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2020 Alliance Party Presidential Nomination Convention

The livestream has now concluded.

The Alliance Party is currently holding its first presidential nomination convention live on YouTube.  It is considering nominating a ticket of businessman Rocky De La Fuente for President and historian Darcy Richardson for Vice President.  2014 independent U.S. Senate candidate and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman of Kansas is the keynote speaker. Former South Carolina Superintendent of Education Jim Rex is the national chairman.

Watch the event below, live on YouTube:

The Alliance Party was founded in 2018 with a merger of the American Moderates Party, the Modern Whig Party, the American Party of South Carolina.  It was later joined by the Independence Party of Minnesota, the American Alliance Party, and the Independent Party of Connecticut.

The party is based on four principles:

  1. Restore ethics, civility, and fairness in government
  2. End stagnation and corruption in government
  3. Take responsibility for the future of the United States
  4. Hold candidates and elected officials accountable

Its position on the issues is centrist with a mixture of left and right leaning views.  It champions a green economy, net neutrality, campaign finance reform, ranked choice voting, gun legislation, a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, strong borders, fair trade, national debt reduction, term limits, and a robust military.

According to Ballot Access News, the party has ballot access in South Carolina and possibly Connecticut.

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  1. Tim Cotton Tim Cotton May 24, 2020

    The full video is available on the AP YouTube Channel. BTW, The pair were elected as a slate.

  2. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | April 25, 2020

    The delegates voted 24 to 2 to nominate Rocky De La Fuente for president.

    I’m not sure about the vice presidential vote. I wasn’t able to watch that part live and the video is no longer available.

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