Reform Party picks candidates, officers

Ballot Access News reports

Dallas Reform Party Meeting
July 20th, 2008

The Reform Party meeting of July 18-19 in Dallas nominated Ted Weill of Tylertown, Mississippi for president, and Frank E. McEnulty of Long Beach, California, for vice-president. McEnulty has already been running as the presidential nominee of the New American Independent Party. He is already on the ballot in Colorado. However, when he addressed the convention, he said that he would withdraw as a presidential candidate and hoped to be the vice-presidential nominee for the Reform Party. The presidential vote was: Weill 25, McEnulty 3. McEnulty was then chosen for vice-president by acclamation.

Officers chosen are: David Collison of Houston, Texas, chair; Rodney Martin of Yuma, Arizona, vice-chair; Janelle Skinner-Weill, secretary; Beverly Kennedy, treasurer.

Commenters point out that presidential candidate Ted Weill is a major financial contributor to Lyndon Larouche, Lenora Fulani and Ralph Nader.

The last available chart of 2008 petitioning for President that lists the Reform Party in its own separate column is from March of 2007, at 4 states. Since that time, it was first listed in a column jointly with the Independence Party and then delisted entirely.

7 thoughts on “Reform Party picks candidates, officers

  1. darolew

    “…a major financial contributor to Lyndon Larouche [sic]…”

    I’d think being a candidate being a LaRouche supporter would be a deal-killer for any self-respecting party…

  2. Mike Gillis

    How many ballot lines does the Reform Party still have?

    And, how does this affect their party in KS endorsing Chuck Baldwin?

  3. donald raymond lake

    Being a reform party member and ‘in politics’ is like cleaning up the elephant poop after the circus parade and telling your friends and family that you are ‘in entertainment’!

    It is sad that alternative politicals have an unfair, up hill road to tred. It is horrible the things they turn around and do to them selves!

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