Open Thread for September 2011

Discuss almost whatever you want in the comments here, other than stuff that would get you and/or IPR in legal trouble, or stuff that has already been quarantined in “special” threads.

This can include news items IPR should be covering, as well as just about anything else.

Personal update: I still don’t have enough time to post here regularly, unfortunately.

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137 thoughts on “Open Thread for September 2011

  1. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    I really consider TEA Party stuff as ‘Uncatagorial’ but I also admit a on going bias.

    Needed on this site: TEA Party ????????? Sept 11th ??????? threads?

    Any who ……….

    “It’s just silly to protest a tea party where Governor Romney is speaking,” …………

    “It would be just as ridiculous to protest Senator DeMint’s gathering on Monday, to which Romney has also been invited.

    Narrow mindedness is not the way to strengthen the tea party movement.”

    News of the protest comes on the same day that Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, announced that she was considering dropping out of a tea party rally hosted by a third group, Tea Party of America.”

  2. George Phillies

    It is now Six days since the LNC Judicial Committee overturned the claims of the LNC Executive Committee and found that the Libertarian Party of Oregon, Wes Wagner Chair, is the LNC’s Oregon affiliate. The LNC has yet to restore the link on the national web page, even though they do have links to the other 50 affiliates, some of which are said by the LNC to be inactive.

    Meanwhile, the latest membership report shows that the LNC is down to 13204 active members, down 1200 from a year ago and more than 2100 down from the end of the last Presidential election year.

  3. paulie Post author

    This place is going down fairly quickly without you

    Not sure what I can do about that. I’ve signed up enough people that they should be able to, collectively, do what I was doing by myself. I can sign up more if there is interest.

    I could come back for short stints, but I don’t want to do it for a couple of days at a time and create/foster unrealistic expectations.

    I could let it consume my life again if I could make a living at it, but I can’t.

  4. George Phillies

    Seven days and counting.

    There are no bylaws on the exact topic at hand. However, when the National Chair had LPOregon delisted because the site was no longer held by the LNC affiliate, delisting is by executive order a mark that you are not the affiliate, and it is still a mark that you are not the affiliate, except that they are.

  5. Michael Cavlan RN

    Thanks for the input Paulie.

    Now I have a serous question for you all.

    My campaign website for US Senate has been hijacked. Apparently it looks like Republicans that may have done it.

    To explain.

    In 2006 when I ran for US Senate as a Green, we had a website After the camp[aign it was parked in go daddy.
    I went to check it out and it is now a glorification of the Republican Party.

    Any suggestions on what I could or should do?

  6. Michael Cavlan RN

    As an aside, I am one of the speakers at a rally Sept 11th at the St Paul Capitol. Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett are the other speakers.
    It is where we planned to go public for real.
    Now we have no website. We will have to use our US Congress facebook site for now.


  7. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    We apologize for the previous incorrect information, but David Theroux’s appearance on Stossel has been rescheduled to Thursday September 29, with repeats throughout the following weekend.

    Independent Institute Founder and President David Theroux will join John Stossel to discuss the changing tide in the American political culture and answer a question on many minds of American voters: What if libertarians were in charge?

    [Ah, hidden in plain site, a Lib thread pretending to be independent. First time ever for those straight shootin Libertarians. No wonder that every one loves them!]
    Having directed and published over seventy scholarly books, Mr. Theroux is the publisher of the quarterly journal, The Independent Review,

  8. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    Friday, August 19, 2011, Chris Rodda *

    * When the average American thinks of military spending on religion, they probably think only of the money spent on chaplains and chapels. […]

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the DoD’s funding of religion.

    Also paid for with taxpayer dollars are a plethora of events, programs, and schemes that violate not only the Constitution, but, in many cases, the regulations on federal government contractors

    ……… specifically the regulation prohibiting federal government contractors receiving over $10,000 in contracts a year from discriminating based on religion in their hiring practices.

  9. George Phillies

    It is now eight days since the LNC was informed as to the identity of its Oregon affiliate, and they have yet to invert the only visible concrete action they took, namely cutting off the link from the LP.ORG page to the LPO page.

    At some point soon, this becomes LNC Defies Judicial Committee.

  10. paulie Post author

    In 2006 when I ran for US Senate as a Green, we had a website After the camp[aign it was parked in go daddy.
    I went to check it out and it is now a glorification of the Republican Party.

    Any suggestions on what I could or should do?

    1) Put up a different site with a different url – say or something like that. Then check your records to see if your godaddy parking was paid up every year. If yes, take it up with them. If no, there is not really anything you can do.

  11. paulie Post author

    Now we have no website.

    WordPress is free, and easy to use. I think it’s $10 if you don’t want wordpress in the URL.

  12. paulie Post author

    Ah, hidden in plain site, a Lib thread pretending to be independent

    Not sure what you mean by thread. The independent institute is a non-partisan think tank with a libertarian ideology. “Independent” is just the name of it.

  13. LNC Defies Judicial Committee

    This time, not a satire.

    It is now nine days since the National Party Judicial Committee ruled that our Oregon Affiliate is the group headed by Wes Wagner.

    They continue to treat the Wagner affiliate as though it were still disaffiliated.

    They have indeed been reminded of the situation by an LNC member.

    It is inescapable. The LNC is defying its own Judicial Committee.

    Hey guys, thanks for the LfA Full-Page Headline, and I get to use Second Coming Gothic type with bicolor blink if I want.

    At least one of you was around when my last magazine reported that the LNC had funded part of the Harry Browne 2000 nominating campaign via a loan as correctly reported to the FEC. Perhaps that one should try reminding your fellow committee members of what happened next.

    Remember, Oregon affiliate views the LNC has having declared war on our own affiliate. They have already sent you a photo just to prove that they do have political nuclear weapons that actually detonate.

    I said well in advance that the LNC seemed bound and determined to copy their AD 2000 actions with respect to Arizona. It now appears that the LNC is planning on improving on the effort.

  14. George Phillies

    Press Dishonesty to Manipulate Elections Strikes Republicans

    kudes to Blue Mass Group for finding the article.

    The New York Times yesterday ran an article that labelled the four leading Republican Presidential candidates as Perry, Romney, Bachmann, and … Huntsman.

    Rumors that Huntsman is a top-four Republican candidate have evaded me.

    Of course, you could propose that the Times is saying that Republicans are one of those third parties that they can publish nonsense about, without anyone questioning them.

  15. Steven R Linnabary

    In 2006 when I ran for US Senate as a Green, we had a website After the camp[aign it was parked in go daddy.
    I went to check it out and it is now a glorification of the Republican Party.

    Any suggestions on what I could or should do?

    I had the same problem. My first url was, but I had to let it go a few years ago when things were a little tight. When I went back for it, it was now used by a Japanese firm selling something that I can’t read. I had to go with (cousin’s were using .com & .net)

    It really doesn’t matter. Most people only follow links, few actually type in the url.


  16. Michael Cavlan RN


    Thanks. That is what have intended to do.

    Here we go. As an aside, we have plans to make hay about this with an interesting spin, so to speak.

    Entering the madness yet again.

  17. Concerned Chuck (Mike Gravel is Lord!)


    Maitreya Buddha and Lord the this World, Sri Mike Gravel has declared his intention to consider thinking about forming an exploratory committee to run for POTUS. Mike Gravel is a two term former US Senator, former state house speaker, and has been elected by Jesus Christ himself to rule over all mankind.

    “The Mennonites have Obama, the Catholics have Alan Keyes, and the Jews have Ron Paul, but finally there shall be a voice for the people of God!” declared Concerned Chuck, founder of ‘Mike Gravel is Lord, Inc’ and popular radio talk show host.

    “For too long we true Christians have been oppressed by the Jews, the gays, and the Africans! From the first attack on our people from the Aztec villains to the criminal abortion doctors who murder our children, we have had no one to speak for us. Until the savior of this planet, the true lord Mike Gravel came to our people we had no defender and no sex icon.”

    “All that is changing,” Chuck declared, “and even if Mike Gravel does not win this election by votes he will win it by force. We have a stockpile of weapons and drugs, and are planning on getting 15,000 condoms to put on black men and baby hamsters.”

    “Only every 35 million years does the Lord himself descend to us in human form, and the time for that is coming very soon. Sri Gravel will cleanse the earth of the Libertarian sex perverts and the Green Party filth. He will murder the children of Catholics and rape the daughters of Mormons. He will destroy all that is unholy. He will bring God to earth! Amen!”

  18. IMHO: Hinkle Defies JudComm

    I have had forwarded to me from a vast number of sources the “ruling” of the LNC Chair explaining why the LPO is not being treated as an affiliate. The ruling makes clear that ‘there are no bylaws on treating affiliates’ is a non-issue, namely the LNC Chair denies that we have an active affiliate.

    From: Mark Hinkle
    Date: Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 10:15 PM
    Subject: JC ruling…

    Dear LNC,

    I just re-read the JC’s decision and have come to another conclusion.

    The LNC EC’s action never dis-affiliated the Oregon LP (and JC states exactly that in their ruling) and that was never part of the motion nor was it part of the EC’s discussion in the first place.

    The JC’s decision, as I interpret it, is that the LPO (Libertarian Party of Oregon) has no leadership. Their Bylaws clearly state the term of office for the past LPO Chair, Wes Wagner, has ended along with the other past officers. The JC does not recognize the LPO leadership (Tim Reeves) that the LNC EC sought to recognize, therefor there is no leadership in the LPO.

    The SOS there may still recognize Wes Wagner as LPO Chair (for life if he chooses), but we don’t.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Party’s may handle their internal affairs as they see fit and are not subject to the laws of the states that may try and override internal decisions of the LP.

    See: March Fong Eu vs. the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee (decision February 22, 1989).

    To quote, in part, from that ruling:
    > A State cannot justify regulating a party’s internal affairs without showing that such regulation is necessary to ensure that elections are orderly, fair, and honest, and California has made no such showing.

    Until the LPO can elect someone per their Bylaws, my ruling is that there is no leadership in the LPO and thus we are not required, nor would it be prudent, to send any membership data to them, nor link our web site to any faction that claims to be the leadership of the LPO.

    Our Policy manual states:
    > Data Sharing with Affiliates
    > LPHQ will provide all officially recognized state-level affiliates with a list of Constituents residing in the area covered by that affiliate, within the first 5 business days of the month to the affiliate chair, or his designee.

    Since there is no affiliate chair, or his designee, there is no one to send the data to.

    The JC has prevented the LNC EC from recognizing the Tim Reeves faction and the Oregon SOS has effectively done the same thing.

    So, the only fair and equitable solution for the LNC is to treat the LPO as a dormant affiliate until they can resolve their issues.

    We have been cautioned not to get involved in the internal affairs of the LPO and to recognize the Wagner group would be doing exactly that.

    Therefor, the LNC should take a hand off approach and let them come to some sort of resolution and then bring that back to the LNC.

    That is my ruling. The LNC, as always, can override my decision if they think my decision is in error.

    Yours in liberty………………..Mark Hinkle, LNC Chair

    P.S. I will instruct Wes Benedict and Robert Kruas to suspend any standard affiliate communication to the LPO until such time as they resolve their issues internally.

    P.P.S. the LSLA is free to add, or not, Wes Wagner to it’s “state-chair” email list. The LNC has no jurisdiction there.

    The ruling should perhaps be submitted to Guinness as a record-maker. Which record is left to the reader’s imagination.


  19. Jill Pyeatt

    Re # 23: I’m posting this as its own article now. It should be up in a few minutes, after I find some background to post with it.

  20. George Phillies

    Jill, I believe you could use the JudComm ruling as background.

    If you think the message is odd, the debate afterward gets even stranger.

    Readers are invited to count the number of points that the Hinkle letter involves parliamentary claims, and to consider which of these claims are true.

  21. paulie Post author


    Looking at your draft now.

    Text is fine, but the headline is too editorial, at least if we go by the policies we have been trying to go by.

  22. paulie Post author

    GOP activists sue, seeking to remove Libertarian from ballot

    Talked to Ken about this. He said the real issue is that he is at 16% and climbing and the Republican candidate is tanking. And that is with Ken virtually shut out of any media. If Ken gets in a TV debate next week it is possible that he could get more votes than the Republican candidate, so the Republicans are panicking and trying to get him off the ballot or at least create the controversy that he might be removed, whether he is or not, and thus (they hope) keep him out of the debate.

  23. paulie Post author

    possibly a separate article later….

    407 S. Dearborn Street ? Suite 1170 ? Chicago, IL ? 60605
    (312) 320-4101 ? FAX (866) 309-7803

    Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair
    Phone: 312-320-4101


    Free & Equal to Co-Host NYC Liberty Fest event

    New York City — Free & Equal will Co-Host Liberty Fest NYC this Saturday, September 10, from 5pm-11pm at the Club Amnesia, on 609 West 29th Street in New York City.

    Liberty Fest NYC brings activists, authors, bloggers, artists and musicians from different political backgrounds and parts of the country together to celebrate the cause of Liberty. The event has drawn an impressive roster of speakers, including NY Times best-selling author and Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Tom Woods. Other speakers include philosopher Stefan Molyneux; singer/songwriter Jordan Page; Scott Horton of, Andrew Schiff, Director of Communications and Marketing for Euro Pacific Capital, Andrew Schiff, Director of Communications and Marketing for Euro Pacific Capital, Kevin Zeese, Executive Director of Voters For Peace, former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack; Free & Equal Founder and President Christina Tobin; former Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh; Gary Franchi, founder of the social network; and 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, RJ Harris, among others.

    LibertyFest NYC is being sponsored by The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, Taxpayers United of America, the Free State Project, Voters For Peace,, the Republican Liberty Caucus,, Restore the Republic, DB Capitol Strategies, Freedomain Radio, Patriot Polls, and TruthSquad.TV.

    “This year’s LibertyFest provides a great opportunity for people from many political backgrounds to exchange ideas and discover common ground,” Free & Equal Founder and President Christina Tobin said. “Free & Equal is proud to be a part of it.”

    Tickets, info and sponsorship & vending opportunities are available at


    Free & Equal is a nonpartisan, non-profit public-policy advocacy organization dedicated to election reform and improving ballot access laws in the United States.

  24. paulie Post author

    Libertarian Chairman to Challenge REAL ID in Court Wednesday

    September 6, 2011

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – The State of Florida will be facing a legal challenge to the new driver’s license requirements as mandated by the Department of Homeland Security under the REAL ID Act. Libertarian Party of Florida Chairman and syndicated radio talk host Adrian Wyllie was cited for driving without a license, and will argue that the new DL requirements force citizens to waive their Fourth Amendment rights in order to be granted the “privilege” of driving.

    Wyllie surrendered his driver’s license on May 17, 2011, on the grounds that he refused to provide the personal documents required by REAL ID without a warrant. Wyllie then called several law enforcement agencies to report he was driving without a license. Despite his efforts, police ignored the violation.

    That was until July 15, when Wyllie issued a challenge to Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coats on his radio program to “Man up and pull me over.” Within four hours, Wyllie’s vehicle was stopped by Pinellas deputies and he was ticketed.

    “This case is a first step in nullifying REAL ID, and determining whether the Fourth Amendment is still applicable in America,” said Wyllie.

    One of the components of the REAL ID Act is that States must acquire digital facial image captures which are compatible with facial recognition software, and upload them to a national database. Wyllie says he has subpoenaed the administrator of the PCSO’s facial recognition network, and will dig deep into how driver’s license data is being used for covert surveillance of Floridians. “We will reveal how the new data and facial recognition images collected are being unlawfully used by law enforcement,” said Wyllie.

    The Florida legislature is also taking a fresh look at REAL ID. Florida Rep. Larry Ahern (R – St. Petersburg) has introduced HB 109, which would repeal virtually all the provisions of REAL ID that were implemented as part of the driver’s licensing process.

    The trial will be held at the Pinellas County Criminal Court Complex, Courtroom 19, at 14250 49th Street North in Clearwater on Wednesday, September 7 at 5:30pm. The courtroom is open to the public and the media.

  25. Deep Thoughts of Robert Milnes

    From the front page of

    A few months ago I commented about surveillance via television. I thought the libertarians, particularly the radicals, would be interested in this huge invasion of privacy. And I thought one fellow regular commenter, physics Prof. Phillies, might help explain the radiation electronics technology involved. But no, the libertarians didn’t seem interested.

    I actually stumbled on it. What happened, from my perspective, involved my FBI surveillance. I have assumed for years that I am under FBI/HSD surveillance. Last year I thought up a scheme to test this theory as well as get some sexual titillation. Since they were able to observe me masturbating certainly via audio surveillance but also via infrared/radiowaves, they would know where & when. If I masturbated in front of my tv regularly they would be able to determine a pattern in time. So I decided to pick a news anchorwoman or reporter much along the lines of my previous experience with the FBI and Deborah Knapp. I picked Norah O’Donnell, who was at that time a regularly scheduled anchor live at 3pm weekdays on msnbc. I could observe her reactions live, mostly Freudian slips which I could interpret.

    Imagine my surprise to soon interpret that she was ALREADY getting daily surveillance reports on me, much as Knapp was after my arrest in that case. I concluded that the FBI was hoping to ensnare me into some sort of criminal case as in the Knapp case. So I decided to not contact O’Donnell or any other anchor/reporter in any way.

    I soon began to learn a lot about O’Donnell. Including that she was from a military family. I later did further biographical research to verify this. The interpretations were incredibly accurate and exquisitely intimate. For example I determined that she had never significantly observed a man’s sexual organ. Despite being married with three children. This was consistent with a strict Catholic upbringing with its sexual repression especially against female sexuality. Now she was taking advantage of this situation to do so with me. That meant that she was watching me live in front of my tv at home while I was watching her live image on tv. This is incredible. How would all this be even possible?

    I began to come to a realization on this. There would have to be a huge secret network of technology, sophisticated equipment and personnell. The tv personnell would have to be contractually obligated to keep this secret with significant consequences if they did not. The FBI and military and surveillance agencies upper level personnel could be relied to keep this secret due to National Security issues. Lower level personnel would not probably realize the magnitude of what they were doing. This would also be the rationale for the evident mass violation of the observed persons Constitutional rights involving privacy.

    This is how I figured it must work. If a pulse of energy of known frequency was sent via the satellite signal-in my case I was using DISH- or RF cable or DSL phone line, then the actual tv signal removed, an image of the reflected light waves would remain. I assume the audio would work similarly allowing eavesdropping. Imagine the advantages for example law enforcement. e.g. There is our fugitive. Asleep in front of the left on tv. At this address. Put the house under surveillance. Follow fugitive far from house then make arrest. preferably during a supposedly routine traffic stop. It would be almost impossible to trace the traffic stop arrest to tv surveillance.

  26. paulie Post author

    WASHINGTON – Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict has released a video response to President Obama’s jobs speech. The video is available here:

    A transcript follows:


    My name is Wes Benedict and I’m the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee in Washington, DC.

    I have a message for the American people in response to President Obama’s proposal tonight for an American Jobs Act. I also have a few comments about last night’s Republican Presidential debate.

    Unemployment is at 9 percent. Four years ago, in late 2007, unemployment was less than 5 percent. Then in 2008, President Bush mailed out millions of 300-dollar government stimulus checks. Later that year, he supported the massive TARP bailout. Unemployment rose. In 2009, President Obama said if we passed another big stimulus plan, unemployment would stay below 8 percent. Now it’s at 9 percent. Government spending does not help the economy, it hurts the economy.

    Stimulus spending doesn’t create jobs, it destroys them. When investors hear that the U.S. government is going to flush more money down the spending hole, they react immediately by cutting back on investments that would have created jobs.

    Government stimulus spending benefits a few, but at great expense to everyone else. Politicians like to be able to say they’re "doing something," but too often, "doing something" means handing out money to special interests. Often these programs are promoted with false claims that they will benefit the poor and middle class. Usually the opposite happens.

    We don’t need the government "doing something" if it involves more spending and new programs.

    We’d be better off if the government stopped trying to help, and gave Americans a chance to recover, adjust their plans, and start solving economic problems themselves.

    However, if politicians feel like they must be seen "doing something", then they should cut spending, bring our troops home from the Middle East, reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits, cut taxes, and eliminate burdensome licensing laws and minimum wage laws. Licensing and minimum wage laws take the bottom rungs off the economic ladder.

    The President’s tax cut proposals are good and bad. Libertarians always support broad-based tax cuts. But targeted special-interest cuts and loopholes just amount to social engineering, and they pit different interest groups against each other. And tax cuts without spending cuts virtually guarantee that future generations will suffer a heavier tax burden.

    It’s foolish to talk about increasing taxes on the wealthy. That would be a great way to destroy even more jobs. Libertarians want to cut spending, and cut taxes for everyone.

    Last night, I watched the Republican Presidential debate, and it was the same old nonsense from Republicans. They sometimes say they are for free markets. Yet, Mitt Romney defended his Romney Care plan. Rick Perry boasted about his new 3-billion-dollar taxpayer funded medical research center in Texas. Newt Gingrich said we need to grow revenue. Mr. Gingrich, the last thing we need is to put more money into the incompetent, wasteful, and corrupt hands of the federal government.

    Libertarians want less government, and more jobs. We support free markets, civil liberties, and peace.

    You can find out more on our website at

    Thank you, and good night.

    For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.

    The LP is America’s third-largest political party, founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party stands for free markets, civil liberties, and peace. You can find more information on the Libertarian Party at our website.


  27. Scotty Boman

    Scotty Boman Seeks Republican Nomination for U.S. Senate

    CONTACT: Scotty Boman. 313-247-2052

    Detroit, MI – College professor and long-time Libertarian activist Scotty Boman has formally announced his candidacy for United States Senate via press release as of September 9th 2011. He announced the formation of an exploratory committee at the Republican Convention on January 28th, and won the Campaign for Liberty Senatorial Straw Poll on August 27th. This is not the first time Boman has run for United States Senate. In 2008 Boman ran for Carl Levin’s seat as a Libertarian, and placed third in the general election. This time, however, Boman has targeted the Republican primary.

    Boman cited media bias against minor party candidates, and the opportunities afforded by TEA Party groups as two of the reasons he is running as a Republican rather than a Libertarian. According to him, “Thanks in part to the TEA Party movement, candidate forums are popping up all over the state. This is a fundamental change from prior years when campaigns could start in the spring of an election year without missing any such events.”

    He also, emphasizes the need for a contrasting major party alternative to incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow. He is especially critical of Pete Hoekstra, “In 2008 over 700 billion dollars in spoils were taken from the American taxpayers and given to Wall Street billionaires. This was the spark that ignited the modern TEA Party movement. It was also one of the pivotal actions that contributed to the current depression. Then Senator Barack Obama and Congressman Pete Hoekstra were among the lawmakers who ignored the people, and gave into elitist scare tactics. To her credit, Senator Debbie Stabenow voted against the bailout. Any challenger will have a tough time claiming superior fiscal responsibility if he supported the Wall Street bailout.”

    In 2008 Boman’s campaign ran TV commercials that were critical of major party candidates, such as Carl Levin, for supporting the Wall Street bailout deal.

    Boman has been active in the Libertarian Party since the late 1980’s and has run for office in every state-wide election since 1994. He served as chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan in 2006. In 1997 he received an endorsement from the Detroit News in his bid for the Detroit City Council.

    Boman’s initial involvement in the Republican Party was motivated by his active involvement in the Ron Paul Campaign. He has been twice elected to the post of Republican Precinct Delegate in Michigan’s 13th district, and has served as a local organizer for the non-partisan Campaign for Liberty.

    While the party of Scotty Boman’s candidacy has changed, Boman is vocally committed to the same objectives, “My immediate goal is to give voters the opportunity to vote for a candidate who consistently supports liberty. My goal for this election cycle is to be the most principled advocate of liberty in the United States Senate.

  28. paulie Post author

    “I confess that these are ideas I was not expecting to hear from Sarah Palin:

    She made three interlocking points. First, that the United States is now governed by a “permanent political class,” drawn from both parties, that is increasingly cut off from the concerns of regular people. Second, that these Republicans and Democrats have allied with big business to mutual advantage to create what she called “corporate crony capitalism.” Third, that the real political divide in the United States may no longer be between friends and foes of Big Government, but between friends and foes of vast, remote, unaccountable institutions (both public and private). …

    The permanent class stays in power because it positions itself between two deep troughs: the money spent by the government and the money spent by big companies to secure decisions from government that help them make more money. …

    [I]n contrast to the sweeping paeans to capitalism and the free market delivered by the Republican presidential candidates whose ranks she has yet to join, she sought to make a distinction between good capitalists and bad ones. The good ones, in her telling, are those small businesses that take risks and sink and swim in the churning market; the bad ones are well-connected megacorporations that live off bailouts, dodge taxes and profit terrifically while creating no jobs. …

    “This is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation and hard work and ethics, of sacrifice and of risk,” she said of the crony variety. She added: “It’s the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest – to the little guys. It’s a slap in the face to our small business owners – the true entrepreneurs, the job creators accounting for 70 percent of the jobs in America.”

    Well, I certainly like that more than most of what I generally hear from Palin. (Though notice her careful avoidance of any mention of the military-industrial complex.) But it’s not her usual tune; so where’s this coming from, and why now?”

  29. paulie Post author

    Thomas Woods posts at blog:

    Our ad, which we hope to get on TV in early primary states, premiered on YouTube today. The response has been excellent. Before it airs we may make a minor tweak or two, just to be sure the bad guys can’t slither out of their awful stances. But here you go:

    We premiered it at LibertyFest in New York this weekend. The crowd response is worth seeing and hearing. Start around 0:55 and just watch.

    Now it’s in the people’s hands (see the end of the first video).

  30. Charity Begins In The Free Market

    I was just wondering where the thread was on Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign manager, Kent Snyder, dying without insurance.

    So where do you fall on this?

    On the one hand, when we remove all forms of public assistance everyone will get insurance in return for chickens and blog entries just like they did in the 18o0s. Too bad we haven’t made that change yet.

    On the other hand, Kent should have embezzled sufficient campaign funds to pay for his own insurance, pre-existing condition be damned. We can all lament his lack of entrepreneurship.

  31. paulie Post author

    I was just wondering where the thread was on Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign manager, Kent Snyder, dying without insurance.


    I don’t think you understand what IPR does.

    We cover alternative parties and independent candidates, regardless of ideology. We’ve only done one editorial in over three years. We do publish opinion pieces by other people, of a wide range of opinions – not because we agree with them but because the person who said it is a current or former independent or alt-party candidate or officer, writing about independent or alternative parties, or somehow relevant to the topic of independent candidates or alt parties.

    We do not cover anything else.

    Every once in a while we mention Ron Paul, but only because he ran as a Libertarian in 1988.

    A thread about Kent Snyder would be completely off topic for IPR.

    Now, if the Green Party, Socialist Party or Ralph Nader writes something about it – then it would be an appropriate topic for a new IPR thread.

    Whether it would then get posted or not is up to the schedules of individual IPR writers, who include Libertarians, Greens, people more in line with the Constitution Party, etc.

    Hope that makes things clear.

  32. paulie Post author

    So where do you fall on this?

    Who specifically do you mean by “you”? Me personally? Anyone who feels like responding? IPR as a whole?

    If the last one, the answer is – we take no position as a group; we include people with very different thoughts on the issue.

  33. paulie Post author

    I don’t think you laid out my response in your post. I’ll defer to Roderick Long on this; unfortunately this is a bit old and some of the links don’t work anymore, but some of them still do. I also liked Ron Paul’s answer in the debate to that question, although this goes beyond what he said:

    Posted by Roderick Long at

    Those who see government power and corporate power as being in conflict, and those who seem them as being in cahoots, each have a point. The alliance between government and the corporate elite is like the partnership between church and state in the Middle Ages: each one wants to be the dominant partner, so there’s naturally some pushing and shoving from time to time; but on the other hand the two parties have a common interest in holding down the rest of us, and so the conflict rarely goes too far. The main difference between “left-wing” and “right-wing” versions of statism, as I see it, is that the former generally seek to shift the balance a bit farther in favour of the state (i.e., toward state-socialism) while the latter generally seek to shift the balance a bit farther in favour of corporatism and plutocracy. (In the U.S., the reigning versions of liberalism and conservatism are arguably both more corporatist than state-socialist; but the liberals are still a few notches farther toward state-socialism than the conservatives are.)

    But whether the special interests who are the primary beneficiaries of state power are mainly within the state apparatus or mainly outside it, the actual application of state power remains much the same. Hence it is a mistake to suppose that the corporatist-plutocratic version of statism is in any interesting sense less statist than the state-socialist version.

    But it is an all-too-common mistake – and this tendency to underestimate the chasm between free markets and corporatism is enormously beneficial to the state, enabling a slick bait-and-switch. When free markets and government grants of privilege to business are conflated, those who are attracted to free markets are easily duped into supporting plutocracy, thus swelling the ranks of statism’s right wing – while those who are turned off by plutocracy are likewise easily duped into opposing free markets, thereby swelling the ranks of statism’s left wing. (These are the two tendencies that Kevin Carson calls “vulgar libertarianism” and “vulgar liberalism,” respectively.)

    As one of the villains in The Fountainhead explains in a moment of frankness, talking about the choice Europe was then facing between communism and fascism:

    “If you’re sick of one version, we push you in the other. We’ve fixed the coin. Heads – collectivism. Tails – collectivism. Give up your soul to a council – or give it up to a leader. But give it up, give it up, give it up. Offer poison as food and poison as antidote. Go fancy on the trimmings, but hang on to the main objective.

    The largely (though not completely) illusory conflict between state-oriented Palpatine and corporate-oriented Dooku in the Star Wars prequels is a nice dramatisation of the same principle.

    This dynamic applies in particular to the debate over health care policy. The contrast between, say, the Canadian and American approaches is frequently described – by both sides – as a contrast between a “governmental” or “socialised” system on the one hand, and a “market-based” or “free enterprise” system on the other. But the American health care system bears little resemblance to a free market; instead it represents massive government intervention on behalf of private special interests, from insurance companies to the medical establishment. The choice between the American and Canadian models is simply a choice between different two different flavours of statism – each with somewhat different vices, it’s true (e.g., do you prefer higher prices or longer waits?), but ultimately coming down to a matter of the percentage to which control of your healthcare is exercised by people sitting in government offices as opposed to being exercised by people sitting in governmentally-privileged “private” offices – but in either case by ambitious, avaricious apparatchiks who aren’t you.

    So what would a libertarian approach to health care policy look like? At a minimum it would have to include:

    1. Repealing laws that have the effect of cartelising the medical industry (e.g., the licensure monopoly granted to the A.M.A.), thus artificially boosting the cost of medical care.

    2. Repealing laws that have the effect of rendering the labour market oligopsonistic, thus artificially lowering people’s ability to pay for (and collectively negotiate for) medical care.

    3. Repealing laws that shift healthcare funds from the 25%-devoured-by-overhead voluntary sector to the 75%-devoured-by-overhead coercive sector, thus decreasing the amount of healthcare that gets to needy recipients.

    4. Repealing laws that transfer the power to make medical decisions for individuals from those individuals to centralised bodies, thus increasing the impact and scope of fatally bad decisions and suppressing the competitive signals that allow the identification of better and worse policies.

    5. Repealing laws that wiped out the old mutual-insurance systems (basically HMOs run by the patients instead of by corporations) and empowered insurance companies at the expense of patients.

    6. Repealing laws that suppress innovation and distribution in the pharmaceutical industry in the name of “intellectual property.”

    Until the unlikely day when the Republican Party embraces this program, let’s hear no more of their favouring a free-market approach to health care.

  34. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    Car Pool From S.D./O.C. and Tail Gate Party to see Ron Paul in LA–this Saturday

    Greetings Paulistas,

    For those who need a ride to the California Republican Convention at the JW Marriot on Saturday or just want to have a good time with many other Paulistas, RSVP by replying to this email with you name and phone number.

    We are coordinating with our friends in San Diego as they are driving up the 5 Freeway to meet us in Fullerton to meet us for a tail gate party. We’ll caravan to downtown LA just in time to meet give Ron Paul a Hero’s Welcome!!

    The time will be 615 to 630am (We seek to arrive at the Convention well before 8am)

    All Inland Empire, San Diego and OC Travelers, exit Magnolia drive on Magnolia to Orangethorpe, then turn left.

    Fullerton Park & Ride, Corner of W. Orangethorpe Ave. and Magnolia (where the 5 and the 91 Freeways meet) — map

    All participants who carpool, please consider chipping in for gas. Contact Freedom Frank at:


    Freedom Frank swung us a sweet deal on parking…Get there early to get your spot and help with literature distribution and greeting the convention goers with a Ron Paul smile!

    Here are the instructions for parking –first come first serve—starting at 7am the lot attendant will give Ron Paul supporters a $5 rate up until 2pm (after that they will charge additional by the hour). Ron Paul supporters must show a Ron Paul sign, sticker etc to get the discount. The address is 927 Francisco St (near the Salvation Army building).

    This lot will hold 150 cars. It is important to note that rates will be in the $ 10 to $25 range else ware around the hotel. WE GET THE LOT BETWEEN 7AM AND 2PM

    Directions: Driving west on Olympic turn right in Francisco St. about 1000 yards the lot will be on the left.


    HAVE YOU….?
    • Forwarded this email to all your California Ron Paul or freedom minded friends?
    • Talked to your friends, family and associates about the rare chance to hear a great statesman speak?
    • Made sure you and all your friends are properly registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Straw Poll?

    FREE $100 Straw Poll tickets are still available but GOING FAST!
    Email Robert Vaughn at

    Get complete, up to date information and answers to all your questions at the new Ron Paul Los Angeles web site:

    If you want to help spread the Freedom Message and win votes for Ron Paul, you should join the new RON PAUL LOS ANGELES web site. It has all the tools we need to really get active and organized. It will serve as a central place for Meetup and Facebook and other Ron Paul and Liberty groups to plan and disseminate ideas and information. And if you already have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, you can join the site using that existing login in just a few clicks!

    Join right away and let’s get it started in Los Angeles for Ron Paul:

  35. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    editorial | AMC tax-break deal is more fiscal folly: Batch Data Processor [Kansas City Metro area]

    Even in the often bizarro world of corporate welfare, the new deal involving AMC Entertainment stands out as a financially irresponsible use of taxpayer funds.

    The private business will get a reported $47 million in public incentives to leave its corporate headquarters in downtown Kansas City [Missouri] and move to Leawood [Kansas, Johnson County] one of the area’s wealthiest suburbs, where the median family income is nearly $150,000 a year.

    Kansas taxpayers will help AMC move its 400 employees a few miles to a brand new building, leaving behind empty office space in the heart of Kansas City.

    In the frenetic battle for jobs in the metro area, the AMC deal shines a spotlight on just how poorly public officials and corporate leaders on both sides of the state line are serving taxpayers.

    Read more:

  36. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    [a] Gail Parker is a shaddowy character whom is NOT a member of the Green Party of Virginia.

    [b] Jordan, why not Egypt, Syria, Yemmen, Saudi ………… Oh, your take on the USS Liberty’s dead and dying and the unarmed innocents [all in international waters] of late ???????????

    [c] In an interview after the debate with Fox News, Bachmann said that an unnamed mother told her that her daughter had suffered “mental retardation” as a result of taking the vaccine, a claim that scientific evidence does not support.

    Bachmann’s statement has sparked outrage in the medical community, with two bioethics professors offering more than $10,000 for proof of the story.

    Although she repeated the anecdote for days after the debate, Bachmann said she has “no idea” about the truth of the story.

    Minnesota, where Bachmann served in the state senate from 2001-2007, requires all students to obtain inoculations for polio, hepatitis B, tetanus, rubella and diphtheria.

    And when the state’s child immunization program came in for minor revisions in the senate, Bachmann supported ………….

    [d] The three stoodges of the GOP: Perry, Paln and Backmann! And the best hope of Obama, My Yokohoma Momma!

  37. Rev. Alberto Medvedev

    I, the famed Reverend Alberto Medvedev, is giving strong consideration to running for POTUS with the Libertarian Party in 2012. My vast army of supporters has already pledged that they would support me 100%, and a recent article on stated that if I were to run I could become the Ross Perot of 2012.

    Would anyone be willing to become a state coordinator for my campaign? I am considering Bob Milnes or Wayne Root as my running mate.

  38. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) —

    “Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Monday she was not arguing that a vaccine intended to prevent cervical cancer caused mental retardation when she repeated the scientifically unfounded claim last week.”

    “The Minnesota congresswoman said she was relaying what a distraught woman told her after a GOP presidential debate in Florida in which Bachmann criticized rival Rick Perry for ordering the vaccine in Texas.”

    “All I was doing is relaying what a woman had said,” Bachmann told………”

    GOP three stooges: Perry, Palin and Backmann ………….

  39. Michael Cavlan RN

    Are any here following the protests outside Wall Street in New York? They are anarchist inspired.

    Thought some of you Libertarian types may be interested. Not the Wayne Root brand though.

  40. Jill Pyeatt

    I’d love some discussion of the New York protests. I’m trying to keep an eye on what’s going on, but is this a Libertarian issue? Are the protestors trying to force more regulation on Wall Street?

  41. paulie Post author

    Jill, if you feel like posting before me, see (also 3 other stories at GPW since the last one I cross-posted).

    Also check the various socialist party websites we have linked under parties in our links.

    Are the protestors trying to force more regulation on Wall Street?

    Many of them, but not all. Some of the protestors are anarchists.

    There could be libertarians marching against both regulations and bailouts, but I’m not sure whether there are.

    There’s many other possible libertarian angles to take on this, ‘tho I’m not sure if anyone has turned them into any form of protest like this.

  42. Jill Pyeatt

    I probably won’t have time to post until later tonight, although I’ll be happy to then. I’m just sneaking a peek at the computer on a break (dang this pesky working-for-a-living thing!)

  43. paulie Post author

    It’s still kicking, although there don’t seem to be a lot of new posts on the website anymore.

    You can look in the tags section in the sidebar at IPR to see BTP articles we have published (another one may come out today), or go to and see what’s new on their site – including candidates that have been nominated and seconded for the presidential nomination. Whether any of those candidates will have money or volunteers for ballot access has yet to be seen. Last time they got three states with some money from their presidential candidate. Two of those states were Tennessee and Florida, which Andy and I qualified on side trips while we did Alabama for Barr, Nader and Baldwin. John Wayne Smith also did some volunteer work for ballot access in Florida, and Dan Kilo in Colorado.

  44. Darryl W. Perry

    Is the Boston Tea Party still kicking or has it gone moribund? Any Presidential candidacies?

    Well, we’re still planning a Presidential Nominating Convention for December. I’m attempting to recruit some decent candidates. And, I intent to serve the remainder of my term as Chair and continue acting in that capacity.
    Not sure if that answers your question or not.

  45. paulie Post author


    I went ahead and posted the Rev. Billy article.

    Still making my way through IPR links, so if you get to look at the various socialist parties before I do (I would be surprised if one or more of them does not have something on this) and feel like posting it to IPR please do so…same for anyone else signed up at IPR.

    There’s a point about whether the protests are libertarian, but I’ll take it to the Rev. Billy thread

  46. Gary Johnson on TV

    For those of you interested in the hypothetical libertarian candidacy of Gary Johnson, he will be on television this Thursday. Fox News is sponsoring a Republican Presidential candidate debate, starting 9PM eastern. Johnson is one of the 9 Republican candidates who qualified.

    If you want to see the geniuses that the Republican Party has dredged up as its candidates, this is your chance.

    Apparently there was a back and forth where the Florida Republican Party said that Johnson was ineligible because he had not polled 1% in the last 5 polls, and Fox news said that the survey was the last five polls *in which he had been presented as an alternative*, and Johnson would appear.

  47. Kimberly Wilder

    Hello! I am following the Occupy Wall Street protests happening in NYC for these past 4 days.

    There is a live media stream, with streaming comments.

    Evidently, there are some Ron Paul folks, using the interaction to spread the message.

    One person is asking to take the Ron Paul preachers off.

    Glad he got a mention at least.

    Hope folks here are thinking about this protest against corporate greed.

    Live stream:

  48. ctomp

    Thanks Paulie and Darryl for the information on the BTP. I’ll take a look the articles and watch for the convention in December.

  49. history ----- on the current system .... Lake


    Peter Scheer to Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

    Sitting on Governor Brown’s desk right now is SB 914, a First Amendment Coalition-sponsored bill that would restrict warrantless police searches of citizens’ cellphones.

    I am writing to ask you to join us in urging the Governor to sign this important safeguard of personal privacy and free speech rights.

    You can read and sign the petition on the First Amendment Coalition’s website!

    Why is SB 914 needed?

    Imagine you are observing a demonstration and are swept up in a mass arrest of protesters. You could be a journalist, a blogger, or just an unlucky passerby.

    Under current law, police can seize your cell phone and, without any explanation or reason at all, search through all the megabytes of information stored there, no matter how confidential, sensitive or private.

  50. LNC Loses JudComm Appeal

    The Libertarian Party National Judicial Committee has responded to the request by the Oregon State Party for clarification of their ruling on Oregon.

    The Judicial Committee rules the LP of Oregon does have a leadership, headed by Wes Wagner, i.e., Mark Hinkle’s claim that LP Oregon has no leadership is totally wrong.

    The Judicial Committee reminded the LNC that it has no authority to intervene in a state party’s internal affairs.

    The Judicial Committee directed that so long as the Oregon State Party has not been disaffiliated, the LNC is required to supply the LP ORegon with datadumps and recognition as the official party affiliate in Oregon.

  51. Deran

    Anyone know if Paul or Johnson had a reply to the crowd who booed that soldier at the GOP debate last night? I realize this is not a third party/indie candaite question. But both of them have been talked abt being an LP presidential candidates.

  52. Good Question

    Good question, Deran.

    Gary Johnson spoke out against the jeering of the gay soldier shortly after the debate.

    “The booing that occurred last night at the event is not the Republican Party that I belong to,” he said during an appearance on MSNBC. “It happened. It’s a group of individuals that booed. I was chomping at the bit to be able to respond to that.”

    In retrospect, Johnson said that he really regretted not “putting his fist down and pounding it” as soon as the jeering occurred.

    As far as can be determined, Ron Paul has not yet commented on the booing.

  53. paulie Post author

    If I decide to do more posts this weekend, I may post something about the Republican debate.

    With Paul and Johnson both there, I think we are justified in writing something about it here as long as we don’t do it too often.

  54. Deran

    cool, thanks. yes, after I googled the issue I saw that Johnson regretted not doing something. I would say Johnson needs some serious stage practice, he’s going to have to come out swinging on liberty and privacy issues if he wants to stand out of the crowd, and if he does end up wanting to be the LP nominee for pres. I was disappointed that paul didn’t say something. But he does pretty much stick to his messages in public forums.

  55. AyatollahGondola

    Former AIP turned CP candidate Chelene Nightingale heads for a foxhole

    One time AIP candidate, and wannabe CP star Chelene Nightingale has beaten a hasty retreat from public view. Her latest communique being a resignation as faux Governor of the Republic For California, a fledgling group of believers in a most extremely pure interpretation of California constitutional law, and its’ interpretation. Nightingale issued a short statement of resignation from her hear honorary role as Governor of the quasi republic, saying it was best for her, her family, and the “republic”. Nightingale has also been scarce-to-absent the past few months, although that has gone largely unnoticed save for a very few close supporters. The Republic for California has not issued a statement in response to her resignation, nor do they seem to have a mechanism in place for succession.

  56. paulie Post author

    @ Lew Rockwell blog….

    Why Herman Cain Won
    Posted by Laurence Vance on September 25, 2011 07:51 AM

    Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll with more votes than Perry and Romney combined. Why? I can think of two reasons—and neither of them are that he is a warmonger, worked for the FED, supports the FairTax, supported Romney in 2008, supported TARP, and supports the Patriot Act.

    The first reason is face time. Cain was in the debate on Thursday night. Then he spoke on Friday afternoon at CPAC Florida. Then he was the featured speaker at the VIP Reagan Reception on Friday night. Then he stayed around for closing arguments on Saturday afternoon before the straw poll (only Cain, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul did this).

    The second reason is the mention of his cancer during the debate on Thursday night. People are a sucker for things like this. (Yes, I’m glad he recovered).

    Would Cain be a better black president than Obama? Probably. He is a warmonger, but not any more so than Obama. Although it would be interesting to see Cain and Obama battle it out for the black vote, I would much rather see Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

    Herman Cain Wants Even Bigger Government Than Obama Does
    Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo on September 25, 2011 07:30 AM

    Having attended the Florida Straw Poll event this weekend my belief that freedom will never return to America until both major political parties are destroyed was bolstered. Herman Cain won handily after laying out his basic philosophy in a fifteen-minute speech on Saturday. He wants to reform the tax code, he says, but IT WILL BE REVENUE NEUTRAL. That is a direct quote. This is D.C. Speak for “We will never cut taxes; tax revenues must never, ever, be reduced by any “tax reform.”

    On top of that, Cain insisted that, unlike others in D.C., he wants to INCREASE military spending even more than Obama has. So, he wants to guarantee that government spending will be even higher than it is now during the Obama regime. After saying all of this he was wildly cheered by the crowd of Florida Republicans, who then gave him more votes than Romney and Perry combined.

    Mark Cross of the Florida Campaign for liberty was Ron Paul’s surrogate for the end-of-conference, last-minute pitch. He came up with the best line of the entire event, explaining to the crowd that the media have chosen Perry and Romney as the only “acceptable” candidates because they represent the Al Gore and Ted Kennedy wings of the Republican Party, respectively. (Perry endorsed Al Gore when he ran for president, and Romney introduced socialized healthcare in Massachusetts).

  57. johnny cosmos

    Wait, all the reports I read said that Paul wasn’t in Florida, and that he had a surrogate speaker. Yet this LRC article says Paul was one of the few who stuck around. Which is it?

    I mean, I thought the poor FL showing was understandable and that Cain won because he was actually there, somewhat local, and really tried. I figured Paul was spending resources elsewhere that made more sense. If Paul was really there trying hard and finished behind Sen. Froth that is pretty sad.

  58. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    …….did our action as a member of the United Nations when that body established the nation of Israel determine us their perpetual bodyguard, determine our financial underwriting of their existence forever and determine our long term foreign policy in the region?….

    I believe the answer to all three of those questions is no, our politicians have done those things since 1948, more correctly, since 1960…..

    contrary to our position, we have no such national obligation to any nation on earth… is to our shame that elected officials who determine our dealings with Israel openly take campaign money that has to influence their decisions….

    …..Israel is not our 51st state and will never put our national interests above their own…. the stance we have taken as their unwavering support in the region is one with no positive outcome imaginable…..

    I think you and I would agree that we are not the worlds big brother and that we can’t be expected to financially support the existence of other nations forever….I don’t believe in exceptions there…why do you consider Israel different?…

    Posted by: solomon | September 24, 2011 at 10:33 PM

    Read more:

  59. paulie Post author

    More from Lew Rockwell blog:

    Posted by Laurence Vance on September 25, 2011 06:28 PM

    From a participant in the Florida Straw Poll:

    In order to vote in that thing, you had to pay a bribe of $175 to the war party of Florida. I did it but I feel like a sucker now because that money could have gone to the Ron Paul campaign but instead will be spent to fight Ron Paul. Disgusting War Mongers totally manipulated the situation from a lose/lose to a win/win for them. I’m sick to my stomach now that I see what they did.

    I am what you would call an infiltrator (— of the — County Republican Party) and they told me months ago that they were hoping the high price would “keep the Ron Paul crowd out.”

    Dean Cannon, speaker of the Florida House, wore a Rick Perry sticker on stage and told people that he was “Florida’s Candidate.”

    You hit the nail on the head about the cancer thing. I was sitting next to a lady that said that since he had beaten cancer he could beat Obama. I laughed so hard that the Sprite I was drinking shot out of my nose.

  60. Andy

    I just want to point out three things:

    1) is an opportunity none of us should neglect. Petitions only become visible after 150 signatures.

    2) Voting/election reform is an issue that can make a great deal of difference for the place of “third” parties in the U.S.

    3) There’s an effort to consolidate voting/election reform petitions here, for visibility:

  61. Kimberly Wilder

    This is unconfirmed, but a streaming comment at the Occupy Wall Street Global Live Stream site said that Ron Paul just endorsed Occupy Wall Street on CNN or CSpan. If someone can confirm and send link, please do.

  62. Paulie

    I just heard that too. He has apparently gotten engaged and has served 90 days notice that he will be moving back to Louisiana where he is originally from and finishing an engineering degree.

    I’ll give him a call to confirm this and post a story unless someone else gets to it first.

  63. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    and cray fishing …………

    [Tell me again why we are so up set with the Dems and GOP ?????????]

    we’re 228 steps closer to withstanding the latest misleading attacks from Karl Rove.

    That’s because 228 supporters stepped up to make contributions toward our 1,000-contribution goal.

    If we can get 772 more contributions on our public fundraising report for the third quarter, we’ll send a strong message to our opponents and Rove’s secretive donors trying to buy this election.

    Building momentum this year is our best chance to win next year — and to continue making progress on everything we’re fighting for.

    But we only have until Friday to reach our goal. [WE, OUR]

    Will you make a contribution of $5 or more today and help us reach our 1,000-contribution end-of-quarter goal by Friday?

    If we lose momentum, our opponents will have an opportunity to attack.

    And if we give them that opening, we may not be able to afford to play catch-up — not against Karl Rove’s anonymous group of right-wing billionaires.

    [oh, money grubbing, establishment thugs!]

  64. history ----- on the current system .... Lake


    It doesn’t cover every possible issue because we want to focus on those areas that are absolutely critical to our state’s and country’s future:
    Government Reform
    Economy and Jobs

    Read the draft policy agenda at

    [California Moderate Party ……….]

  65. George Phillies

    IT is now the end of September, and the LNC continues to defy its own Judicial Committee. LNC fudnraising for the year is about 10% behind plan, and changes may be ensuing.

  66. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    (Even tho Don Lake participated in this Gallup poll, no REference to Indies or other non Dems or non GOP)

    In a potentially bad sign for President Obama’s re-election chances, nearly half of Democrats say they are not exactly excited about voting in the upcoming 2012 elections.

    According to Gallup, the current disparity between Democrats and Republicans on election enthusiasm is the largest they’ve measured in more than a decade.

    It’s also massively different than just four years ago, when Democrats led Republicans by more than 40 percent at one point on the question of which party was more excited about voting.

    That’s not a great sign for Obama and other Democrats up for re-election next year, as voter enthusiasm is usually a reliable sign of which party will turn out at the polls and who won’t.

    Does Alaska have a new ‘Bridge to Nowhere?’

  67. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    Doctor Phillies:

    [a] Isn’t this just another example of how you are the dumbest PhD on the planet ?????

    [b] Isn’t this topic carried ‘ad infinitum’ on more than one ‘dedicated’ IPR thread ???????????

    [c] Isn’t this just another case of Libertarian Political Report / Libertarian Party Watch pushing mightily for counter productive ends ?????????

    [d] open threads for open threaders, not just more pushy, dishonest, obnoxious Libs

  68. George Phillies

    @119 It is now the end of September, and the LNC continues to defy its own Judicial Committee. LNC fundraising for the year is about 10% behind plan, and changes may be ensuing.

    Furthermore, the Oregon Secretary of State has now accepted the nomination of LPOregon of a candidate to run in the Oregon special Congressional election.

  69. paulie Post author


    Report breaking news tips or story ideas to

    CNN @ (404)-827-1500 (option 1).

    Sample script:

    “Hi there, I’ve heard that there are peaceful protesters occupying wall street, and they are being treated with unprovoked and unwarranted violence by the NYPD. I haven’t seen any coverage of this.”

    Contact NPR here:

    And here’s Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting’s media contact list:


  70. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    Freshman Rep. Allen West [GOP ?????], a Tea Party favorite, electrifies the conservative base with his impassioned arguments to cut federal spending.

    Just last week, the Florida Republican was lamenting on Fox News the Obama administration’s decision to spend billions on green energy, declaring, “We already have a question mark on some of these green energy programs,” and “That’s not the place where American taxpayer dollars should be.”

    But letters obtained by The Daily Beast show West has appealed to two different agencies in his first months in office for federal largesse for renewable energy and transportation projects in his home state of Florida.

  71. Alaska Constitution Party

    More Alaska Election Irregularities and a letter to Alaska Election Officials:

    Dear Director Fenumiai,

    While casting my absentee ballot recently in Soldotna, at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Clerk’s office, I could not

    help but notice that both the ballots and the voter registration forms being used were outdated, and did not list

    the Alaska Constitution Party. This is, of course, an extremely serious breach of law, as the Alaska

    Constitution Party has now been an officially recognized Political Group for nearly a year now. I had previously

    been assured by your office that you would instruct all election officials across Alaska to destroy the old forms

    and to begin using the new forms. Apparently this is not the case, or your directives have simply not been

    followed. This has now put the Alaska Constitution Party at a serious disadvantage that is now impossible to

    quantify. How many voter registrants have we lost due to this? How many elections offices across Alaska

    continue to use the old forms? As the Alaska Constitution Party has complied with all legal requirements, of

    both the U.S. Department of Justice and the State of Alaska, we expect ALL Alaska election officials to do the

    same. Our party status is directly contingent upon voter registration numbers. This newly discovered

    irregularity is very sad and represents a grievous damage to our efforts. We expect you to implement a

    corrective action plan to remedy this situation immediately! We also expect you to keep in communication with us

    regarding your actions as they are undertaken in a timely manner. I look forward to your prompt response. You

    may contact me via the following methods.

    Ever Vigilant,

    J.R. Myers
    Chairman Alaska Constitution Party

  72. Darryl W. Perry

    Voting for the Free Patriot Peace Prize is now open and will remain open through October 31, 2011.
    You may vote for as many nominees as you feel deserve to be recognized for their supporting the non-aggression principle “that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being for any reason whatever; nor advocate the initiation of force, or delegate it to anyone else.”
    Vote at

  73. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    ………. sender is DomainKeys verified”C. T. Weber”

    View contact details

    Donald R Lake,
    You and I don’t chat enough. We would both be lots better off if we did.

    I’ll begin by letting you in on this. By trying this out, you’ll fall in love with me.

    It really is that awesome. It needs hardly any time for you to get setup and the rest runs by itself.

    I actually watched something concerning this on last night’s news so I finally tried it alone and I couldn’t be more happy.

    You’re going to see what I mean.

    Keep it to yourself until you’re positive you have plenty of extra time to talk about it.

    You won’t imagine the amount of questions people ask rather than just giving it a go on their own.

    Lets hope you try this out.

    I’ve never witnessed anything like this before and the dough keeps on flowing. Tell me how good this works out for you!

  74. paulie Post author

    Yes, I know it’s October.

    October thread will get posted today if nothing goes wrong with web access or otherwise.

  75. George Phillies

    In other news, it’s another month, and the Libertarian National Committee continues to defy its own bylaws.

    Why would you trust people with your money if those people don’t follow their own rules?

    The LP of Oregon has nominated James Foster for being selected as the Candidate for the Wu Congressional vacancy. Foster was immediately endorsed by his opponent, Chuck Huntting, who promised his support.

  76. Kimberly Wilder

    IPR’s own D. Eris was quoted by the Guardian UK, in an article about the Brooklyn Bridge protest of Occupy Wall Street. Cool! I had just been e-mailing with D. Eris about his participation on Wall Street!

    Article –

    Quote –

    “They met the police line and ended up being arrested one by one,” said Damon Eris, another protester.

    One of D. Eris’s blogs, where he had written about Occupy Wall Street –

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