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Despite Previous Reports, Max Abramson Still Running for President

Based on a comment, presumably from New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson, on the March 21, 2020 article “Max Abramson No Longer a Libertarian Party Member, Not Running for President,” Abramson is still running for President of the United States; just not as a Libertarian.

He writes:

I never stated that I’d suspended my presidential campaign, and there is no link nor statement to contest. I am still in the running, but have left the Libertarian Party. It is certainly not the group that I joined in the 1990’s

Abramson was asked to clarify whether he was running for president as an independent or for the presidential nomination of another party.

Via email he responded:

I’m currently an independent legislator. I’ve been contacted by members of two different parties who are looking for a solid presidential candidate.

Abramson was asked what parties contacted him but he has not yet responded.