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Steve Kubby: Public Needs to Know the Government is Watching

Posted to Lake Tahoe News
October 16, 2013


Information released recently in a story by John Shiffman of Reuters explained how a secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans.… Read more ...

Reviews and Discussion of “Why Peace” by Marc Guttman

In the spirit of Memorial Day, this writer would like to share with you a book written/edited by a  physician, Marc Guttman. It is a thick book with essays from many people, all discussing war and the reasons to seek a world at peace. Some of the contributors included are Libertarian heroes such as Harry Browne and Steve Kubby.… Read more ...

Suggested Reading for IPR Readers In 2013

There was an exchange of comments a couple days ago, where IPR reader Jake Witmer recommended some books on drug prohibition to reader Hugh Yonn. It was found in Steve Kubby:Regulating Cannabis is Unconstitutional, Unworkable and Racist, and is comment 145. He consented to having his comment start a suggested reading list for 2013.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Regulating Cannabis is Unconstitutional, Unworkable and Racist

This article was sent to me for publication here by Steve Kubby

“As soon as we surrender the principle that the state should not interfere
in any questions touching on the individual’s mode of life, we end by
regulating and restricting the latter down to the smallest details.”

–Ludwig von Mises


After spending two years as chairman and campaign manager for Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, a California voter initiative, I’ve come to the conclusion that the regulation of cannabis is based upon racism and false assumptions.  … Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Farewell Message

This article was sent to me for the purpose of publishing on IPR. Steve Kubby is a long-time Libertarian activist, known especially for his contributions to the cause of using marijuana for medical reasons.

Farewell Message
by Steve Kubby
November 21, 2012

Cannabis is legal in two states. The seeds of legalization, planted and cultivated all these years has finally born fruit.

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Judge Jim Gray Posts Vice Presidential Question On His Facebook Account

Judge Jim Gray has occasionally posted on his Facebook account, which has over 1200 friends. Tonight, less than ten minutes ago, he posted this question as a status: What would you think of Judge Gray running for Vice President?

So far, responses have all been positive, though that is to be expected.… Read more ...

Update on Candidates Seeking 2012 LP Presidential Nomination

Since my last update a month ago, here’s what I know about what’s new with the the campaigns for the LP presidential nomination:

Gary Johnson has now participated in one debate with other candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination, and has made plans to appear in others. Johnson has received the endorsement of several state and county LP organizations, which has not been a common practice in the LP in the past.… Read more ...

An Open Letter to Gary Earl Johnson


Found  today on Facebook, on the Libertarian Party of California Page

America is at a crossroads. We borrow and print forty-three cents of every dollar the federal government spends and are now choking on debt. One candidate not only understands we must reverse this policy before heading down the path of Greece or Italy, but has pledged to take immediate action.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Judge Gray Files New Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Wine With Attorney General

Retired Superior Court judge wants marijuana strictly regulated and kept away from minors. Filed voter initiative Wednesday with Attorney General to regulate marijuana like wine.

Sacramento, Calif., May 18, 2011 — He was once a determined drug warrior, but now former Assistant US Attorney and Superior Court Judge James P.… Read more ...