Two Green Party Congressional Candidates Advance to General Election in California Primary

On June 5th, California held its Top-Two Primaries for the 2018 elections. In two of the congressional primaries, Green Party candidates managed to get second place in primary results, and thus advance to the general election ballot. These were Kenneth Mejia in the 34th congressional district, and Rodolfo Cortez Barragan in the 40th congressional district.
In the 34th congressional district, Democratic candidate Jimmy Gomez came in first place with 34,511 (79.4%) votes. Green candidate Kenneth Mejia came in second place with 5,275 (12.1%) votes, and Libertarian candidate Angela McArdle came in third place with 3,680 (8.5%) votes.
In the 40th district, Democratic candidate Lucille Roybal-Allard and Green candidate Rodolfo Cortez Barragan wee the only candidates on ballot, and since the California Top-Two system did not include write-in options, were effectively guaranteed to proceed to the general election. Roybal-Allard received 23,822 (80.4%) votes and Barragan received 5,817 (19.6%) votes.
Link for California Primary Results

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