A3P responds to the State of the Union Address

Dr. Adrian Krieg, a paleoconservative author and historian wrote the response to Tuesday night’s State of the Union address for the American Third Position Party (A3P).

General Comments, to Mr. Axelrod’s: prepared speech: Great delivery, little substance, a great deal of misinformation.

“Where’s the beef?” is our first observation. We heard 65 minutes of spend, spend and spend some more and zero minutes of cuts in government spending. For over 100 years this government has operated outside the confines of our constitution and from all indications by Obama this is to be prolonged this year and into the foreseeable future of his presidency. One observation made by one of our members is that “Obama believes that we the people work for the government not the government for the people”. This is more than verified by the fact that under this administrations government employees are paid on average double the national income average. It was also clearly articulated that Americans are much too stupid to decide on their own what they need or want and that only government is able to make such monumentally complex decisions. Pandering to the DNC stepdaughter the NEA and AFT teachers unions was a repetitive theme. We did not hear about our national debt that is projected with last month’s furtherance to exceed $17 trillion by 2013. With all that spending we also heard tax and tax and spend and spend. An observation by another member of our board was that “you can’t raise yourself by the handle on a bucket while standing in it”, something this president most obviously does not understand. Paying our fair share was a repeated issue, the fact that the top 5% of American earners pay more in taxes that the entire middle class, and that the bottom 50% pay no taxes at all seems not to enter the convoluted Obama equation. The concept that more government spending of borrowed money will improve American middle class economic position is simply ludicrous.

Who is responsible for this situation we find ourselves in? According to the president, congress, Republicans, rich people, business, corporations, greedy Americans, in fact anyone and every one but Mr. President. The fact that Harry Reid and the Obama progressives have bottled up 30 bills from the House in the Senate for many months, addressing those very issues, which is the reality of the situation, was also omitted.

Frankly we find the president out of touch with economic reality and the Republicans not far behind. This speech verified that unlike Clinton’s speech some years ago, we are to enter the era of big and ever-expanding goverment. Indeed of his claimed 3 million new jobs, one million was government employees and two were immigrants. On taxes, we are to play some more with the existing code maybe adding a few thousand more pages to the 27 volumes instead of scrapping the entire mess and replacing it with a flat tax. This you see has nothing to do with the fairness he speaks of; it has a great deal to do with centralization of power in Washington. We will say that Mitch Daniels (R, IN) less than 15 minute speech was clearer better and more to the point. Obama demonstrated above all that he is a TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and Carter progressive, unable to see the deleterious effects those men had on our economy and social structure.

Specific Issues:

He did not address or even skirt about the fact that America is in dire difficulty. He did not speak of the 25 million Americans seeking employment or the 25% of young Americans that can’t find jobs, or the highest unemployment level since 1933. He quoted bogus administration unemployment statistics that don’t count 70% of those unemployed.

On taxes he said the rich don’t pay their fair share, well in reality the highest 1% of American earners pay 37% of Americas collected taxes. He offered no solution to our tax problems and did not address the issue except to indicate we needed to modify the existing code. This has been done for almost 100 years and accomplished nothing. He did not mention that 47 million Americans are on food Stamps, and that half of our citizens pay no taxes whatsoever. In his class warfare, a repetitive theme one can only conclude that we all get the shaft one way or another. If real American values were the actual issues we would have a flat tax and then all Americans would pay an equal share in support of our goverment. “We must increase federal and state taxes to fund schools; universities and colleges” academia must be supported for their unending support of everything progressive.

Regulations are to be expanded; he articulated that under his administration many odious rules and laws had been eliminated, the facts clearly contradict that assertion. Jan 2012 saw the enactment of 40,000 new laws and 14,700 new goverment federal regulations. If that’s a cut…well.

He said he had cut the deficit. Only using Disney World on the Potomac accounting practices is it possible to say that. The actual fact is that for 2011 and projected 2012 not one single dime has been cut from any expenditure.

He told us about GM; well you know Government Motors the company that he had signed over to the UAW in which the government is still the major stockholder and who has paid back less than 2% of the monies loaned through TARP. The government cannot sell the GM held shares they would lose billions. Chrysler that is now owned at least in part by Fiat of Italy, the UAW and you guessed it, the government. Just by the way, the touted sales increases are not year over year but month over month. A realistic comparison would be, what did the American auto industry sell in 1998 and then compare that with today. Sales are down!

Trade. He told us that South Koreans would soon be driving American cars due to the latest free trade agreement with s. Korea, Columbia and Panama. This assertion is far beyond ridiculous. NAFTA over ten years changed our American balance of trade from an annual $5.7 billion surplus to a $64 billion deficit, lost us 10,000,000 manufacturing jobs and over 4,000 manufacturing plants. Clinton by the way in 2003 asserted that Mexicans would be driving Chevies by 2005, We wonder how many GM is selling in Mexico?

On immigration we again heard the odious cry for Amnesty that the DNC has been pushing for decades, hoping against hope to entice all Hispanics into the DNC.

On Energy in which this administration has not shown any leadership at all save the off shoring of virtually everything, we were again informed that green energy was the way to go. Dr. Chu the head of the Department of Energy has wasted $ 6.7 billion on loans to companies that have failed. We were informed that there are ups and downs in this new sector and they would continue throwing American taxpayers monies at more failures. The Keystone pipeline never made it into Mr. Axelrod’s speech. The assertion that we have a larger supply of domestic oil is a lie; the reason the numbers have changed is because of the depression, which has reduced energy consumption across the board. Wind and solar energy, which accounts for less than 3% of the national supply is a loser without government subsidies. In fact that entire energy sector does not demonstrate one single green energy effort that is financially self-sustaining and that includes electric cars. Climate change by the way is just more Green rubbish. We were informed that the Navy is to fund some bird swatter technology so DOD money is now also to be diverted to this losing green proposition.

On infrastructure the long lost socialist memory of FDR’s New Deal, made a miraculous re-emergence with a new spending program based on assumed savings of troops returning home and dividing the savings ½ for infrastructure and ½ in debt reduction. More make believe!

The pie in the sky spending binge is to continue unabatedly. All underwater mortgages are to get a $3,000 cut in their annual mortgage payments the assumed payees will be the fools that actually are paying their mortgages.

Regulations especially in the petrochemical sector and banking will see dramatic increases. Yes we understand, EPA, FCC, FDA, and all the other regulatory agencies that have so stifled American free enterprise in the immediate past will mandate everything that will not make muster in congress or in legislation, or cannot be implemented through the judiciary.

We will again increase the time for unemployment insurance, which is already up to three years, and we will extend the payroll deduction tax reduction, and we will not fund this from any identifiable source.

We will increase taxes on the rich by requiring every rich person to pay at least 30% of his income regardless of origin in federal taxes. This will not even pay for the payroll tax deduction. Someone in DC needs to buy Mr. Axelrod a cheap calculator. “We will consolidate many federal agencies which will save lots of money”, surely just like Homeland security saved a lot of money.

Finally, in the Middle East we will love Israel, we will continue to give one of the highest per capital income nations foreign aid, we will continue to fund the IDF, we will give them anything they want anytime, and we will have joint military exercise with the nations that sponsors more spying operations against us than any other ten nations combined.

And we will finance all the aforementioned issues by borrowing more money from anyone who will loan it to us (not many left) and hock our children’s lives!

The A3P is a minor political party founded in 2010 that supports white nationalism.  It recently nominated independent film director Merlin Miller as its first presidential nominee.

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  1. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    An other take on Obama Day / via CURE:

    — Urban issues in the 21st Century.
    — The black church and state.
    — The true history of civil rights.
    — Conservative principles in the black community.
    — GOP outreach to black conservatives.

    Watch it now and give your opinion.

    Here are some comments from supporters like you who’ve already watched it:

    ” What a refreshing and enlivened discussion! Star, you did a wonderful job moderating.

    Thanks to everyone involved for forging ahead on real solutions.

    I learned about Frederick Douglass and why so many refer to themselves as adhering to his brand of conservatism, and I get it now.

    I learned that the vast majority agree morally and biblically, but don’t vote their conscience. May 2012 be the year where intelligent, compassionate black conservative leaders are heard. God bless you!” —- Cindy

  2. Steve

    I have to say I like their position on the beauty of white women, but I wouldn’t kick Halle Berry out of bed for not being a cracker.

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