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Socialist Action Party Names 2020 Presidential Ticket

The Socialist Action Party has named Jeff Mackler and Heather Bradford as its 2020 Presidential Ticket. Jeff Mackler is a former teacher, labor activist, and anti-war activist from Oakland, California. Heather Bradford is a labor, LGBT, environmental, and antiwar activist from Duluth, Minnesota.

A more detailed report on the ticket can be found on the Socialist Action website.Read more ...

Election Results for Labor Party, and Socialist Action Party

Ballot Access News:

In 2010, two very old political parties that had never appeared on the ballot in a partisan election finally decided to enter a partisan race. The Labor Party placed Brett Bursey on the South Carolina ballot for state representative, 69th district. He ran against a Democrat and a Republican and polled 442 votes, 3.1%.… Read more ...

Socialist Action Party Places Congressional Nominee on Connecticut Ballot

Ballot Access News:

On August 24, the Connecticut Secretary of State said that the Socialist Action Party’s candidate for U.S. House, 1st district, has enough valid signatures. The candidate is Chris Hutchinson. This will be the first time any party with “Socialist” in its name will have been on the ballot for a U.S.… Read more ...