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Green Party electing campaign committees

The Green National Committee is currently voting to choose members of the Green Party’s Senatorial Campaign Committee and House Campaign Committee. This is a re-vote, occasioned by the failure to reach a quorum on an earlier vote.

Both the Senatorial and the House votes have now reached the quorum requirement, so the only question remaining is, who will be elected?

With seven candidates seeking seven seats and no write-in votes cast, the Senatorial Campaign Committee would seem to be headed towards a result that will put Josh Krekeler, Ron Hardy, Gloria Mattera, Chris Lugo, Paul McFarland, Anita Wessling and Deb McFarland in place for the next year.

In an interesting twist, the House Campaign Committee has but three on-ballot nominees seeking to fill nine seats. Those three, Ann Link, David McCorquodale, and Matthew Lavery, will be joined by Lou Novak, who has secured write-in votes from 33 delegates and Brian Good, who has secured one write-in vote.

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I'm gonna be 51 in August. Married for 28 years. Two wonderful daughters, two wonderful grand daughters. Microbusiness owner, committed Green, and eternal optimist.


  1. Gregg Jocoy Gregg Jocoy April 3, 2009


    This is what the Senatorial Campaign Committee website says their purpose is:

    The purpose of the GSCC is to financially and politically support Green-endorsed candidates for the United States Senate.

    I assume the House Committee’s purpose is similar.

    The Senatorial Campaign Committee’s website is here.

  2. Ross Levin Ross Levin April 3, 2009

    What do these committees do?

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