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Posts published in “Green Party”

Matthew Hoh denied ballot access

Matthew Hoh for Senate – For A Future Beyond War and Wall Street

The NC State Board Of Elections voted 3-2 to deny Green Party Candidate for Senator of North Carolina Matthew Hoh ballot access despite having more than enough signatures to qualify.

Due to the results of the NC Greens in the 2020 election, in order for them to be on the ballot in 2022 they needed to get 13,865 signatures to get on the ballot, the party had managed to get 16,000 valid signatures on their ballot petitions, thus guaranteeing them a spot on the ballot.… Read more ...

Green Party: Leaked Roe v. Wade Decision Could Mean Massive Danger to Reproductive Healthcare

The Green Party of the United States has expressed alarm and calls to organize for the right to safe, legal and confidential access to abortions, following reports of a leaked draft Supreme Court majority opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.… Read more ...

Green Party says U.S. Complicit in Yemen Humanitarian Crisis; Arms Sales to Saudis Must End

Green Party leaders called on President Biden to take advantage of the April 2nd cease-fire among warring parties in Yemen, to follow through on his promise to end support for all offensive operations, to end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and to help end the blockade of Saudi warships off the coast of Yemen to allow humanitarian aid to enter the country.… Read more ...