Green Party’s Countdown to Earth Day Starts Today

From a Green Party US email blast:

Earth Day is only three weeks away and we can’t wait!

Use the hashtag #GPEarthDay to spread the word! Search #GPEarthDay on Facebook and Twitter to follow our outreach. Share our tweets, Facebook messages and graphics!

Our #GPEarthDay campaign is kicking off today! From now until April 22nd we will be highlighting some of the key ecological issues our candidates and state and local parties work to promote in city councils, state legislatures, and everywhere else.

To see every day of our #GPEarthDay campaign, follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Search #GPEarthDay on Facebook and Twitter! Share our tweets, Facebook messages and graphics!

Every day we’ll be posting a new issue that you can share with all your friends on social media. We need you to share our messages every day so hundreds or thousands of people in your social network learn about the Green Party’s work to protect the environment and promote ecological wisdom.

You and your friends are also invited to support our work with a contribution to the Green Party of the United States.

Check out our Twitter and Facebook messages every day for a unique link you can use to make a donation in support of the issues most important to you. For example, here is the first issue we are highlighting as we count down the days to Earth Day 2015:

You can show your support for our mission of banning fracking by making a contribution to

Your support will help us continue to build a national organization capable of supporting candidates who will bring our message of ecological wisdom to local and state legislatures, Congress and eventually the Presidency of the United States.

Thank you for your support!

Search #GPEarthDay on Facebook and Twitter! Share our tweets, Facebook messages and graphics!

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