Gigi Bowman’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

*I do not have the resume to fill up two pages. But sometimes you need
something fresh and new 🙂

I would like to be considered for LNC replacement of Wayne Allyn Root.

As At-Large LNC I would commit to attending meetings at my own expense
which I have read is a qualification for this position.

I have been the Suffolk County, New York Chair of the LP and the Suffolk
County Vice Chair. I am presently the Suffolk County Treasurer. I have
been a New York State Delegate and attended the 2012 National LP

I am a Real Estate agent with Realty Executives in New York but I also sit
on the Board as President of the Central Nassau County Long Island Board of
Realtors. I am also on the NY Legislative Committee for the Long Island
Board of Realtors.

I have national notoriety as the President of LibertyCandidates
I presently have a book on titled “How to Run for Office on a
Liberty Platform”.

I run have run events that have included members of the Libertarian Party:
LibertyFest NYC 1, 2 and 3 coming up on October 13th which will include
speeches by Carla Howell and Judge Gray.

I would love to be considered for this appointment because the Libertarian
Party is the party I choose to be associated with as I am 100% on board
with the platform.

I run have run events that have included members of the Libertarian Party:
LibertyFest NYC 1, 2 and 3 coming up on October 13th which will include
speeches by Carla Howell and Judge Gray.

I would love to be considered for this appointment because the Libertarian
Party is the party I choose to be associated with as I am 100% on board
with the platform.

I am also willing to help the party in any way possible through articles or
speeches I might be asked to do on behalf of the party.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Gigi Bowman
8 Bass Court
Huntington, NY 11743

*Because of the resignation of Wayne Allyn Root, there is now an opening for an At-Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. The candidates for the position have been asked to write a 2-page letter of why they would like to be on the LNC. They will be voted on at the next meeting, this November in Washington DC. IPR would like to feature the letters ahead of the meeting. This way, our readers can get to know about the choices and can take an opportunity to contact their Regional Reps and the Executive Committee of the candidate they’d like to see elected.

18 thoughts on “Gigi Bowman’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I hope the new candidates, Gigi and Larry, are seriously considered. They each have quite a bit to offer the national party.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Gigi, how would you feel about the LNC keeping their votes for the replacement rep secret?

  3. Mark Axinn

    Gigi is a terrific person and a devoted worker for liberty.

    She gives her heart and soul to every project she takes on. As I have said many times before, I admire those who actually do something productive for liberty rather than those who merely criticize others (I starting to feel like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”!).

    Therefore, I hope she is a part of our team for many, many years to come.

    BTW, if you’re planning to be in New York on October 13, check out Liberty Fest which Gigi put together.

  4. Realistic Libertarian

    Oh HELL NO! As a libertarian who lives in the real world, I’d rather not have a whacko conspiracy theorist represent me, thanks.

  5. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    RL @ 6: “whacko conspiracy theorist”

    Wow, do you mean Gigi actually believes the government’s official conspiracy theory? I didn’t know anyone believed that anymore.

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  7. paulie

    Letter from Ken Moellman sent to LNC:

    To the members of the LNC:

    As a fellow liberty activist, an almost-15-year member of the Libertarian Party, a leader in a state affiliate, and an architect of the rebirth of Kentucky’s LP, we all have the same goals. Our goal is to grow liberty in America; a liberty that protects all people from a tyrannical state that, with each passing day, attempts to take, and all-too-often succeeds at taking, control of some other part of our lives, and to return the liberties lost in the past to the aforementioned state.

    At times, the various factions of the Liberty movement have different approaches. At times, these approaches even seem to conflict with one another. Those of us who have been involved in the Libertarian Party for any length of time have seen the unfortunate internal conflicts within the LNC. Anyone involved in the liberty movement for any amount of time have seen the even more unfortunate external conflicts between liberty groups, that serve only to divide our movement.

    But there’s also hope. Moments in history, upon which we can seize, come in many forms. Sometimes it’s cyclical; sometimes not. Today, it’s a little of both.

    The Democrats have hooked their wagons to Obama, who has broken every promise made in 2008 on issues with which we’d agree with him. I have finally started to have some hope; I am finally starting to see that the “regular” anti-war Democrats have just about had it.

    The Republicans are in even worse shape, changing their party bylaws and robbing Ron Paul of duly-earned delegates and a floor nomination. They have sent a clear signal that Ron Paulers (and for that matter, Tea Partiers) need not apply. They even appear to be gearing up for a new purge, a la 1969.

    The stupidity of the other parties, as you all surely know, provide us with the best opportunities for ours. These opportunities are not ones we can create. We aren’t big enough to create these moment in history, but we must be smart enough to take advantage of them. It is important, now more than ever, to come together as a movement. We must reach out to those who have been disaffected. I have never seen this much interest in the LP — not in Kentucky, anyway — and it would be foolish to let this opportunity go.

    And that opportunity is why I write to you to encourage you to select Gigi Bowman to fill the vacancy in the position of At-Large on the LNC.

    Gigi has worked on non-partisan liberty projects. I personally connected with Gigi through her work on, and promotion of, LibertyCandidates; an organization that promotes candidates who believe in liberty, regardless of party. Her work in that regard helps bring people together, across the country, to promote liberty.

    Gigi Bowman has, in good faith, worked to try to promote liberty within the GOP. She has found, as we in the LP have learned previously, that the supposed avenue to liberty through the GOP is a dead-end. But through that work, Gigi Bowman is also very well known in the Ron Paul circles.

    The general purpose of an At-Large Representative is to represent a segment of the party that is not already represented on a committee; to give voice to the disaffected, under-represented, or unrepresented. Those who have a bit of a lean to the paleo-conservative would be able to work with Gigi; she’s proven that already.

    Meanwhile, based on my conversations with Gigi over the past year-and-a-half, Gigi is much more libertarian than paleo-conservative, so she can help continue to educate the paleo-cons and move them toward the true libertarian position on most issues. (And I know that this method works; I have used it myself on a number of people).

    The addition of Gigi Bowman to the LNC would have both short-term and long-term benefits. In the short-term, it would help bring more Ron Paul supporters to Gary Johnson, for this year’s election. In the long-term, it would send a signal that the LNC is reaching out those those beyond the 2% of the hardcore Libertarians. It would help the LNC help properly represent the entire liberty movement, by reaching out to an angry base of libertarians and paleo-conservatives who need a home in the wake of Ron Paul.

    I do not endorse Gigi Bowman because the other candidates are bad people. I am sure they are all qualified to represent the Liberty movement in their way. I endorse Gigi Bownman because, to my knowledge, no other candidate for LNC At-Large has a higher profile in the Liberty movement than Gigi Bowman. None have engaged in more grassroots communication within the Liberty movement, than Gigi has done. And none would be as beneficial to the Libertarian Party than Gigi Bowman.

    Gigi is a tireless freedom-fighter and I hope that you select her for the next LNC At-Large Representative.

    Thank you,
    Ken Moellman
    4th District Chairman, Libertarian Party of Kentucky; 2006-2007, 2011-present
    Libertarian Candidate for Kentucky State Treasurer; 2011
    Chairman, Libertarian Party of Kentucky; 2007 – 2011
    Campaign Manager, Brian Houillion for Congress; 2006
    (859) OK-BE-LPK

  8. Sally Oh

    I am writing on behalf of Gigi Bowman and her request to replace Wayne Allyn Root at the LNC.

    As Gigi’s partner for the last 3 years at, I can vouch for her unwavering commitment to liberty and liberty candidates. She does not give up EVER. She is determined, smart, witty, unafraid to speak out and steadfast in her belief in liberty principles.

    In her letter to you, she stated that she is “willing to help the party in any way possible through articles or speeches on behalf of the party.” You can take that to the bank. Gigi does what she says she will do. Period.

    If you have any questions or concerns about Gigi, please don’t hesitate to call me anytime. You simply could not have a better person in the position.

    Sally Oh
    Lexington, KY
    85 nine-94O-fourteen sixty-nine

  9. Ivor Pritchard

    GiGi backed a Republican for the NYLP nomination for Governor over Kristin Davis a real Libertarian. Too bad the NYLP fell just short of the 50,ooo votes needed for ballot status.

    This is what happens when the NYLP refuses open competition for their nomination , refuses to make delegate lists and convention rules available to all candidates and is run more like the Nazi Party.

    Bowman backed these fascist tactics. She can and will be punished. Bowman thinks the LP is her little sandbox. She has never elected anyone to anything. Can’t raise $5 . The so-called Ron Paul festival was incredibly disorganized and most of the money stolen. No way.

    Can u say CUNT ????

  10. paulie

    GiGi backed a Republican for the NYLP nomination for Governor over Kristin Davis a real Libertarian.

    Redlich is a Ron Paul Republican/Libertarian. Davis is mostly libertarian, but opposes property rights for Muslims in downtown Manhattan. Redlich is more libertarian on that issue. Other than that, they both largely support social and economic freedom, but Redlich emphasizes the economic side more.

    Too bad the NYLP fell just short of the 50,ooo votes needed for ballot status.

    Thanks to Republican dirty tricks, although NYLP never came anywhere close to 50,000 before. The Republicans were mad that the LP ran a candidate that drew more votes away from Republicans on economic issues rather than one who would draw more votes from Cuomo on social issues, although the blowout that the Cuomo-Paladino race ended up being – it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

    Davis, of course, was on the ballot and didn’t get anywhere close to 50,000.

    most of the money stolen.

    Evidence for this claim?

  11. paulie

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  13. Starchild

    I’ve mentioned my preference before elsewhere, but having just spotted this thread here, wanted to let IPR readers know for the record that I am supporting Paulie Frankel for the vacant LNC at-large seat.

    I know Paulie fairly well as my long-distance Libertarian Party acquaintances go. As fellow members of the Grassroots Libertarians and Radical caucuses, we not only hold similar views on what I believe are many of the most important issues facing our party, but he is very knowledgeable and a tireless worker and communicator for freedom who has been a definite asset to the LNC in his capacity as regional alternate.

    From a more practical standpoint, his region has a good track record of selecting good, solidly libertarian representatives to the LNC, so if Paulie were elevated to a full at-large seat, I believe he would be likely to have a good replacement.

    Sadly, I have much less confidence that my LNC colleagues as a body will see the matter as I do or make what I believe to be the wisest choice. But I will always vote my conscience regardless of what I expect the outcome to be.

    If Paulie were not running I would likely support Jim Duensing, also a good radical libertarian who has the revolutionary activist spirit we need more of, and Gary E. Johnson also seems worthy of consideration, although I’d probably need to make further inquiries as some of the candidates I know very little about. But I would be quite surprised to discover that any of them possess the qualities and advantages (from my p.o.v.) that Paulie brings to the table, and so am comfortable in my admittedly somewhat less than fully informed choice, which I blame in part on having been involuntarily offline for a few weeks recently and having a lot of email and such to catch up with.

    Regardless, I am sure that any of the candidates would be an improvement over the recently departed Wayne Allyn Root.

    To Gigi and everyone else who has put their name forward to serve on the LNC, I thank each of you for your willingness to serve in this demanding volunteer capacity and your dedication to the Libertarian Party and the cause of freedom for which it stands. I believe there may be one or two of you who contacted LNC members en masse to whom I have not responded personally, and if I neglected to do so, please accept my apology.

    As always, I welcome correspondence or phone calls from anyone with concerns/ideas/complaints/feedback, etc., on this or any other Libertarian Party matter, and do endeavor to respond to all such contacts.

    Love & Liberty,

    ((( starchild )))
    At-Large Representative,
    Libertarian National Committee
    (415) 625-FREE

    P.S. – The LNC, sadly, is not mandated to hold open votes in elections such as this, although it should be. I hope the election will be held openly, and that whoever is elected will join Paulie, myself, and the others on the LNC who are fighting for greater transparency in our leadership, as I will certainly attempt to do this weekend if there is an attempt to conceal how representatives vote on this important choice.

  14. Andy

    “Governor over Kristin Davis a real Libertarian.”

    I seem to recall that Kristin Davis’ view on that Muslim Community Center (which was falsely labled a Mosque) a few blocks away from Ground Zero was not very libertarian.

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