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Constitution Party National Convention to Take Place in Cyberspace

As Ballot Access News reports, the Constitution Party yesterday changed its National Convention from a meatspace affair to a cyberspace event.  This comes as the coronavirus pandemic forces closures around the world, with local governments shuttering nonessential businesses and advising or ordering residents to remain home.

The party’s executive committee voted to hold the convention by video-conference May 1-2, rather than the planned venue of St. Louis, Missouri from April 29 to May 2.  Party bylaws were amended in 2008 to allow for a remote convention in the event of an emergency.

The price to be a delegate has decreased as result of the change.  Registration must be submitted by April 15.

Under the new format, the nomination is to go as follows:

  • On the motion of at least two state delegations, a candidate will be entered for the presidential nomination.
  • After nominating speeches and a debate, state delegations will deliberate in person or via video-conference (to the discretion of each state party) and vote.
  • Each vote is to be emailed to the national secretary as a backup.
  • Each state chair will then announce the results for his state.

As listed on a previous article, the party presently recognizes the candidacies of Don Blankenship, Daniel Cummings, Dr. Don Grundmann, Charles Kraut, and Samm Tittle.

In an earlier IPR interview, Dr. Grundmann expressed his opposition to any change of venue for the convention.

Blankenship is the early favorite to secure the nomination.  However, another name, perhaps 2016 presidential nominee Darrell Castle, may still enter the race.