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Update on Boston Tea Party organizing efforts and endorsements

21 September 2008 Here: 329 members. Facebook: 461. Today we received the final vote to make the national committee unanimous. We now have a state affiliate in Kansas.

19 September 2008 Here: 321 members. Facebook: 457. We continue to grow. The national committee is considering the addition of a Kansas state affiliate, for a full dozen of state affiliates.… Read more ...

Amateur Economists blog on the economics of the Rally for the Republic

In the hullabaloo over Snubgate, the exuberance of the Rally for the Republic is a bit of a distant memory. Here’s a recap, from an economics perspective, by Amateur Economists columnist J.D. Seagraves (aka G.E.), with an anti-duopoly twist:

Economically speaking, the Democratic and Republican conventions were exercises in massive self-delusion.

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Photos from the Rally for the Republic

IPR was on the scene at this past Tuesday’s Rally for the Republic, keeping tabs on third party activity as Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Ron Paul Republicans collided just 10 miles from the scene of a more subdued major party political gathering. The following photos survived stadium mood-lighting and a camera that was not as good as advertised to give you a feel for the eclecticism of the Campaign for Liberty‘s official kickoff celebration:

Libertarian Presidential Nominee Bob Barr arrived early to muster up support among the throngs of ticket holders lined up to enter the Target Center before the start of the program.… Read more ...

Ventura says he’ll run for president in 2012 if support is there

Speaking at today’s Rally for the Republic, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said he would run for president in 2012 if he saw “action, not words” from the revolutionaries in attendance. “We’ll give them a race they’ll never forget,” he said.

After receiving several huge ovations, Ventura came back to the stage to put in a plug for Dean Barkely, the Independence Party’s candidate for U.S.… Read more ...