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Working Families Party Eyeing Diane Ravitch as Possible Challenger Against Gov. Cuomo

Diane Ravitch

(The following story was originally published inĀ New York Daily News.)

The Working Families Party is eying education activist Diane Ravitch as its gubernatorial candidate should the liberal minor party decide to withhold its backing of Gov. Cuomo, a source told the Daily News Wednesday morning.

The party has spoken to Ravitch, 75, about possibly being its nominee and she has expressed interest, the source said.… Read more ...

Working Families Party Encouraged by Cuomo’s Talk of New Taxes

The Working Families Party is a labor-based party in New York that gave Governor Andrew Cuomo its ballot line in 2010. In New York one candidate can be listed multiple times if the candidate wins more than one party’s nomination. Cuomo is now reportedly considering establishing new taxes in order to boost state revenue.… Read more ...

Third Party Voter Registration Statistics in NV, CA, AK, and NY

Nevada’s most recent voter registration statistics were posted in October of 2011.

Green Party: 3,033 (0.27%)
Independent American Party: 51,535 (4.55%)
Libertarian Party: 7,111 (0.63%)
Non-Partisan: 181,960 (16.05%)
Other: 3,945 (0.35%)


California’s most recent voter registration statistics are from February 2011.

American Independent Party: 417,567 (2.43%)
Green Party: 113,118 (0.66%)
Libertarian Party: 92,246 (0.54%)
Peace and Freedom Party: 58,470 (0.34%)
Other: 121,019 (0.70%)
No Party Preference: 3,507,119 (20.41%)


Alaska’s most recent voter registration statistics are from

Alaskan Independence Party: 14,866 (3.01%)
Libertarian Party: 8,073 (1.64%)
Non-Partisan: 80, 833 (16.38%)
Undeclared: 183,045 (37.08%)
Constitution Party: 29 (.01%)
Green Party: 2,130 (0.43%)
Veterans Party: 1,427 (0.29%)


New York’s latest registration statistics were reported on November 1, 2011.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens announces plans to form Personal Freedom Party in New York

In IPR comments on a previous post, Dr. Tom Stevens writes

In light of the continued failure of the LP in New York, the Personal Freedom Party will be giving it a shot in 2014. They just adopted a platform which you can see at:

This assumes that the LPNY in fact failed to obtain the 50,000 votes in the race for Governor that are required to obtain ballot status.… Read more ...

New Registration Numbers from New York and Nevada

The latest registration data is in from both New York and Nevada. For both states I used the “Total” number of registered voters, rather than the “Active” or “Inactive” voters. I’d be very happt if someone converted the numbers into percentages, but I’m going to list raw numbers.

New York: The first number is the number of registered voters in the party in November 1st, 2009, the second number is the newer registration numbers from April 1st, 2010.… Read more ...

Bill in New York State Senate to Expand Ballot Access

Ballot access in New York is currently maintained by polling 50,000 votes for Governor, but a new state senate bill could change the rule to polling 50,000 votes for any statewide race–a requirement that is much easier to reach.

The stateĀ Senate may be offering a helping hand to the scandal-stained Working Families Party.

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Working Families Party Considers Wooing Alec Baldwin

From the New York Daily News comes a report that the Working Families Party is considering asking actor Alec Baldwin to run for Governor of New York on their ballot line.

The Working Families Party is so panicked a federal probe might keep Andrew Cuomo from accepting its ballot line in November, leaders are quietly mulling replacement candidates – even floating “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin.

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