Bill Redpath will not seek another term as Libertarian National Committee Chair

Posted by Jake Porter in Libertarian Strategy Monthly:

Libertarian National Committee Chair, Bill Redpath, announced on Sunday at the Libertarian National Committee meeting in Nashville, Tennessee that he would not seek a third term as Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. Redpath did appear to be open to the possibility of running for another position on the LNC.

21 thoughts on “Bill Redpath will not seek another term as Libertarian National Committee Chair

  1. libertariangirl

    say what you want but being a LP Chair is both thankless and impossible to please . While I didnt always agree with the direction and protocol Bill chose to utilize he was always nice to me and did a pretty good job chairing the Nat Con I attended. Thank you for your service Bill , free at last , you’ll thank god you’re free at last:)

  2. paulie Post author

    Bill is not fleeing, as indicated he is likely to remian on the committee in some capacity. I imagine that he is tired of being the chair after two terms.

  3. Robert Milnes

    We need a radical chair. I nominate Prof. Phillies. And “can” Aaron Starr as Phillies would say. Starr is the author and/or the purveyor of the convict persecution resolution. T hat came pretty directly from the FBI/HSA fascisto-supercomputers and tank thinks as a domestic covert operation. Starr is just the lackey/dupe.

  4. Robert Milnes

    Ha!Ha!Ha! Ohhhhhhhh. The FBI wouldn’t do THAT! You’re crazy Bob. & those supercomputers. The government uses them mostly for weather forecasts & leases them out to physicists & mathematicians to solve complex problems, like missile intercepts & smaller devices, tactical warfare etc. They wouldn’t waste them on domestic covert operations. Didn’t you see “War Games”? They are just games. Silly you, Bob.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Let’s all
    Support Ron Paul.
    The 35 million dollar
    Dinosaur fossil.
    Suck the air out of the LP. Give it up for RP/RP.
    & Steve G. loves his fine cigars.
    Love RP love SG. & C-Pac. & GOP.
    Ron will run again in 2012.
    Another 35 million to be had.

  6. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    The Chair is the lightning rod for all advances and setbacks perceived by the membership. Half may say he left the LP in better shape than when he started; the other half will disagree.
    It must be a thankless job at times and a joy at others. Mr. Redpath undoubtedly spent many thousands out of his own pocket, unrecompensed and unappreciated by many.
    Having been around the Party for years, he certainly knew what he was in for when he ran, twice, for Chair. The Party has always, it seems, done little to recognize the leaders who gave their all (someone recently reminded me that five former Chairs were present at Denver convention but were never even acknowledged from the dias). Love Bill or not, he deserves an warm ovation when he turns over the gavel to his successor in St. Louis.

  7. Ralph Swanson


    Help me here. The “Party” has done little to recognize past chairs as seen at the Denver Convention, when the person on the dais not recognizing was…Redpath? Whom you now want recognized since, what, he didn’t recognize others? And “the Party” takes the fall for this?

    My experience is the LP national, state and local have plenty of awards. I’ve gotten maybe two dozen of them.

  8. Mik Robertson

    I don’t recall any of the speakers at the LP convention in Denver recognizing any former officers for recognition, and there were plenty of opportunities.

  9. Don Lake .......... Other Domestic News

    for decades I have tried to work with various Libs on various issues in various states. The phrase ‘herding felines’ was coined early and has been used often.

    I can only assume that the Democans and Republicrats are snickering as we collectively slide to the finality of the American Global Imperial Fascist Empire. All in my life time.

  10. Thomas M. Sipos

    Robert Milnes, Ron Paul earned his $35 million. People gave to Paul because they liked Paul.

    That $35 million did not belong to the LP, nor to the Greens, nor to any Progressive Libertarian Fusion Ticket, nor to you. It belonged to the donors, to give as they say fit.

    If you, Robert, want $35 million in contributions for your presidential ambitions, all you need do is convince people that you deserve it. But as far as I know, you’ve failed to convince anyone to even give you $1.

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