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Richard Viguerie, Former 3rd Party Candidate, Urges People Not to Vote for Goode or Johnson

Richard Viguerie is a leader of the conservative movement and one of the pioneers of direct mail. Viguerie today penned an editorial at ConservativeHQ in which he chided “libertarians and constitutionalists” to not “delude” themselves into thinking they were not voting for Barack Obama.

Conservatives have more reason now to be optimistic than they have had in the past 50 years.

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George Phillies’ statement to Massachusetts State Committee

I first received this several weeks ago. At that time George asked me to hold off on posting it. I note it has now been published at Last Free Voice.

Phillies Statement to the Massachusetts State Committee
(Edited from the May LPMass Minutes)

Last week I spent eight days in scenic Denver at our libertarian party national convention.

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