Questions for Gary Johnson Campaign Manager Ron Nielson?

Joe Buchman and I will be interviewing Ron Nielson about Gary Johnson campaign strategy for an IPR article in a few hours.

If anyone has some specific questions for Mr. Nielson please ask them here.

Depending on his schedule, there may be a followup interview in a few days.

See also comments in this prior thread.

12 thoughts on “Questions for Gary Johnson Campaign Manager Ron Nielson?

  1. Trent Hill

    I want to know where radio/tv ads have been run and how much they’re planning to invest in this in the near future. What states have been targeted? (i.e., battleground states or safe states?)

  2. Marc Allan Feldman

    As the campaign ends, how can the national Libertarian Party best integrate, support and build on the Johnson 2012 campaign organization to maintain the momentum for the future of the LP?

  3. LP Observer

    What LP state affiliates seem to have their act together the best and gave you the best support in dollars and manpower. Could these states be models for future POTUS campaigns. Grassroot support at local and state level is critical for success of national candidates.

  4. Joe Buchman

    Due to the IPR outage earlier today, this interview is now scheduled to occur today (Thursday October 25th) at 4pm Mountain time.

    So keep those questions coming. . .

  5. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    WHAT was your strategy ? (to maximize your vote totals)

    Do you wish now that you would have started the “college tour” in 2010 ? (with good preparations to invite All local media and regular local citizens to the events)

    Do you now understand that the major media is owned and controlled by the military industrial complex’ WAR MACHINE ? (or Do you feel you have been treated fairly by the major media in the US this election cycle?)

    HOW MUCH was you paid for your services ?

  6. Mark Axinn

    How can the campaign and the state affiliates work together more efficiently in the future?

  7. paulie Post author

    We had an initial interview, but there’s supposed to be another one next week, so keep the questions coming. I was asking questions so Joe was taking notes, we’ll have an article when we can put all that together.

  8. Kevin Knedler

    Would like to see Gary Johnson and others hit the lobby trail in Oklahoma and help adjust the attitude of the old guys in the two old parties from the 19th century in that state.

  9. Kevin Knedler

    Ready to start a new campaign after the 2012 election? for next 4 years it would be neat to have signs popping up everywhere that say ,
    “Who’s Gary Johnson”. That’s all that need be on the sign.

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