First Independent Candidate for U.S. House in North Carolina May Have Qualified for Ballot

Ballot Access News:

On June 10, Wendell Fant submitted approximately 30,000 signatures to be on the North Carolina ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. House, 8th district. Approximately 17,000 signatures are required in that district. The formula requires 4% of the registered voters of the district to sign. See this story.

If the petition is verified, Fant will be the first independent candidate for U.S. House in the history of North Carolina government-printed ballots, which have existed since 1901. He is backed by the Service Employees International Union and the State Employees Association of North Carolina. Those unions back Fant because the Democratic incumbent, Larry Kissell, voted against the health insurance bill a few months ago. The 8th district is one of the more competitive districts in the nation. In 2006 it elected a Republican, but in 2008 it elected a Democrat. It comprises the counties that are east of Charlotte.

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