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Daniel Imperato is Running for President in 2020

According to a press release from January, businessman Daniel Imperato is running for president in 2020 as an Independent. In the statement, Imperato attacks the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which prosecuted him in 2012 for allegedly conning investors out of millions of dollars. A page on, which sells a guide to the US Constitution from the Heritage Foundation as a campaign donation, is listed as the official campaign website.

“Imperato will speak out in 2020 about why the political system is so corrupted,” the release reads, “and how our leadership is abusing its power, obstructing justice, and denying our freedoms every day.”

According to Imperato’s LinkedIn profile:

Dr. Imperato is a worldly diplomat achiever and a well learned Global Businessman and Independent Political Constitutionalist.
A pro se litigator for humanity (amicus), expert world wide experience, Humanitarian.
A U.S. Presidential candidate 2008.
A Papal Knight.
Mr. Imperato knows and understands the world like the back of his hand.
He has training with a certain set of particular skills that separate him from most others.
A Master negotiator , investigator as a special agent advisor and doer.
He is fearless, no mission or challenge is to big.
Mr. Imperato is a Paraclete to society and humanities.
He has been taught by street smarts, luntzman, and strictest of organizations.
Mr. Imperato has spent time in Rome, in Vatican city office of archbishop of the military and vicar of Rome.
He has direct hands on experience and knowledge inside the Holy See and Italian politician and business affairs.
He worked in Israel and also has strong relation with the strategic studies of the Arab league.
Mr. Imperato relations ships in Asia pacific and India are at top notch, as well as Africa and most south America and Opus day ,with the apostolic world and the nuncio Apostolic

Imperato unsuccessfully sought the Libertarian, Green, Reform, and Constitution Party presidential nominations in 2008.  In 2010, he ran for governor of Florida as an Independent and received 0.26 percent in the general election.  During the campaigns he made outlandish claims about his background and business acumen.

In 2012, the SEC alleged Imperato created a shell corporation, Imperiali, which he portrayed as a profitable business to con investors out of approximately $2.5 million.  Presumably, Imperato and the SEC reached some sort of settlement since the case closed in 2013.  However, Imperato continues to disparage and sue the SEC.

“The Politicians and brethren of the court must be held accountable including
the branches of government representatives, the administrative laws agencies,” the release explains. “Imperato will speak out about his personal experience with denial of constitutional rights and judicial Tyranny.”

The goal of his campaign is “to protect and defend the constitution as the law of the land-based on biblical application decerned in the bill of rights, Magana Carta, and the US CONSTITUTION.”

He has not filed with the Federal Election Commission.


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 21, 2020

    Doesn’t sound like much has changed since 2008. To say he is “out there” is an understatement.

  2. Losty Losty April 21, 2020

    You knew he couldn’t stay away…

    Assuming he was still with us, and he is…

    The LP Needs him on the Zoom Convention! Someone put his name in nomination for the Debate, Please???

    Hilarity will Ensue!!!
    –As if Hilarity ever does anything else BUT Ensue…

    What else does Hilarity ever do?

  3. Losty Losty April 21, 2020

    OK, Apparently someone hated my idea…


    Apologies. , Trying Humor… Been that kind of… year.
    Hope all is well…

  4. paulie paulie April 21, 2020

    Zoom Convention

    The zoom meeting is to decide regarding convention options. It is not in itself a convention.

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