California AIP no Longer Affiliated with America’s Party: To Seek to Become a National Party

Recently I went to the California American Independent Party website because I was curious about the name change of America’s Independent Party to America’s Party, and I wanted to see if I could find any statement about it there. To my surprise I could find no mention of America’s Party or America’s Independent Party at all, so I sent an e-mail to Tom Hoefling asking if CA AIP was still affiliated with A’sP. He referred me to Mark Robinson of the CA AIP for comment. Below is the reply I got from Mr. Robinson which contains two revelations that might be of interest to IPR readers. First, the CA AIP is no longer affiliated with A’sP. Second, the AIP intends to establish itself as a national party.

The American Independent Party is still listed with the Secretary of State as affiliated with America ’s Independent Party of Michigan. There is no disaffiliation procedure set up in the California Elections Code. That code however presumes the existence of a national party with which we are affiliated. The Executive Committee of the American Independent Party of which I am Chairman recently gave me the go-ahead to formulate a National Party Plan which we expect to implement well before our Convention in early June. The AIP must choose its national party affiliation at its biennial convention and organizing meeting and so inform the Secretary of State. We expect at this moment that we will be informing her of our affiliation with a revived national American Independent Party.

America’s Independent Party now renamed America ’s Party and the American Independent Party have made an amicable parting of the ways organizationally and remain close political allies.

The reasons for parting are different for each party. For America ’s Party the reason is political and you will have to ask them about it. For the American Independent Party of California the political differences were not sufficient to impel it to a separation. However the organizational reasons were. The American Independent Party of California found a lack of expected progress by America ’s Independent Party towards good organization and funding at the national level and similarly the failure to stand up true state affiliate peers to the American Independent Party of California. We were 85% of the Constitution Party’s voter registration when we left it and 99% of the America ’s Independent Party’s voter registration when we left it. Any party we leave becomes instantly the fastest shrinking party in the US and similarly the one we join becomes the fastest growing 3rd party in the US .

The National Party Plan has many components, but rest assured that among its goals are 50 well-organized, well-funded state affiliates with substantial voter registration. We are aware of course that 2/5ths of the States lack partisan registration. Since we intend to adopt a Standing Caucus form of organization in each State, the real measure of our success will be the number of consistent participants in such caucuses. In such a measure, our goal is to exceed the size of the official party organizations of the two major parties combined. We expect political success along the way with electoral success in electing candidates to office to follow close on the heels of that political success.

16 thoughts on “California AIP no Longer Affiliated with America’s Party: To Seek to Become a National Party

  1. Trent Hill

    Im wondering what makes them think they can accomplish this. Their state-level party seems to consist of, at most, two or three dozen active people.

    It seems like it’d make way more sense to combined with the Constitution Party, call the past the past, take in those 2-3 dozen activists associated with the CP, and affiliate with the national CP–which gives you the chance to be associated with a party that actually does bring in new members to the state party and offers a chance at media and votes through Virgil Goode’s presidential campaign.

  2. Sam Adams

    Good question Trent. But considering the source, aren’t you a bit biased in asking it and suggesting the answer?

    Why not combine with any other party besides the CP?

    The CP isn’t well organized in many states yet. And adding California back in only gets that one. It must be tough to be relegated to way back in the pack again, but really, the AIP existed long before the CP did and probably will outlast it.

  3. Timothy Yung

    The best move would be to rejoin the CP but the problem is that what united Markham Robinson and Tom Hoefling was their angry towards the CP. Both the AIP leaders and AP leaders have said contradictory statements. One guy called the CP anti-Mormon because Chuck Baldwin voted to dissafliate Nevada, another AP guy called the CP pro-choice for not kicking out Nevada. One guy praised Tom Tancredo, another guy said he was a political whore. One guy criticized Michael Peroutka as a sign of the anti-Mormonism of the CP, another guy criticized the CP for freezing him out. The point is that the American’s Independence Party was never unified except for their hatred for the CP.

  4. Timothy Yung

    I am trying to remember who said what but you guys can go through the comments section.

  5. Precede with Caution, via Lake

    CP, a decade plus of ‘yuck’ …………..

    [National] Conservative Party and [the unaffiliated] New York State Conservative Party are possibilities. Preliminary dancing and flirting has been done on the edge of the sock hop. No news of note.

    Cc: “Mark Seidenberg”
    Tuesday, March 13, 2012:

    I have less than 30 min. access to the internet. I also can not figure out these formats.
    Therefore, would one of you place my recommendation in the correct places.

    First, for United States Senate, I recomend we endorse Robert Lauten.

    He is from Brea
    California and has been in the AIP until December, 2010. He has been to many State
    Conventions and State Central Committee meeting over the years.

    For H of R to the CD 39th I recommend Ed Royce.

    For H of R to the CD 45 I recommend John Webb

    For H of R to the CD 48 I recommend Dana Rohrabacker

    For H of R to the CD 49, I know that Darrell Issa is very bad. Therefore, we need to look
    at either Jerry Telaman or Dick Elder. Let’s get some input here as to who we should
    pick over Issa.

    We also need someone to opposs in AD 68 Donald P. Wagner. He does not like AIP
    at all. He is currently my assemblyman in the 70th district. I will be in the 73rd district
    this year.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, AIP

  6. Trent Hill

    “The CP isn’t well organized in many states yet. And adding California back in only gets that one. It must be tough to be relegated to way back in the pack again, but really, the AIP existed long before the CP did and probably will outlast it.”

    The CP is well organized in a bigger number of states than any major third party outside of the Greens or LP. Simple as that. The AIP’s policy prescription almost identically matches the CPs. The only thing standing in the way is personality conflicts and history.

    As for the AIP existing long before the CP–yes, it did. And the surviving members of the party who were around when it was founded, all want it to join the CP.

  7. Cody Quirk

    Even though the hatchet is getting buried, the past drama between the CP and the AIP is still to permanent for them to reaffiliate with the CP.
    But I presume that Hoefling dropped the ball for them and so they’re looking elsewhere.

    I’m already on better speaking terms with Seidenberg and Robinson, and at least they have expressed a willingness to cooperate with the Nevada IAP in the near future.

  8. Mark Seidenberg

    The AIP did endorse, Robert Lauten for United
    States Senate. We also endorsed Ed Royce, John
    Webb, and Dana Rohrabacher for House of Representatives. I am sorry I made a misspelling of the last name in the above e-mail
    for the Hon. Dana Rohrabacher.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California.

  9. Mark Seidenberg

    Steve Wilson,

    Don Grundmann has not been on the State Central Committee or the National Committee of
    the American Independent Party, since September 2, 2008.

    According to the website of the Constitution Party he is the contact for the Constitution Party
    in California.

    The last convention that Dr. Don Grundmann was a delegate took place in Downtown Community of Sacramento County on July 5,

    He was removed in 2008 (early) as an Area Director of the AIP, by then state chairman, Edward Noonan (which cover his home county
    of Alameda).

    I am informed by Alameda County AIP Central
    Committee Chairman, Patrick Colglazier,
    that Dr. Don Grundmann is neither a member or
    alternate of that county central committee.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  10. Timothy Yung

    Let’s say that Virgil Goode wins the AIP primary and the majority of members at the convention want him on the ballot, would you honor their wishes.

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