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Prohibition Party National Chairman Calls for Third Parties to Join Together in the Fight for Better Ballot Access Laws

In the latest issue of the National Prohibitionist, Prohibition Party National Chairman Rick Knox made statements on the issue of unequal ballot access laws and called for third parties and members of the public to join together in the effort of improving ballot access laws.

Here are some excerpts of his statements

“Thanks to the two-party duopoly, many citizens are denied the right to vote their consciences because preferential ballot-access laws prescribe different criteria for major party and minor party candidates.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins Announces 3rd Green Party Run for Governor of New York

Howie Hawkins, Paul Bukowski, Albany times Union

Howie Hawkins has announced that he will seek to run as the Green Party candidate for Governor of New York. Hawkins was the Green Party’s candidate for governor in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, he was able to get past the 50,000-vote minimum for the Green Party to gain state party recognition and ballot access.… Read more ...

Utah Green Party announces state convention

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Green Party of Utah state convention will be performed by Carl Moore, Co-Founder of PANDOS and SLC Air Protectors.

Celebrate Earth Day weekend with the only party that cares about the planet over profit! The Green Party of Utah will launch election season an amazing set of candidates and educational activities.

Read more ... ‘What happens when you have ballot access but the state won’t put you on the ballot’

Geoffrey Cubbage, Secretary of the Illinois Green Party, reflects on the difficulty of running for office in Illinois.

Today I got to go down to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and the Cook County Clerk’s office to file candidate paperwork with them—again—because the Green Party did not get enough votes in the March primary, a primary which the Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners refused to conduct for the Green Party altogether, and which the Cook County Clerk nominally conducted for the Green Party, but at which dozens of our would-be voters reported being told at the polls that they could not vote Green, only Republican or Democrat.… Read more ...

Green Party gains ballot status in North Carolina

Gary Robertson of Associated Press has reported that the North Carolina “state elections board voted unanimously to certify the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP), whose candidates can now automatically be on state ballots through at least 2020. It joins North Carolina’s other official parties — Democratic, Republican and Libertarian — for federal, state and local offices.”

The NCGP posted on their web site “we’ll be able to run Greens as Greens for all levels of office, and North Carolina voters can now register to vote as Greens.”

read the full story …… Read more ...

Former Green VP candidate calls out Jared Kushner’s hypocrisy

Pat LaMarche, the Green Party vp candidate in the 2004 U.S. presidential election published an essay over the weekend condemning the hypocrisy of Jared Kushner and Ben Carson regarding public housing.

LaMarche writes “In fact, it might surprise you that more than half of all public housing is occupied by extremely low income elderly individuals or the severely disabled.… Read more ...

Green candidate challenges incumbent to support NY’s Food Recovery and Recycling Act

(Rochester, NY) – Earlier today, Green Party State Senate candidate, Brian White called for incumbent Senator Rich Funke to support The Food Recovery and Recycling Act (FRRA). The Act is included in Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal and is supported by the New York State Assembly. The initiative will send surplus food to those who need it, create compost, and help in the fight against climate change.… Read more ...

Green Party: Saudi Arabia deserves U.S. sanctions over war on Yemen, not a welcome for the Saudi crown prince

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party leaders said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman deserves protest and the threat of sanctions over his country’s mass murder of Yemeni civilians instead of a friendly welcome to the U.S.

The Saudi Arabian leader visited President Trump on Tuesday for friendly talks about military assistance, purchases of U.S.… Read more ...

Andy Jacobs interviews Adam Kokesh and Cynthia McKinney at Anarchapulco, 2/14/18 Parts 1 and 2


Read more ...

Ballot Status Victory for the Montana Green Party

The Montana Green Party has won ballot status through 2020.

However those who wish to run as Greens in 2018 must register by the end of today. So any of you beautiful people who would like the opportunity to make real change in our state have a spot on the ballot!!… Read more ...

Recent announcements from State Green Parties

The Wisconsin Green Party will be hosting a Campaign Training School on Saturday, April 7th in Milwaukee.

The school is open for candidates, campaign managers and staff. Those considering future campaigns are highly encouraged to attend as well.

Full details can be found at

The Green Party of Washington will hold their annual Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 14th in Tacoma.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich: ‘Why They Hate Rifles’

Editorial by IPR owner Warren Redlich. While some other IPR writers agree others may not.

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting the gun control leadership is going all out to ban modern rifles like the AR-15. It might seem completely irrational if you pay attention to facts, logic and public policy.… Read more ...