Socialists March Against SB1070

Socialist Webzine:

On May 25, members of the Socialist Party USA joined the mass demonstration protesting the racist law SB 1070 in Phoenix, Arizona. The demo was called by the umbrella group Alto Arizona and completed a week of escalating civil disobedience actions. Party members report that “many connections and bonds were made today and the momentum of the recent events has generated a healthy interest.” Socialist organizing efforts will continue in Phoenix and Tuscon as members seek to bring the message of amnesty and open borders to the broader SB 1070 fight back.

Read the Socialist Party USA statement on SB 1070

3 thoughts on “Socialists March Against SB1070

  1. Jennifer Littrell

    I came across a good debating resource that allows you to post comments and cast votes either for or against the New Immigration Law of Arizona without prior registration. I really recommend it:

  2. Richard

    USA should be for European-Whites only. All others need to voluntarily leave or be deported to their land of origin with new laws we shall pass. Immigration from any other nation except European countries should be totally halted. Vote for the White people’s party, the Tea Party. Arizona is a good start; it will help Arizonian’s send a clear message. We are tired of these minorities dirtying up our land and polluting our nation.

  3. Mark Zist

    google or youtube “mobboss45studios” a conservative blogger who infiltrated the protest with a video camera

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