Movement For A People’s Party caught using #ForceTheVote to undermine The Squad

For those that may be unaware of the latest going on in the left-wing Twitter Sphere, allow me to give a brief synopsis of it.

Force The Vote was a proposed political strategy where Progressive House Democrats such as The Squad would withhold their vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House in order to get a floor Vote on Medicare-For-All. The purpose of that vote ranged from person to person, some saying it was just a way to verify how many co-sponsors would legitimately vote for it, others saying it was purely a way to get Pelosi out of the Speakership. It was debated heavily by the Online Left and at the forefront of the side of #ForceTheVote was Movement For a People’s Party, even hosting a town hall in regards to the issue.

One issue many people who were opposed to #ForceTheVote argued certain individuals at its head were not arguing for it to actually try and get people healthcare, but instead were doing it out of their own personal gain. Those accusations in turn made their way to Movement For A People’s Party, and while unfounded at first, screenshots from the Force the Vote Slack (pictured below) reveals that that may have been the intention the whole time. They reveal that at least partially the FTV Strategy is being used to undermine Progressive Democrats as a way to siphon off their support.




9 thoughts on “Movement For A People’s Party caught using #ForceTheVote to undermine The Squad

  1. Massimo

    As clear and useful as the strugge between Enver Hoxha vs Leonid Brezhnev, and equally trascendental.

  2. Tony From Long Island

    As a Democrat, I can tell you all that the left twitter red rose cult are just a group of perpetually disgruntled malcontents.

    They could get everything they want and STILL constantly complain.

  3. dL

    They could get everything they want and STILL constantly complain.

    it wouldn’t be much of a “red rose cult” if it was assuming an obeisant prone position before a center-right party that gives them very little

  4. Jared

    “They could get everything they want and STILL constantly complain.”

    It embodies a cultural Maoism more than a cultural Marxism. Radicals who find contentment after “getting everything they want” grow complacent, abandon the dialectical struggle, and become the new reactionaries. (see Mao Zedong, “On Contradiction”) Continuous Revolution!

  5. SocraticGadfly

    Tony, as a non-Democrat currently self-identified as an independent leftist, I don’t think you’re all wrong on the first sentence. Since they’ve basically gotten nothing, but still return for abuse, the second sentence has yet to come close to being tested.

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