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Gary Johnson Polling 6% in Wisconsin, Mt. Everest Moneybomb Reaches Halfway Mark

Reason-Rupe conducted a survey recently in the state of Wisconsin which covered a number of issues, including favorability ratings of local government, the Scott Walker Recall Election, and the Presidential election in the state–with polling in that last contest including Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

Although this article says that Gary Johnson received 5% in the survey, this link directly to the poll results says 6% is the actual number.… Read more ...

Matt Reichel, Green Party candidate for Congress, ‘moneybomb’ on Sept. 30

The following reminder of a long-planned moneybomb – an idea popularized by Ron Paul supporters in which supporters all donate on one day – was sent to supporters of the Matt Reichel campaign for Congress:

Dear Supporter

Just three days to go to the big Reichel Money Bomb and joint fundraiser/Campaign Launch with Green Party superstar, Rich Whitney!

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Salt Lake City Weekly covers the race for third

From the Salt Blog

The third party presidential candidates are escalating their campaigns to fight exclusion and garner mainstream attention. A common thread within these candidates is their opposition to the Wall Street bailout package.

Ralph Nader, Independent candidate, has been particularly busy. Before the debate, supporters were encouraged to “hack” the debate with online comments questioning Nader’s exclusion.

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Moneybomb for Chuck Baldwin today

Buck for Chuck, created by “the team at Revolution Broadcasting,” is calling for as many donations to Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee, as possible today. They will also be promoting similar events in the future, and at their website you can get an automatically updated banner to go on your website for future moneybombs.Â… Read more ...