Laurie Roth Weighing Whether to Continue Presidential Run

Having lost the Constitution Party nomination for President on the first ballot, securing only a handful of votes, Laurie Roth is still giving thought to continuing her campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

She said she felt called by God to run, and she sought the nomination partly because it’s difficult for an independent to meet different laws in the 50 states to make the ballot. She thought the Constitution Party was a good fit for her views on fiscal accountability, a new tax system to replace the federal income and all other taxes, and strong support of the military.

Now she’s contemplating a return to her original idea of an independent campaign. By mid-June, she’ll know whether she can gather enough support from tea party organizations and other patriot groups around the country to help gather signatures.

“If you think outside the box, there are ways to explore ballot access,” she said.

Roth received 1 delegate vote from Maryland and 5 from Michigan, reportedly receiving the support from two delegates.

14 thoughts on “Laurie Roth Weighing Whether to Continue Presidential Run

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    I don’t see why she doesn’t join the CP, learn the ropes, and then make a run in 2016. She could at least become a leader within the party within a year thanks to her radio show.

  2. RedPhillips

    To wit:

    “She thought the Constitution Party was a good fit for her views on fiscal accountability, a new tax system to replace the federal income and all other taxes, and strong support of the military.”

  3. Peter Gemma

    I think I posted elsewhere that her presence at the CP podium was dreadful. She needs a whole lot of coaching, and some practice runs for office in her neck of the woods to be ready for prime time.

  4. Jeff Becker

    That, and her comments about wanting to turn Mecca into a sheet of glass were not appreciated by many of the convention delegates.

  5. Trent Hill

    Jeff–I read that too.

    As Peter and Red said–she appears not to understand what the CP is really about. Much of her talks made delegates cringe, from what I heard. It’s hard to come to a third party as a Radio Talk Show host whose show appears on 40+ radio affiliates 5 nights a week and still be completely ignored and dismissed.

    But, if she tuned out the interventionism a bit, or even if she just downplayed it, she could be a force within the CP capable of raising money, bringing in voters and activists, etc.

  6. Krzysztof

    She’s a foaming at the mouth interventionist, just like all the other neocons. She should stay as far from the CP as possible.

  7. Peter Gemma

    She was clueless – after predicting that she would not only win the CP nod, she told us she had a “vision” of what her margin of victory was going to be in November: three percent. I think she misunderstood the Lord: she got about three percent of the delegate vote at the CP convention. Someone should double check to see if indeed she broadcasts on 40 stations – me thinks she is broadcasting over the internet and probably has 40 computers tuned in to her broadcasts.

  8. LISTEN anytime 24/7 to the T-Rex of Talk Radio

    Severe head trauma is no laughing matter. It can lead to ideas that aren’t anywhere within the relm of reality.

    When a person talks to God it is called prayer. When God speaks back it is skitszoidsville………….

    Some of you may remember a faction of Paul followers in ’08 got one of the many Republican NH primary candidates to sign the papers to call for a recount of that primary (seems some thought Paul had been cheated!). Anyway this guy who signed thought he had been cheated also. On closer look (at his website) it seems GOD had told him to run and that he would win in 2008. This guy hadn’t had a head-on motocycle accident either.

    Buyer always BEWARE !!! The CP might be better off to let this lady slide into the shadows again ! Who knows, the CP might be on the verge of a major breakthough. Don’t think this lady will be the reason.

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