KALW News interview with Terry Baum, Green for San Francisco Mayor

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

KALW News has published an interview with Terry Baum, Green Party candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, at SFGate.com:

This year’s SF mayoral election is ranked choice, meaning San Franciscans can all vote for more than one candidate. If the frontrunner doesn’t get a majority of first place votes, the second place votes kick in. And that process is going to make for a lot of contenders – 16 of them, in fact. And one is Terry Baum.

Baum worked on the congressional campaign of famed feminist Bella Abzug back in 1970. She then moved to the Bay Area and started working with a lesbian theater company. In 2004 she ran as a Green candidate against Representative Nancy Pelosi for her seat in the House. And now, Baum is taking her thoughts back to the people of San Francisco by running for mayor.

Read the interview at SFGate.com.

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