Rally for Green Party Candidate Bee Kevin Xiong draws 200 people

Press release sent to IPR:

200 Neighbors rally for City Council Candidate Bee Kevin Xiong

Neighborhood and Hmong leaders were joined by Green Party Candidates Johnny Howard, Jim Ivey and Devin Miller at a rally on Friday night in support of Ward 6 City Council candidate Bee Kevin Xiong. The rally started at Case and Arlington with a march to spread Bee’s message of putting people first and making the East Side a safer, healthier place for all residents.

Over 100 people marched with banners, flags and signs down Case from Arlington to Edgerton. The march was led by a drum corps – Flawless Drummers- whose energetic drumming brought people out of their houses to hear from Bee Kevin’s supporters and follow the march to the rally at Case and Edgerton.

At the rally over 200 people listened as neighborhood leaders from the African American and Hmong community spoke to the importance of new leadership in City Hall, and a healthier, safer East Side. “There are too many foreclosed, empty houses in our neighborhoods, and too little being done by the City” said Bee Kevin “It’s time to turn those empty houses into homes for families”. Johnny Howard, Ward 1 Candidate and organizer of the rally, added: “It’s time to work together across our communities to put people first! It’s time for new leadership in St. Paul, and Bee Kevin is the leader that can bring real change to the East Side.”

The Green Party of St. Paul’s slate of candidates is committed to bringing St. Paul’s communities together to get more people involved in local politics and bring more voices to the table to help solve St. Paul’s problems. Similar rallies are planned for Wards 1 and 2 in October.

More information about the GreenSaintPaul platform and the team of candidates is available at http://GreenSaintPaul.org

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