Green Mountain Party Gains Minor Party Status in Vermont

Vermont Green Mountain Party

The Green Mountain Party has gained Minor Party status in the state of Vermont. The Green Mountain Party is a political group unique to Vermont and is not affiliated with any national political organization. The Green Mountain Party was initially founded in 2015 in the town of Waitsfield. By December of this year, the Green Mountain Party had managed to create the 10 recognized town party committees to be able to file for state minor party status.
The Green Mountain Party’s positions include support for placing term limits on elected officials, increasing restrictions on lobbying, placing high taxes on lobbying and out of state political donations, strengthening the state ethics commission, cutting the state budget, putting more state government services (such as education) under local and semi-private control, expanding group health insurance policies, increasing efforts to combat heroin/opioid problems, and ending local gas station monopolies.
The Green Mountain Party’s next major endeavor will be to seek to get the 30 town committee’s and 7 county committees needed to apply for major party status in the state.
With the addition of the Green Mountain Party the state of Vermont now has 6 state recognized political parties. With the Democratic, Republican, and Progressive Parties recognized as major parties, and the Libertarian, Liberty Union, and Green Mountain Parties recognized as minor parties.

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  1. Jonathan Makeley

    The main difference I can see is that the major parties get to nominate their candidates with a primary election, while minor parties nominate their candidates via committees.

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