Jo Jorgensen: Three Bills I Look Forward to Signing into Law

2020 Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen sent out the following statement today about the three bills she plans to sign into law as President: 

I talk a lot about laws I want to repeal and bills that I would veto as President. However, there are three bills, already introduced in Congress, that I look forward to signing into law.

Here is why we need to work together to pass these bills:

I think Congress should not be able to cluster unrelated bills into one package.

I think Congress should have to read every word of every bill they pass.

I think there should be a waiting period before every congressional vote so that citizens can also have a chance to read the bills and comment.

I think every regulation bureaucrats write must be read, debated, and voted on by Congress. No more rule-making by unelected bureaucrats!

Restore the separation of powers! Only Congress can legislate!

I think courts should be prohibited from enforcing any rules or laws enacted in violation of these requirements.

That’s why I favor these three bills created by a great organization called Agenda Setters…

The One Subject at a Time Act
The Read the Bills Act
The Write the Laws Act
As I said, these bills have already been introduced in Congress!

How many libertarian organizations can you name that have good legislation introduced in Congress? Agenda Setters by Downsize DC has done it repeatedly, in both the House and Senate.

This is why I want you to sign-up with Agenda Setters by Downsize DC right now. But there’s more…

Should you be able to sue cops who violate your rights? Agenda Setters is working to make this possible by supporting the Ending Qualified Immunity Act by Rep. Justin Amash.

Please sign-up with Agenda Setters right now! But beware…

If you skip doing this, or put it off, you’ll miss learning about “the 300” and “Option Activism.” These are powerful strategies that could change the political landscape. These ingenious ideas will allow you to set the agenda. But only if you JOIN!

I am supporting Agenda Setters’ bills every day on the campaign trail. You can support me by supporting them. I look forward to hearing that thousands of you have done so.

Jo Jorgensen
Libertarian Party presidential nominee

2 thoughts on “Jo Jorgensen: Three Bills I Look Forward to Signing into Law

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I clicked on the link and read up on this project supported by Jo Jorgenson. I signed up to what looks like an inspiring effort which does require time and effort on my part. I am impressed that Jo Jorgenson has taken the effort to support this project.

  2. Gene Berkman

    The “One Subject at a Time Act” is definitely needed. In California, an initiative cannot deal with unrelated issues, so there is a precedent for such a limitation in federal law.

    Many years ago Dr Milton Friedman proposed a bill prohibiting any law longer than the Constitution of the United States. Maybe it can be the 4th bill that President Jorgenson signs.

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