Zoltan Istvan drops out of 2020 Libertarian Primary

Transhumanist Party Presidential candidate in 2016 and Libertarian California Gubernatorial Candidate in 2018, Zoltan Istvan was the second person to announce he was running for the Libertarian Party nomination in 2020.

However Istvan announced on January 11, that he was not running as a Libertarian in 2020. Stating on his website:

“While I believe in many liberty-minded ideas, the Libertarian Party is currently not for me, so a few months ago I left it, and I’m no longer a member. There are some very good people in the party, and I thank those who took time to listen to my ideas and supported my gubernatorial campaign. Because I’m getting asked quite a bit by press and supporters whether I was going to run for the Libertarian Party nomination for 2020 US President, I wanted to make this public statement stating I no longer belonged to the party and wasn’t planning on running in 2020 for the LP. Wishing everyone a successful 2019.”

Though Istvan made it unclear whether or he may run for the Transhumanist Party again or if he won’t run at all in 2020.

10 thoughts on “Zoltan Istvan drops out of 2020 Libertarian Primary

  1. Fernando Mercado Post author

    As someone who’s not a Libertarian, can someone explain to me the McAfee hate this time around.

    Is it the murder charges? Probably the murder charges.

  2. paulie

    Many starting points but 1. The campaign is mainly for the purpose of crypto pump and dump 2. Said he would go have sex with whales 3. Said he would eat his dick if BTC is not at $1 million/BTC by 2020 4. Said 95% of blacks in America live in ghettoes and get welfare and/or are career criminals or something like that.

  3. paulie

    LOL, yeah. It’s not about voting for him, just keeping his name in the news. Helps with the pump and dumps. It’s how he earns his living now. The McAfee software money is long gone.

  4. Carol Moore/Secession.net

    I know I’ve had it was divisive self-promoting egomaniacs in the party. So I hope McFee runs against Trump. And a few other annoying individuals run for lower office.

  5. Jim

    Whale fucking can’t be the issue. McAfee has been saying that for years, including during the 2016 campaign. But that Gringo documentary took some of the shine off.

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