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Duke University student newspaper covers Libertarian Mike Beitler for US Senate

From the Duke University student newspaper, the Chronicle. Forwarded in email by Chris Cole.

Candidates gear up for tough fight over Senate seat

By Ciaran OConnor (except):

A third candidate

Although they are the favorites to win the seat, Burr and Marshall are not the only candidates Duke students can choose from to represent them in the Senate. Mike Beitler, the Libertarian candidate, hopes to convince voters he is an attractive alternative to the politics as usual that he feels Burr and Marshall represent. He is currently polling at between 5 and 10 percent but is confident that he will make gains.

“I think it’s a matter of name recognition,” Beitler said. “Most North Carolinians are not on that extreme right like Burr or that extreme left like Marshall.”

Beitler supports gay marriage, abortion rights, a rapid withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and an independent audit of all Federal agencies that would highlight ineffective programs to be purged from government.

He said he looks forward to elaborating on his positions that differentiate him from both Burr and Marshall at the next debate.

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