New York Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins urges Working Families to join the Greens following the surrender of WFP leadership

Howie Hawkins for Governor
Green Party –

For Immediate Release:
June 6, 2010

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Howie Hawkins, 315 425-1019

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, welcomed today the support of any Working Families Party members who still wanted to support a progressive third party independent of the two corporate parties.

Working Party leaders earlier today decided to bow to the demands of Andrew Cuomo and failed to nominate a slate of statewide candidates for the fall elections. The leaders decided instead that they would just give their statewide ballot line to whichever candidates win the Democratic primary – provided that Cuomo even decides then it is ok to accept the WFP line. Cuomo has previously said that he wants to see how officials conclude their investigations into the WFP’s financing of their election efforts. Although Independence Party financial irregularities in conjunction with the Bloomberg campaign doesn’t similarly bother Cuomo

“WFP should learn from this rejection that power for working people comes from their independent political action, not acting as a faction of the Democratic coalition and handing over their votes to the corporate-dominated Democratic Party, which then takes their votes for granted and reduces their leverage and power to nothing. The WFP, along with much of the media, promotes the party as a progressive alternative, despite their failure to actually pass hardly any legislation. But every time I and other Greens have faced WFP-endorsed democratic nominees for office, they supported more war, more money for the military, and more corporate welfare, while opposing things such as single payer health care or strong action on climate change,” noted Hawkins. “Now they have rolled over for Andrew Cuomo, the latest son seeking to inherit his father’s former office, who refuses to make Wall Street and the rich pay their fair share of taxes, who intends to make war with the public employees union, supports expanding the financial waste of charter schools and wants to impose caps on public spending. The WFP leadership has become just another self-serving political faction more interested in their personal power and patronage, just use the name working families as a advertising slogan to mislead the voters,” added Hawkins, a teamster who is the only union member running for Governor.

Hawkins said he would welcome the opportunity to debate the WFP nominee but so far their candidate is just a charade playing inside political games while the WFP leadership treats their own members and the voters with disdain.

“The WFP suffers from unrequited love. They did all this work for the Dems and the Dems kick them out when they feel they no longer need them. Greens would welcome a coalition with the WFP if they embraced independent politics. On the surface, we share a lot of values and policy demands. We just see WFP’s electoral strategy as politically suicidal. Those chickens are coming home to roost with Cuomo’s rejection,” added Hawkins.

7 thoughts on “New York Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins urges Working Families to join the Greens following the surrender of WFP leadership

  1. Vaughn

    I have a feeling that there is a disconnect between the rank and file WFP members and the WFP leadership.

    They need to just say if you support x, y, and z…you have our endorsement. If you don’t support any of them, we’ll run someone against you or endorse another candidate that does.

    Has anyone from WFP commented on here?

  2. Vaughn

    I’m a Green and I agree…unfortunately.

    But we have a lot of strong candidates for governor this year with decent name recognition. Like Howie Hawkins and Rich Whitney.

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Howie Hawkins and the Green Party of New York are doing an outstanding job here.

    Howie is absolutely right.

    This is an exceptional opportunity for the Green Party.

    The Green Party is doing an exceptional job. Running a smart, aggressive, and positive campaign.

    Thanks for story.

  4. pete healey

    Couldn’t disagree more, gentlemen. The Green Party is ignoring the fact that the WFP (now they might as well be called the Working Lawyers Party, because all three of the no-names they nominated are attorneys) is a creature of the Democratic Party and has no independent existence at all. Anyone who isn’t ‘one of them’ left that party long ago. What a waste of time and breath.

  5. Dave Schwab

    Vaughn: the actual WFP leadership’s strategy is to endorse the Democratic machine front runner, even against progressive challengers in close races. They play an inside game, and they play it dirty.

    Don, you’ve got it backwards. In NYS, it’s the WFP that refuses to challenge the Democrats.

    Pete, I think this release is targeted more at people who vote WFP because they think it’s the progressive thing to do, a perception generally reinforced by the media and the other parties. We need to let those voters know that WFP is not an alternative to the status quo, but a branch of it; the Green Party is New York’s real independent progressive party.

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