Your Questions for Ron Nielson Part II

Since this thread is no longer on the front page, and the comments there have meandered off topic, I’m putting the actual questions for Ron Nielson in this new thread.

For the next 5 hours please use the comments on this thread to only ask questions for Ron Nielson. After that, please feel free to use them to talk about whatever you want. Here’s what we have so far. Please add to them in the comments:

1. LP Observer

Would still like to know which states the GJ campaign expects to do better in. Plus, which specific states have more activism and organization in place that helps the GJ campaign.

2. George Phillies

When you laid out a budget at the start of the campaign, how much money did you plan to raise?

Why do your donation drop cards, on the back where people will not see them, say that the money is for the primary campaign rather than the general election campaign?

3. Reed E.

If Gary runs in 2016, would you be serving as Campaign Manager again?

4. Richard Winger

Ask Ron if Gary Johnson will start talking about Instant Runoff Voting. Any state is free to pass that for presidential elections, and Vermont did so 12 years ago, except the Governor vetoed it. That would end the “wasted-vote” problem.

5. Gary Johnson Needs You !

Do you know of anyone running GJ ads in their local areas on their own dimes ? (if so in what areas-city-state)

Would you be opposed to the LP nominating convention being held over Labor Day Weekend in 2015 ?

Did you and your staff understand the difficulties and unfairness placed on third Party ballot access when GJ changed Parties?

Paulie thank him for us !

6. Nick Egoroff

Why was the campaign not pushing [more] the fact that if we got 5% we would gain [$million$] for the LP?

7. Mark Axinn

In addition to the great new ad, what specific efforts are being made to get to the 5% threshold?

8. Tim Doran

Will the campaign consider increasing coordination with other parties (such as the Greens and/or Constitution party) to help combat ballot access laws and the CPD over the next few years? Occasionally we do, but often we seem to fight these battles in a vacuum, though we have the shared goals.

If there are any more questions that did not get asked in the first interview or its comment thread, or which I missed above in looking back over that thread, please ask them in this thread by 5 PM Mountain time (7 Eastern – 6 Central – 4 PM Pacific) today.

There’s supposed to be a third interview at about the same time on Thursday, but more questions for today would be welcome as well.

8 thoughts on “Your Questions for Ron Nielson Part II

  1. Fun K. Chicken

    @1 Can you phrase that so the answer doesn’t end up being a repeat of this from the first interview —–>

    Another reader asks: As the campaign ends, how can the national Libertarian Party best integrate, support and build on the Johnson 2012 campaign organization to maintain the momentum for the future of the LP? [A similar question: How can the campaign and the state affiliates work together more efficiently in the future?]

    RON: I hope everyone can find a way to continue to work together. We all need to work to build a Liberty movement and to increase membership in the Libertarian Party. I think every American needs to be engaged in the ideas that show how Liberty is what is best for all of us. So I believe all of us here with the campaign, Gary, Jim, many of our volunteers and staff plan to continue building momentum by speaking at rallies, on campuses, in the media as much as they will have us. We have Our American Initiative, a 501 C4, as one foundation for that.

    (Editor’s Note: See –

  2. paulie Post author

    Better now?

    BTW interview was help and we covered everything asked. We have Thursday at this same time scheduled, so since there hasn’t been much of a thread here yet feel free to keep using this one to come up with questions for me to ask.

  3. Eric Sundwall

    What was the real role of Roger Stone in the campaign and can you point to any good it did?

  4. Eric Sundwall

    Why would you entertain any role for Roger Stone after what he did to sabotage the LPNY 2010 campaign?

  5. paulie Post author


    I already asked Ron about Stone in the first interview and he does not want to go on the record about it, but he and others on the campaign have told me enough to assure me that there has been a falling out and that there is now no love lost between Nielson and Stone.

    I’ll ask again anyway, but I suspect the answer will be no comment.

    Nielson likes to give people a chance regardless of what other people say about them. In this case I believe he has learned his lesson, that people who warned him about Stone were correct.

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