Reform Party: Call to Convention 2020

The Reform Party yesterday sent out the following message to those subscribed to its official newsletter:

The Reform Party of the United States of America has been called to an online convention on June 13th, at 12:30pm Central time. This convention will be for the purpose of approving a platform, amending our bylaws and nominating a presidential ticket for the 2020 Presidential election. All state secretaries should send a list of designated delegates to the credentials committee to be registered. Those that are not registered to vote or approved at the convention by the delegates registered to vote will not be seated.

This is an online meeting, all registered delegates will receive a key from the Secretary and credentials committee that will allow them to join the online meeting.

If you are not a member of an organized affiliate and would like to attend, please email me at to see if you can attend as a delegate from your state.

The National Committee has been called to meet prior to the convention, on June 13th, 2020 at 10am Central time to select select executive officers.

For more information about Reform Party national activities, visit our website or contact your state Reform Party.

Nicholas Hensley
Reform Party National Committee

17 thoughts on “Reform Party: Call to Convention 2020

  1. NewFederalist

    I believe Rocque de la Fuente and Darcy G. Richardson would like to be the nominees.

  2. Nik

    I wish Darcy R would resume his wonderful series of books on the history of alternative political parties, but I suspect he’s done with that…

  3. Jared

    NF: “I believe Rocque de la Fuente and Darcy G. Richardson would like to be the nominees.”

    Same as the Alliance Party? Maybe the Reform Party should consider joining/merging with the AP.

  4. William Saturn Post author

    If anything, the Alliance Party should join the Reform Party, not vice versa. The Reform Party has a much longer history and name recognition. Rocky is not the only candidate for their presidential nomination. NH Rep. Max Abramson is seeking the nomination. Prohibition Party nominee Phil Collins and former Libertarian presidential candidate Souraya Faas are both interested. We still haven’t heard if Joe Wendt, the former campaign representative for white supremacist Billy Roper, has withdrawn from the race.

  5. Jared


    My impression is that there’s more energy and optimism in the AP, small and young as it is. I could be wrong about that. The RP is well established, but it’s also stale and protectionist. The AP aims to be a radical centrist party, emphasizing balance and civility, not another populist party.

  6. Max Abramson

    I am trying to get online to participate in the Reform Party national convention to make the case for nominating me, but Nicholas Hensley will not send me the link. This smacks of rigged nomination process–no different from the DNC’s process for nominating candidates!

  7. paulie

    Is there a party that’s not hopelessly corrupt according to Max? You have left both the republicans and libertarians, and at least according to some people repeatedly. I think I’ve seen stuff about your interest in the reform, alliance and veterans party. I can see if no party suits you, but then why not just be honest enough to run without a party label?

  8. Max Abramson

    Update: The convention has been opened up, and they are allowing four different candidates to speak and debate. They sent out the links after the convention had started.

    Lesson learned: never jump to conclusions.

  9. paulie

    Richard says they are on the ballot in both Florida and Mississippi. Wendt says the Mississippi Party has nothing to do with the national party and don’t care who they nominate, thus they are effectively only on the ballot in Florida and only share a name with the Mississippi party. Anyone know for sure which is correct?

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