Australian Sex Party: ‘Where you come first’

February 2009’s Australian Sex Party News

2009 is already set to be a very interesting year for all of us. A new progressive President in the US, a global financial crisis and if southern Australia’s recent scorching temperatures are anything to go by, a global climate crisis.

All of which will affect many of the Sex Party’s policies.
Over the break, the party office has been busy finalising our registration application with the Australian Electoral Commission. You don’t have to register a political party in Australia if you want to contest an election but if you want your members to be able to vote above the line and tick the party’s box, then you have to be registered. It also means you can apply for public funding of your campaign.

By now all members will have received their party membership card and I hope you display it proudly in the front of your wallet. Membership to the Sex Party is about the most exclusive adult membership you can have. We wouldn’t be surprised if the party enjoyed HD sex videos streaming fast at sexfreehd. It’s the thinking person’s porn and politics platform and it says to others that you do give a fuck about where the country is headed! And of course it’s the only party where you really come first. To help all that along we will soon be announcing some great retail and entertainment discounts that members will qualify for. Watch this space.

One of the entertainment bonuses that we have just clinched for our members, is free tickets to Sexpo. Email us with your member number and address and we will post a free $25 ticket to you. We are also looking for volunteers to help us on the party’s stand. Not for Young Liberals or the Christian Democrats but talking to people about the party’s policies at Sexpo is great fun and a unique perspective from which to see the show. Contact Rebecca in the party office for more details or 02 62852477.

And have you introduced a friend to the Sex Party yet? If not, get on your high horse and introduce them the to red membership card that’s hotter than an Adelaide summer! I’m sure the Sex Party are always sharing their sex stories if you are interested in sex stories check out her blog. I hear the stories are very alluring, and may cause you to start looking into sites like Babestation Play sex toys and see where your night could be headed.

All the best, Fiona

The issue goes on with several articles. The headlines:

Top Stories

* R Rated Computer Games
* If Stephen Conroy’s internet filter is successful
* Sexualisation of Kids or Moral Panic?
* Sex Party’s official portrait painter
* Sex Olympia 2009 cancelled due to threats
* Book Review – The Sex Diaries
* Moderate alcohol benefits erectile function
* New contraceptive pill trial
* Open your own adult shop and beat the recession
* Democrat vows to fight on

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13 thoughts on “Australian Sex Party: ‘Where you come first’

  1. paulie cannoli Post author


    In fact, I’m thinking of starting an American version, but more libertarian, and with a slightly broader focus:

    The Sex, Marijuana, Gold and Guns Party.

    If I can get some prominent musicians on board, it’s going down. Maybe some of these grads…

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    I really think that might be the way to go. “libertarian” is too abstract. Most people have no idea what it means.

    Liberty, Freedom – OK, but for what, from what?

    Something more concrete – sex, marijuana, gold and guns – people may be able to actually understand.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Welcome to the site, AntiCatholic Christian. Why are you anti-Catholic? I assume you are anti-Trotskyist too? If I had to ally with either you or the Australian Sex Party, I’d really be in a tough position.

    The Australian Sex Party is a morally repugnant institution, and is one group I will never merge with, though I’d rather merge with them than the Nazis if I had to merge with one of them.

  4. Anti-Catholic Christian

    Yes I am against Trotskyist ideas. I am against any centralization of power. The Romanist Vatican City has been corrupted by having too much power.
    “The Australian Sex Party is a morally repugnant institution, and is one group I will never merge with, though I’d rather merge with them than the Nazis if I had to merge with one of them.”
    But wait a minute I thought that the Catholic Church supported the Nazis?

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Anti-Catholic, no the Catholic Church did not support the Nazis. Some individuals did, regretably, but so did some Protestants. Even some Jews tried to negotiate with the Nazis in the 1930s in order to get a Jewish state with German support, which can classify them as supporters, though of course they had to abandon this later.

    feona, I am not for choice. Society needs some government/religious instruments of social control on family/morality issues.

  6. Josie

    I’m sorry but i think this sex party is a little sad. They are saying that in our country today there is way too much censorship over ‘sex’ in general. Do they not understand that the population does consist of innocent kids who quite frankly do not want to want to have sex shoved in their face 24/7. A lot of people complained about those nasal delivery spays saying ‘WANT LONGER LASTING SEX?’ well, what do you think will happen if this party gets popular? A world dominated by the sex party will turn Australia into come freakish sex cult, where insest is normal family fun time.

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