A3P Ballot Access information

According to Alex Carmichael, the campaign manager for American Third Position Party (A3P) nominee Merlin Miller, the party is currently circulating a petition to appear on the ballot in Ohio, and plans to do the same in a dozen other states.

The A3P was founded in 2010 and supports white nationalism and third position politics. Its website was apparently hacked Tuesday by the group Anonymous.

Miller, an independent filmmaker, won the party’s presidential nomination last month. Virginia Abernethy is his running mate.

2 thoughts on “A3P Ballot Access information

  1. Richard Winger

    According to the California Secretary of State, only two voters in California had registered into American Third Position as of January 2, 2012. They are both in Tulare County. Because Los Angeles County seems not to have been able to keep track of registrants in new political bodies, however, there are probably really more than just two. One of the leaders of the party lives in Los Angeles County.

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