NC Greens face short deadline

The North Carolina Green Party learned today that they face a shorter deadline than they had expected to file paperwork to secure a spot for Cynthia McKinney as a write-in candidate. North Carolina will not count write-in votes for candidates who do not submit a petition signed by 500 registered voters.

Until today party leaders thought that the petitions needed to be submitted in early August, but a careful reading of the rules shows that the petition must be submitted to the County Election Commission by Tuesday, July 22nd at 5 PM, and they in turn must confirm signatures and submit them to state authorities in early August.

The Charlotte Area Green Party has placed a downloadable petition at their yahoo group. Those willing to gather signatures can download and print off the petition from this PDF link

Petitions must be delivered to the County Election Commission in your county no later than 5 PM on Tuesday, July 22nd. Anyone can gather and submit petitions.

3 thoughts on “NC Greens face short deadline

  1. richardwinger

    The deadline is absurdly early. It isn’t as though North Carolina needs to know now who will be a write-in candidate in November. It’s also absurd to require write-in candidates to file a petition.

  2. JGreeneCPNC

    I am with the Constitution Party, we are attempting to get Baldwin on as a Write-In as well. Yet, we, just as the Greens seem to have done, were informed at the last minute the deadline as well. Yet we were told by North Carolina State Board of Elections General Counsel Don Wright that the deadline was 5 PM on July 23, 2008. Could you let me know who told the Green party July 22, 2008. We are having trouble with getting the Write-In because it cut off our petition drive by about 2 weeks, not to mention made it harder as stated above, all because the North Carolina State Board of Election employees/agents apparently do not fully understand themselves what the law says and have told us different things than the true law. Not to mention the NC SBOE has its factsheet on how to get Write-In status online, yet it gives inaccurate information which also leads to misunderstanding.

  3. JGreeneCPNC

    I am sorry, incase you didn’t figure it out, seeing that I forgot to mention it, I am with the Constitution Party of North Carolina, I forgot to put the state name there, sorry.

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