGTON – The Libertarian Party (LP) today expressed its support for independent Libertarian Joe Kennedy’s determination not to drop out of the Massachusetts special election for U.S. Senator.

The New York Times recently published an article that considered Kennedy’s effect on the January 19 election. While some claim that Kennedy will steal votes from Republican Scott Brown, others think his strong support for civil liberties and his anti-war position will cause him to steal votes from Democrat Martha Coakley.… Read more ...