Independent Bruce Burleson Running for Congress in Massachusetts

Emailed to IPR:

Independent 9th District Congressional candidate Bruce Burleson’s campaign is officially underway. Flyers are going up, Burleson is meeting and greeting voters at local shopping centers, yard signs are on their way, and he has also just launched a campaign website. The site details much of Burleson’s views on a variety of issues, including Social Security reform and management of America’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

The site also features a chatroom where Burleson holds weekly chats with anyone who wishes to pop in and discuss issues important to them.

In addition, the site will soon feature a weekly video “fireside chat” which Burleson says is inspired by the radio addresses of FDR during the Great Depression.

Burleson says the main strategy of his campaign is not to spend too much time comparing his ideas with those of incumbent Congressman Stephen Lynch, but to present his own ideas and to spend time listening to what people want. He says his main campaign slogan is “putting the ‘represent’ back in Representative.”

His campaign can be reached at (339) 502-2621 or online at

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