California Libertarian Party Officer Addresses Newsletter

Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee member (and IPR reporter) Brian Holtz has published the following reply to the editorials in the last three issues of the LPCA newsletter California Freedom.  The annual LPCA convention is April 24-26 in Visalia.

Tom Sipos was very careful in January to invest LPCA newsletter space in a picture of multi-decade LP activist/leader Aaron Starr with a Hitler mustache, but CF readers saw absolutely nothing there about the eight most serious charges against Sipos’s hero Angela Keaton (to each of which I give a paragraph at  Now Sipos claims he was practicing “glasnost” and “transparency” in his “reporting” about e.g. an LNC meeting he didn’t even attend (though held only a couple hours from where he lives).  My own blog posting about the San Diego meeting ( was much more balanced and accurate than Sipos’s editorial, and I wasn’t even using LPCA paper/postage or drawing an LPCA paycheck.

Nobody has told Sipos he “shouldn’t discuss America’s foreign interventions”.  During Bruce Cohen’s two-year tenure, CF ran five pieces featuring opposition to intervention, and zero pieces in defense of libervention in general or the Iraq invasion in particular.  Sipos in his first three issues ran six anti-intervention pieces, and the two opposing pieces he ran were accompanied by two instant Sipos rebuttals — thus totaling 8 antiwar pieces in those 3 issues.  His pace has continued unabated since then, and he has proudly said that this internally controversial subject will continue to be his editorial focus.

Nobody has Told Sipos he should “only print material that ‘all libertarians agree on'” or that “party leaders may not be questioned”. It’s even sillier to pretend that advice against emphasizing party schisms is somehow a ban on covering normal party business like conventions. These are all straw men crafted by somebody who never has to worry about the same-page instant-rebuttal that in CF he reserves for himself — sometimes taking even more space than what he is answering.  (Don’t be surprised that if this message appears in CF it is accompanied by yet another same-page Sipos rebuttal of some sort.  That’s the sort of “last word” I said he reserves for himself, and no other recent CF editor has assumed such same-issue rebutting privileges.)

Sipos selectively takes one sentence out of context from one of an entire series of LPHQ communications, and pronounces Donny Ferguson a “Demopublican”.  Donny Ferguson is in fact a dedicated and talented young political operative who could be even more personally successful if he weren’t so principled and selective in his employment.  Read the entire paragraph that Sipos butchers in order to smear Donny:

“Here’s the beautiful thing about having political power.  It’s a zero-sum game.  If you’re in office, even if you don’t have the votes to repeal anything, the high-tax Democrat or the deficit-spending Republican aren’t there to vote for more government.  There is nothing more noble and principled than winning an election.”

Thus while Donny is in fact saying that the most principled thing is to stop Demopublican growers of government, Sipos wants you to think that Donny himself is no better than a Demopublican.

Mr. Sipos, let us not assassinate this lad further. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

37 thoughts on “California Libertarian Party Officer Addresses Newsletter

  1. paulie Post author

    Brian, just so as to keep more in keeping with our rules, I’ll change this article to be under my byline rather than yours. I won’t change anything substantial in your article.

    In the future, please try to get other IPR writers to cover your editorials. I have no problem with covering them, and have before.

  2. Tom Blanton

    I’m thinking Mr. Holtz should write a book outlining the crimes of Angela Keaton against humanity in order to force her to resign from the Libertarian Party again.

  3. Brian Miller

    childish and petulant tantrum

    Par for the course for Mr. Holtz.

    More amusing is his perpetual assertion that views that a supermajority of LP delegates reject in convention after convention deserve “equal time” in the LP’s official periodicals with the actual platform positions of the LP.

  4. libertariangirl

    Um I did not agree with Bruce and Brian running 0 antiwar articles when they ran CF.
    I dont think you can rn too many anti war stories either.

    I think the Angela Keaton ordeal was a colossal waste of time and energy.

    However , I also feel dragging the ordeal on further in a LPC publication is the same thing .

    Isnt CF for the whole of Libertarians and interested folks in Cali?
    I don’t understand why leaders drama /imflammatory stories are important party news.
    I think readers could live w/o the drama and would be better informed by real libertarian news.

  5. Thomas M. Sipos

    Brian Holtz: “Nobody has told Sipos …

    How does Brian know what other people tell me in emails, or at conventions?

    Does Brian follow me around to read or listen in to every conversation that I have?

  6. paulie Post author

    How does Brian know what other people tell me in emails, or at conventions?

    Does Brian follow me around to read or listen in to every conversation that I have?



  7. Thomas M. Sipos

    Brian Holtz: “but CF readers saw absolutely nothing there about the eight most serious charges against Sipos?s hero Angela Keaton…

    Not true.

    In my January editorial on the matter, I included the below urls to all the charges and evidence against Keaton.

    Once again, Brian displays his reading comprehension problems.

  8. Brian Miller

    Isnt CF for the whole of Libertarians and interested folks in Cali?

    It’s technically for the paid-up members of the LPC (of which I was one, at least until recently). Those members, in convention at the national convention last year — and likely at their upcoming convention in Visalia — voted for solid policy positions on the war and other issues against the position Mr. Holtz wished they took.

    He seems to believe that the LPC is under an obligation to support his minority view as “of equal importance.” It has no such obligation.

    If the LPC members in convention decided to adhere to the Constitution Party’s views on social issues, instead of an historically Libertarian perspective, I wouldn’t demand the LPC publish my views and give me equal time. I would simply move on.

    Mr. Holtz and his neoconservative bretheren should take the hint and move on to a party that embraces their pro-war big government agenda. The Republican Party, especially in California, needs them desperately.

  9. Brian Holtz

    Allan, by a conservative count there are 18 distinct assertions in my posting, and at most one or two of them are not either 1) trivially verifiable by consulting the textual sources I discuss or 2) an assertion an existential negative that I defy anybody to falsify. I dare you to contrast that with your recent current-leadership-of-the-lp editorial, about unnamed “former Republican activists”, unidentified “most influential states in the LP” that they control, undescribed “real changes” that they are “poised to make”, unspecified “principles the LP has always stood on”, unquoted “specifics from our Platform”, hypothetical “takeovers” that may or may not have been attempted, and an uncharacterized “true center” of the LP that we need to go “back” to. You and Miller can just keep name-calling and hand-waving, and I’ll continue quoting texts, citing facts, naming people, and providing URLs.

    Oh, and don’t skimp on the supply of straw men, like Miller’s”perpetual assertion” of mine that I ask “equal time” on divisive issues. My laptop index confirms that I’ve never in my life used the phrase “equal time” in this context, but that doesn’t deter Miller from his habit of fabricating quotes and acting as if I wrote them. In fact, all I’ve ever requested on this topic is that CF not excessively emphasize any of the Big Three LP Franchise Schisms of abortion, immigration, and libervention. As my article above even points out, when Bruce Cohen and I were running CF, we didn’t give “equal time” to libervention — we never pushed it a single time, even while publishing at least five anti-intervention pieces. Such is the audacity of Miller’s lying — he’ll make something up and call it a “perpetual assertion” of mine and attach it to an article where I document how I don’t provide equal equal time (or ANY time) for the minority liberventionist view. (Brian, feel free to keep name-calling me “petulant” for daring to document your lies; it makes it easier to find them in my search index.)

    By the way, Miller hilariously trips on his own ignorance with his claim about supermajorities at “convention after convention”. Even after recruiting for months before the 2006 LPCA convention (include advertising in CF), organized anti-interventionists failed to assemble the 2/3 supermajority needed to pass their Iraq resolution. Similarly, at the 2006 LP convention in Portland, at the height of the Sunni-Shia civil war, a majority voted not to consider a resolution calling for withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq.

    Tom Blanton, I never called for Angela to resign in the first place, so stop pretending that I ever did. The record is clear at

  10. Brian Miller

    the eight most serious charges against Sipos’s hero Angela Keaton

    Another sign of the LP’s advanced dysfunction — the idea that the LP is capable of “making serious charges” against Ms. Keaton, as well as the idea that any of Stewie Flood’s bullshit was a “charge” at all.

  11. Brian Miller

    Seriously. A Gentile dude from South Carolina asserting antisemitism against a Jewish woman… it’s comedy gold.

    Any minute, I expect Holtz to be accusing Allan Wallace of homophobia, while Alicia Mattson joins him to express her “concern on the public perception of the party.”

  12. Brian Miller

    Miller hilariously trips on his own ignorance with his claim about supermajorities at “convention after convention”

    From the LP’s platform:

    3.1 National Defense

    We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world and avoid entangling alliances. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.


    You might not like it that the LP in convention stated, quite clearly, that they’re opposed to your efforts to change the US into your pet-issue police force, but it doesn’t get any more black-and-white than that, no matter how much of your tedious bullshit you post, Holtzie-poo.

  13. Brian Miller

    Tom, you owe Brian Holtz an apology for harming his delicate sensibilities and allowing individuals whose opinions are in alignment with our party platform convey their own point of view.



  14. Brian Holtz

    Tom Sipos, the reading comprehension problem here is yours. When I say “CF readers saw absolutely nothing there about the eight most serious charges against Sipos’s hero Angela Keaton”, I of course mean that someone with just CF in their hands would have no idea about the nature of the most serious charges against Angela. Do you dare dispute this?

    Here I quote the sum total of your specifics about the charges against Angela

    * “publicly criticizing the LP and its leaders”
    * “joining a Boston Tea Party Facebook account [sic]”
    * “the photoshopped image of her and LP Treasurer Aaron Starr” [which you found space to reprint]

    You then devoted several paragraphs to questionable second-hand characterizations of how people in the room reacted, and only then said that the “laundry list of alleged misdeeds” is available at a 111-character URL you surely didn’t expect people to type into a browser. Here are the allegations that nobody reading only your article could have known about:

    * telling LP donors they’ve been defrauded
    * publicly writing that “friends don’t let friends join the LP”
    * calling an LP member from the South a “hillbilly” “married to their uncle cousin”
    * making crude sexual compliments to paid LP staff
    * posting a false rumor about a “possible indictment” of Wayne Root
    * asking the LPNH Chair to not join an LNC-authorized lawsuit
    * publicly divulging the contents of executive session
    * making a verbal threat to Stewart Flood

    I defy anybody to say that your three quotes could give any reader of your article an idea of the nature of the most serious charges. The excuse that the rest of the charges were available online at a 111-character URL is just inane.

    I stand by my assertion that “nobody has told Sipos he ‘shouldn’t discuss America’s foreign interventions'”. I challenge you to give us verifiable evidence to the contrary. Any competent journalist should know that you don’t put words in quotation marks unless you can characterize their source. You’ll probably come up with a story about how some unnamed reformer at some convention somewhere allegedly told you this in a bathroom or on a sidewalk, but you’ll conveniently fail to back up this quote with anything from all the written criticism of you by people like Cohen and me.

    I’d ask Miller to quote any charge of “antisemitism” in Flood’s indictment of Keaton, but we already know that Miller doesn’t traffic in facts. At least, not competently. For example, Miller apparently doesn’t know that the “policeman for the world” language was thrown out in the 2006 convention (thus falsifying Miller’s “convention after convention” assertion), and that its restoration was initiated with my approval by the 2008 PlatCom subcommittee that I chaired. Oh, and guess who proposed its restoration? Alicia Mattson. So yes, it gets a lot more “black and white than that”, because some libertarians make good-faith arguments that deposing Saddam was self-defense instead of policing the world.

    So Brian, you keep calling me names like “neoconservative”, “pro-war”, and “big-government”, and I’ll keep documenting your lies and factual errors.

    Paulie, in this collision, I leave it to you to decide who is the windshield and who is the bug. 🙂

  15. paulie Post author


    I’m not the decider.

    G. W. Bush is the decider, and he’s out of office.

    I’m just bugging out on the windshield fluid. Y’all don’t mind me…

  16. Chris Bennett


    You know Whistle abandoned their rap style and turned R&B after their first two albums. I would site Wikipedia but I’d be pulling a “Brian Holtz” and one of him is one too many.

  17. paulie Post author

    How about this one? There’s even a rhyme about signing petitions, and another one about medical marijuana…

  18. Brian Holtz

    Actually, Chris, I’ve compiled at list of at least 16 distinct Brian Holtzes in the U.S., and white pages searches have suggested there are as many as 30. If you find the prospect of another Brian Holtz to deal with disturbing, imagine how it makes ME feel. I’m the only one here who so far doesn’t have to deal with ANY Brian Holtzes…

    On the other hand, my wife has been known to wonder if the BH home office offers any trade-in deals…

  19. libertariangirl

    I dont think the issue is debating who included what charges against Angela and where they put them , but that the whole debacle is prominent news in a State Party publication.

    The place for dealing with it was the LNC meeting , the proper place for voicing anger and dissent would , be blogs , email groups and newsletters/websites owned by individuals and other groups etc.

    I dont see why leadership drama,personality/factional battles and offensive pictures of longtime members are being pawned off as news.
    Transparency isnt the issue here for me , its whether or not this dirty laundry needs advertising.
    arent there enuf other important LP things CF could report on . why do members need to read such ugliness? why does a pic of Aaron Starr , that he finds insulting , need to be reprinted in an official Party newsletter?

    does Tom think its going to perhaps sway people to a side who may be delegates somewhere or is he trying to humiliate AAron and others .
    It seems hypocritical to scream what a waste of time the LNC pursued with the Discipline of Angela and then to waste more time and space carrying the drama on longer .

    If I were a reader it would backfire because it would turn me off to have such nonsense where relevant news should be .

    Its like tabloid content , and that leads to lessened credibility not to mention its embarrassing . what if there are folks on the brink of leaving for whatever or new folks wanting to join but apprehensive , seeing 0 story like that may turn them off bigtime. many folks already think we spin our wheels in baseless arguments

  20. Brian Holtz

    I can’t agree that members should have to read blogs to get a balanced — or any — picture of what happens at our conventions and leadership meetings. Our leadership should expect that how they treat each other won’t be swept under the rug — especially when modern technology makes it so easy for Libertarians to be nasty to each other. I’d have found acceptable any CF coverage of San Diego that was as accurate as — and no more slanted than — my
    lnc-tightens-belt-defuses-keaton-bomb article that I linked to above. The coverage that we got instead was indeed not much better than tabloid-level.

  21. Bruce Cohen

    The matter at hand really comes down to what the LPCA Monthly publication is for. There was a clear Mission Statement crafted for the paper that Mister Sipos did state he would follow.

    Which, of course, he did not.

    The paper is not for advocacy, especially for one person’s personal views.

    It’s for outreach, promotion and sharing of success strategies.

    Instead, Mister Sipos discusses people’s pets and prints their pictures, has articles about vampires and has turned the once effective
    paper into a food fight style free for all.

    Of course, the content and presentation of the
    paper reflects the 15 Members of the LPCA Board, so that speaks to their value and values
    quite well.

    The discussion is not about Iraq, War, Foreign Policy or Vampires.

    Rather, it’s one of the most effective use of a potentially useful outreach and motivational tool for the LPCA.

    Unfortunately, Mister Sipos and his Employers don’t care about success by any measure, but rather are in this purely for vanity.

  22. Thomas M. Sipos

    Bruce Cohen contradicts himself. Observe. Here he says:

    Bruce Cohen: “There was a clear Mission Statement crafted for the paper that Mister Sipos did state he would follow. Which, of course, he did not.”

    Yet in public postings to Yahoo groups, which Bruce widely distributed on May 30, 2007 (and which I still have on hard drive), Bruce wrote:

    “At the 2007 LPCA Convention in San Ramon, LPCA Board Member Ted Brown came up to me with Tom Sipos. … I then asked them what they would do with the Editorial Mission Statement and the Advertising Policy set in place by Aaron Starr and myself. The two of them [Tom Sipos and Ted Brown] explained these would both be going in the dustbin of history and they would not be having any written policy in either case.”

    So first Bruce accuses me of saying that I would not follow the MS. But he also accuses me of saying I would follow the MS.

    Bruce, I know you’re eager to elect an ExCom at Visalia that will fire me, but if you’re hoping to build a case, you must get your lies straight.

    “has turned the once effective paper into a food fight style free for all.”

    The smearing of Mary Ruwart, the harassment of Angela Keaton, the purge of Lee Wrights — that’s the food fight.

    Yes, it looks ugly to the world. So those who engage in such behavior should stop it.

  23. Jill Stone

    Mr. Holz and Mr. Cohen,

    For what it’s worth, I never used to be able to get through a whole issue of CF. I now do reguarly because it’s far more realistic and personal, not just espousing ideals.

    Mr. Sipos, fine job, and I hope you’ll keep doing it!

  24. Thomas M. Sipos

    Brian Holtz makes a whooper of a mistake in this thread’s companion thread.

    Holtz writes: ?You [Sipos] have claimed that you print critical letters to the editor, but CF readers will apparently never see the one I sent in January (below)?…

    Not true. So not true, it casts doubt on all of Holtz’s other rants and ravings.

    Just how much journalist research do you do, Brian?

    Brian Holtz’s LTE appeared re: Barr in the March issue, which is online at:

    In fact, I printed two LTEs from Holtz in the March issue.

    I?ve already received the April issue, so the March issue has long been out, on paper and online.

    You can read this exchange on this companion thread:

    Sorry for two threads. You see, this thread is Holtz’s reply to my above thread. But Holtz’s ego is such that he can’t simply post a reply within the thread, he must start a new thread. After all, he’s an LPC “Officer” and as such, he’s Special.

  25. Brian Holtz

    Sipos writing about a “whooper” of a mistake? Run-of-the-mill irony, available in any Sipos comment.

    Sipos egotistically double-posting the entire text of his response while whining that here on IPR he can’t control how rebuttals to him are presented? Priceless.

    Sipos’s attempted gotcha is already a smoking cinder on the other thread. Enjoy.

  26. Jim Davidson

    Brian Holtz is an evil and malicious person who hates individual liberty. The fact that he attacks anyone who stands up for freedom is unsurprising.

  27. mdh

    I’ve got to admit that some of the content of that publication is quite critical of the LP of CA and members thereof. I am rather surprised at that.

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