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LNC Expected To Elect New Secretary From Among Five Nominees Next Weekend

Under a process recently approved by the LNC

(by an 11-0 vote as follows: Yes: Adams, Ebke, Hagan, Hewitt, Hogarth, Longstreth, Luchini, Nekhaila, Phillips, Raudsep, Sarwark.  No: none.  Abstaining / not voting: Bilyeu, Bowen, Moellman, Nanna, Smith)

nominations to fill the vacant LP/LNC Secretary position closed at midnight Eastern Time on 28 November 2021.  (Following the suspension of the former secretary, proven master of multitasking Tim Hagan has both filled the role of Acting Secretary while also fulfilling the various duties of LP Treasurer. Also, it appears the proposed addition of an Assistant Secretary has been abandoned.)

The following five nominations were made (in addition to the bylaws and core-culture-required None Of The Above is acceptable):

Caryn Ann Harlos, nominated by Erik Raudsep
Shawn Lavasseur, nominated by Richard Longstreth
Steve Scheetz, nominated by David Sexton
Tyler Smith, nominated by Alex Flores
John Wilford, nominated by Laura Ebke and Chris Luchini

(NOTA, expressly nominated by Ken Moellman)

Candidates are expected to provide statements and/or vitas prior to the 04-05 December 2021 LNC meeting in Boston, MA this coming weekend.

At the time of the initial posting of this article, two such statements had been received (as additional information is received, this article will be updated).

Additionally, IPR has received reports that the former secretary, who was removed following a suspension by the LNC, and, following an appeal, the affirmation of that suspension by the Judicial Committee (see prior IPR coverage HERE and HERE)  has posted an intent to continue to produce (shadow) minutes of LNC meetings “in keeping with the desires of the delegates” as expressed at the 2020 Orlando LP Convention.


To: the Libertarian National Committee.

I’m writing you to request that you consider me for the position of LNC Secretary.

My history with the Libertarian Party

I’ve been with the LP since 1992, been a monthly pledger for several decades, and became a life member in 2020.

I’ve held many positions in the Maine Libertarian Party’s state committee over the years, including secretary, chair, and currently treasurer.

My history as a candidate for and serving in public office.

I ran for state house in 1998, 2000, and a special election in 2015.

In 2013, I filled a vacancy on the Knox County Budget Committee by appointment. In 2016 and 2020, I was re-elected to the position, winning each time. I am currently in my second year as that committee’s chairman.

I plan to run for the state senate in 2022 as part of Maine’s largest field of Libertarian candidates in decades.

Why I’m asking for your consideration.

In moments of crisis, I have a habit of contemplating running for offices at the national party level and doing so occasionally.

So today, with more and more controversies cropping up, I’m concerned about who will become the secretary. Not knowing who will be up for nominations and a deadline for them coming up, once again, I’m sticking my neck out and offering myself up for consideration.

Part of my concern is I have no idea who will be seeking the position if anybody. However, since this ballot is via ranked-choice, I can at least feel confident that I won’t be a “spoiler.”

I already planned to attend the upcoming LNC meeting in Boston because it was in the region. So you will be seeing me there in any event.


I served a term as secretary of the Maine state party back in the 90’s time ago. But that’s not at the same scale as the LNC.

However, I’ve attended many LNC meetings, mostly pre and post-convention meetings. I’ve also been in the virtual gallery of many of the streamed Zoom/YouTube LNC meetings over the past few years. Therefore, I am familiar with the structure and procedures of LNC meetings.

I’ve also been a delegate at ten previous conventions (’98, ’00, ’02, ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14, ’16, ’18, and 2020).

I was the head of the Maine delegation at most of these.

I was an alternate on the 2020 bylaws committee.

I assisted in counting ballots for the Judicial Committee immediately after the close of the 2018 and 2020 conventions.

So, I’m familiar with how conventions flow, are recorded, and how vote tallying methods have evolved.

I’m not a parliamentarian. Technically, this is not a requirement for this position, but many prior secretaries have been. I’m a bit more knowledgable (sic) than most people, but not enough to claim to be anything resembling an authority on Robert’s Rules.

I’m enough of a process geek that I’m familiar with the bylaws and convention rules and have authored quite a few of the articles in the Libertarian Party of Maine’s bylaws.

Other concerns

I’m only running to fill the position until the close of the next convention. I have no interest in a full term as secretary, as I want my summer and fall clear to concentrate on my run for the state senate.

In any event, I believe that this vacancy should be filled by someone who won’t be seeking reelection at the convention.

I also think it should be filled by someone not militantly pro or anti-Mises Caucus. I don’t use the term impartial because you can’t be a member of this party and not have an opinion on this matter.

Current Controversies

The Mises Caucus does concern me. More precisely, it is the actions and behaviors of many people leading the MC that worry me. So many of them have been so combative and unconcerned with the process of persuasion that they’ve become the living embodiment of what Michael Cloud called the Late Great Libertarian Macho Flash.

But the fear of a tribe can cause much foolishness and recklessness in return, as we have seen with matters in New Hampshire and Delaware.

I know of some members of the MC who work well with others in the LP and are valuable activists in the LP. So my judgment of people in the LP is based on each individual and their actions. All too often, we make unnecessary enemies of each other by judging people by groups and not as individuals.

Plans if elected

Although I’d be a member of the LNC with a vote and a voice on matters before it, my primary concern will be with the other tasks of the job: Keeping minutes, recording votes, and preparing for the significant functions of doing so at the convention. Therefore, I do not expect to be as vocal a participant as other secretaries have been in the past.

Working with the Convention Voting Process Committee is a must in preparations for the convention, and I’d hope to be able to pick the brains of some prior secretaries if they’d be willing.

Other background

I’m a co-owner and president of Electrotech, Inc. of Rockland, Maine. A small manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses and cables for industrial customers. My parents founded Electrotech in the 1980s. It is now owned and operated by me, my sister, and her husband.

I have the means to travel to in-person meetings.

I’ve had plenty of experience with virtual meetings as well. I’ve participated in virtual and hybrid state and national conventions. I’ve also chaired several virtual meetings of the Knox County Budget Committee.

I thank you for your consideration.



To the members of the Libertarian Party,

Hello, my name is Tyler Smith, and I am humbled to be brought into consideration for the interim Secretary’s position for the Libertarian Party. I am originally from West Virginia, I am currently residing in Tempe, Arizona, where I share a home with my partner, Jordan and our cat. I have spent years in administrative work, up to and including the clerical and organizational work that is commanded by this position. My background includes work for education offices and units I was tied to during military service.

In executing these tasks, it was apparent that we as an ever advancing species were dependent on utilizing technology to improve accessibility, timeliness, and transparency. I am in no way condemning my predecessors in their actions, I only seek to bring these expertise to the table to help build upon their undeniably necessary work they put in. To wit, I have aided in bringing more viable communication for student bodies, both in person and abroad, to communicating with various organizations that have brought diplomats from overseas to observe our educational, medical, and political processes in efforts to foster amiable relations between peoples, not governments.

As far as that is concerned, I believe that I can bring these skills in a time that is so tumultuous for all of us, regardless of where we fall on the political compass in regards to libertarianism, and we can develop an administrative backbone that turn these passions towards more court victories like Michigan and positive movements like Georgia in terms of ballot access, showcasing modernity in process that gives wind to our activists such as we’ve seen in CJ reforms within states like Ohio and hopefully in Tennessee. Partnering with liberty advocates and showing we are more than just in-fighting, more than just the barrier to the duopoly, but rather a political force to be reckoned with and wielding the know-how and the passion that is establishing freedom in our lifetime.

I am fortunate to have the support of many candidates and libertarian activists who have helped me in developing my plans for helping the Libertarian Party keep winning, and winning more frequently. Among these include everything from Senate candidates down to municipal reformists at town-levels. I am open to answering any question, and perhaps they are as well as to why they have chosen to support me.

In saying that, please, let me clarify, I am not doing this to prove a point, to establish a dominance of a faction, to devalue the very real issues of maintenance of principles. Moreover, I am doing this to make sure we keep to what is necessary, and that is pushing Liberty. I do have a campaign launched for 2022, and I do not hold that in secret, but I also understand that given the vitriol that is swirling within the circles in the Party, cooler heads need to prevail, and pushing the business as needed is necessary to embolden our activists and candidates who are losing faith. I respect my opponent for 2022, I personally find many things that led to where we are now to be questionable if not uncertain in morality. My only purpose and motivation is keeping the LP moving, and it is no secret that I do this for the pavement pounders, sign wavers, door knockers, fundraisers, reformers, and the entirety of the frontline that is Liberty advocacy, and they need, and deserve that backbone that should be the LNC.

I appreciate your consideration and analysis of my competency in this matter, and hope for the best to come to this organization we all know, support, and love.

Thank you,

Tyler A. Smith


Industrious and dedicated professional seeking work in the field of administration, management, or business in efforts to expand marketable skills and improve on those already possessed. Adaptable and innovative, polyglot, and ability to work autonomously or collaboratively.

United States Air Force

Aircraft Armament Systems Technician| April 2010-July 2014

Maintenance, loading and unloading, operational checks, and inspection of munitions and weapons systems components on the F-15E Strike Eagle

University of Mount Olive (Academic Resource Center)

Administrator| October 2015-July 2016

Website Maintenance, record tracking, scheduling, and information regarding student performance and tutoring services.

Ruff/Phillips 2020

Field Development Director| January 2019 – January 2020

Recruitment, onboarding, job assignment, and conflict resolution for volunteers for the Kim Ruff/John Phillips POTUS/VPOTUS Campaign.

Pickens County Libertarian Party

Chairman| November 2019 – September 2020

Spike Cohen

Campaign Director| January 2020 – May 2020

Scheduled appointments, interviews, tour dates, and joint appearances for candidate, worked with fundraising and treasury departments to ensure proper budgeting for advertisements, merchandise, literature, and travel disbursements for the campaign. Worked with comms and media to ensure disbursement of headshots and policy statements such as tax policy, foreign policy, and criminal justice reform.

McKennon for US Senate 2020

Campaign Director| July 2020 – November 2020

Scheduled appointments, interviews, tour dates, and joint appearances for candidate, worked with fundraising and treasury departments to ensure proper budgeting for advertisements, merchandise, literature, and travel disbursements for the campaign. Worked with comms and media to ensure disbursement of headshots and policy statements such as tax policy, foreign policy, and criminal justice reform.

Thomas Daniel Quiter for NY Senate

Policy Advisor (Veteran’s Affairs)| August 2020 – November 2020

Advised candidate on issues affecting his district in terms of Veteran healthcare, education, outreach, and experimental mental health treatment.

Outright Libertarians

Treasurer| June 2020- September 2021

Maintain income reports, funds disbursement, expenditures for literature, travel, and donation gift fulfillment, also work with the Outreach team as far as planning travel for team members and ensuring the documentation of the flow of funds.

Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief

Board Member | August 2020-Present

Developed job descriptions, recruitment, outreach and analytics of national volunteer base as well as coordinating events with the sub-teams.

Libertarian Party Ballot Access Committee

Advisory Member| November 2020 – Present

Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

Vice Chair| November 2021-Present

PikeView High School, Princeton, WV

General Studies, 2009, 3.8 GPA

Community College of the Air Force

Applied Science in Aircraft Armament Systems, 2010-2014, 4.0 GPA

University of Mount Olive, Mount Olive, NC

BS in Psychology, 2015-2017, 3.8 GPA

BS in Criminal Justice/Criminology, 2015-2017, 4.0 GPA

Awards and Recognitions

Center for International Understanding (CIU): Friendship Award ( x 5: Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Romania)

United States Air Force: National Defense Service Medal, Marksman Ribbon, Global War on Terror Service Medal, Afghanistan Service Medal, NATO Non-Article 5 Medal, AF Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Unit Award, Outstanding Unit Award.



Finally, reports indicate LNC members have been asked to dress up next weekend for an updated photo of the LNC , which over the past few months has seen, in addition to the removal of its secretary, the resignations of the former chair, Joe Bishop Henchman, and Regional Representatives Francis Wendt, Tucker Coburn, and David Valente.

About Post Author

Joseph Buchman

Joe is a retired, formerly tenured professor of marketing and finance with a passion for adventure travel, chasing total solar eclipses, and Burning Man. He is a long-time volunteer with the Sundance Film Festival, former Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party, former Chair of the LP Platform Committee, and former Chair and three-term member of the LP's financial Audit Committee. Joe and Cindy have raised four highly successful children, several cats, and yet have generally failed miserably with every houseplant ever gifted to them.


  1. George Phillies George Phillies December 6, 2021

    In other news, the LNC passed a resolution on the Delaware issue. The resolution violates national party bylaws. Many times.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies December 6, 2021


    What is your basis for your claim. My statement does not support what you are saying.


  3. Robbie Robbie December 6, 2021

    They refuse to publish the vote totals? Sounds rigged to me.

  4. George Phillies George Phillies December 5, 2021

    The LNC used a paper ballot — no arguments about NOTA in electronic things. Wilford won on the first ballot. Harlos got 6 votes; I do not know the others.

  5. Andy Andy December 5, 2021

    They probably all new who they were going to vote for prior to leaving for the meeting.

    I think Caryn Ann Harlos should have been reinstated, since I think she was unjustly removed, but I did not expect that to happen. She did receive 6 votes though, which was more than I thought she’d get.

  6. John John December 4, 2021

    I had heard the election was rigged. Back door meetings had taken place long before this. Why is that not surprising?

  7. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | December 4, 2021

    IPR congratulates John Wilford on his election to the position of Secretary of the Libertarian Party/Libertarian National Committee

  8. Jared Jared December 4, 2021


    There’s an awful lot of libertarian space between a progressive Rockefeller Republican such as Bill “Libertarian4Life” Weld and a paleoconservative aristocratic anarchist such as LPMC court philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe—in fact, pretty much all libertarian space. Delegates aren’t forced to choose between two cringe, fringe factions of the party.

  9. Mr. Jones Mr. Jones December 3, 2021

    A vote for Levasseur is a vote for corruption.

  10. Eddie Eddie December 3, 2021

    Levasseur cannot be trusted. He’s associated with Longstreth, who was involved in the coverup. He might be lying about not being involved just like JBH did and probably still is. He want to purge Mises members so he can bring in more fake libertarians like Bill Weld and the communist who ran for chair in 2018.

    No to Levasseur.

  11. Shawn Levasseur Shawn Levasseur December 2, 2021


    I had no role in events regarding the LPNH, aside as a spectator from afar.

    I did attend the LPNH convention, where leadership was elected.

    I’ve criticized Jilletta Jarvis for her actions. Party schisms never work, and this one backfired spectacularly, emboldening the very people she sought to purge.

    I’ve criticized the LPNH leadership for expelling a member for being a vocal critic.

    I’ve criticized several LPNH social media posts.

    I’ve criticized the attempt by some to twist this into an advantage by constantly making vague accusations of conspiracy and corruption by any rival. Often done via the not-so-clever dodge of “asking questions,” or as I call it, the non-accusation accusation. To which apparently now I’m a target.

    I hope that the Mises Caucus members and supporters who get so much attention for being inflammatory and hostile to the rest of the membership are the exceptions and that the productive ones working with more than their clique members get more attention. I try to help with this by frequently citing the good working relationship in the Maine LP leadership.

    When the vacancy for an alternate for Region 8 on the LNC was being filled, the LPME vice-chair, Harrison Kemp, a Mises Caucus member, and local leader, was considering running for it (ultimately, he didn’t run). Given that, I took it upon myself to write a letter to the members of the LNC, telling them that Harrison was a person they could work with if given a chance, and talked up all that he has done for the LPME. This included writing legislation restricting the use of no-knock warrants, which was actually passed by the legislature and signed into law this year.

  12. Joe Joe December 2, 2021

    SHAWN LEVASSEUR was nominated by Richard Longstreth, one of the main culprits in the NH fiasco. That makes me wonder how much Levasseur was involved. Is he as tied to JBH’s corruption as Longstreth?

  13. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | December 1, 2021

    Jared @ December 1, 2021 at 16:45


  14. Jared Jared December 1, 2021


    You aren’t alone. Others have had similar one-on-one encounters with Ms. Harlos, including people whose sympathies lie with the LPMC, and attest that she can go from very pleasant and welcoming to surreally hostile over the mildest sleight or perceived challenge. Valente has said he believes her abusive rhetoric and disagreeableness are exaggerated to foster a public persona, but multiple credible witnesses point to her being an even worse HR nightmare in private.

    I largely agree with Guess. Given the circumstances, I’m not sure her removal was prudent or as clearly and rigorously argued as a suspension motion should be, but I certainly understand why most members were happy to seize an opportunity to oust her; and contrary to the opinion of Mike Seebeck and other adoring fans, it has nothing to do with brightly colored hair, revenge for spotlighting New Hampshire, or eleven members’ undying affection for JBH.

  15. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | December 1, 2021

    Guess @ December 1, 2021 at 08:09

    I’m thinking best practice in the future is to put all lengthy statements in comments in the order received.

    For now, the two that were submitted with the nominations (or very shortly after) get in the main article, the others in comments in the order received. Next time though, based on feedback, I think best practice is a shorter article, and then supporting materials in comments. IPR I imagine will be again, as it was in the past, largely a creation of its readers. So I’m interested in feedback and sincerely appreciate yours.

    Guess @ December 1, 2021 at 09:05

    The cause for removal has rather effectively IMO been covered in a smokescreen of side issues.

    The bottom line is she was either suspended and then removed by those she publicly, repeatedly, loudly proclaimed correctly as corrupt – or – those falsely accused and their supporters suspended and then removed her for just cause (including said slander).

    As for me? I was loudly, repeatedly and publicly accused of corruption by the former secretary during her term – from elder abuse, to theft of property that (should have) belonged to the Party, to making her feel physically unsafe if I were in a room with her (utterly without cause), to her claims that the New Hampshire Investigation would be dismissed by her and others because of my appointment by the LNC to that committee. It’s so extreme as to be comical, and those who uncritically support such wild claims are of little personal interest.

    It is a strategy that seems to engender sympathy and support – at least in the short term. Hopefully the delegates will be able to discern the truth, but it will require, as you say, a more careful examination that you have given the claims so far.

    Then there are the reports of post-removal insults on the Pink Flame of Liberty YouTube channel – calling 11 current members of the LNC “rat -fucks” – protected free speech to be sure, but likewise probably not what the delegates wanted in terms of electing a board that can work well together.

    Look more carefully, if you want, and let us know here what you see.

    Or if not, then at least give the board and its judicial committee the benefit of the doubt when it comes to conclusions around having found sufficient cause for removal.

    The LNC (or a vast majority of it) is not corrupt (certainly not from what I’ve seen as chair of its Audit Committee). But there are some folks attempting to gain political advantage by spinning it that way. Including a recent Mises update that claims the secretary was removed for revealing corruption. You can say a false thing often enough and perhaps even delegates will believe it, and “win.” But history shows, I believe that will not, does not, cannot work in the long term.

  16. Guess Guess December 1, 2021

    Forgot one point: If LNC members or others would like more power for LNC to remove members they don’t enjoy serving with for that very reason, they should submit a bylaws proposal to that effect. It’s not instant gratification, but there are downsides to instant gratification.

  17. Guess Guess December 1, 2021

    I’m not one of Ms. Harlos’ fanboys. I think there’s probably merit to the contention that she is extremely hard to work with and makes serving on a committee with her extremely unpleasant, often on purpose. She has tremendous tenacity and continuously doubles down, and a contrarian streak a mile wide. She doesn’t handle opposing arguments graciously, pounds away continuously to get her way on anything and everything, takes offense when none may have been meant, and on and on. I can imagine their frustration. They’re human beings like everyone else and have CTSD from the drama.

    I have not followed other contentions against her closely enough to see if she did anything that met the threshold for removal. To the extent I did, I didn’t see anything which would rise to such a level in my view.

    Bottom line, I think she is correct. The will of the delegates is more important than the will of the committee. Third party members should certainly grasp that the rights of a minority, especially an unpopular minority, on a committee, are important. If and when they find themselves in actual roles on government boards, legislatures, congress, etc, they’re often the contentious, unpopular minority that drives everyone up a wall and makes it unpleasant for others to serve alongside. Suppose for a minute she was elected to congress. Other members of congress would want to kick her out, but they are not who elected her, and they all submitted themselves and were elected to serve.

    If they find themselves unable to serve with someone else likewise elected, they should either dig down and find a way to make it work, or else resign. Removal for cause should require a higher threshold than frustration, no matter how extremely aggravating it gets. The idea that verbal “aggression” alone is aggression in the sense of the non (initiation of) aggression principle holds very troubling implications that point the way towards party schism and implosion with show trials, escalating waves of mass member expulsions, and eventually legions of tiny parties all claiming to be the one true libertarian party.

    I think she is also correct that the LNC should model rather than try to force finding ways to work together where none seem to exist. The problems in New Hampshire and Delaware are likely to spread to more States. If they can’t serve out the last half year of a two year term with her, it’s not a good commentary on the rest of them, either. To be clear, I doubt I’d want to be on a committee with her either. That sort of thing is one of the reasons why I have no interest in serving on such committees.

    In short I find her arguments above to be persuasive. The removal was probably technically flawed, has all sorts of bad implications and sets bad precedent for things that are likely to escalate in a really bad way, and should be undone by electing her back. Take it from someone who’s not a fan of the Mises Caucus or social media drama.

  18. Guess Guess December 1, 2021

    Dr. BUCHMAN, I understand the reasoning you provide for putting some Candidates in the article and some in the comments. I would ask you to consider putting them all on an equal footing though. There are several ways to do this, several of which Somebody mentioned yesterday. Another way would be to include all the Statements both in the article as well as the comments. I don’t know how hard it is to publish an article here but another idea would be to make them seperate articles linked to each other within the body of the article.

    I think you may be under the impression that most of your readers closely follow your comments section. If so, this site is quite unique in that regard. Most news/opinion/discussion websites have a lot more people who read their articles than who read the comments, especially repeatedly . Often, and I think increasingly often, discussion takes place on social media sites where the articles are shared rather than on the articles own comments section.

    If you follow other news/opinion sites, consider how often you read their articles vs how often you keep up with discussions in their comments. For example, I often follow news links from Google news and frequently keep up with I rarely even see the comments, much less track new ones.

    However, I understand your approach better after you explained it. Thank you for the coverage. I found it useful and formed an opinion which I did not have before I read the article and comments. I’m not an lnc member, and don’t plan to join the all too many party members and interested observers deluging lnc members with their opinions on the matter through direct correspondence. I’ll do so here, however. Few if any of them will likely even see it, which is ok.

  19. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 30, 2021


    Discovering Libertarianism as a teen in the 80’s, the philosophy led him to vote Libertarian in 1992. However, he did not become very active, in the movement, until he was in his 30’s. During that decade, Steve became more involved in the party as opposed to just in the Libertarian Community.

    At the local levels in Chester and Montgomery County, he became active in more leadership roles such as secretary and chair of each respective county affiliate.

    In 2013, Steve was elected to serve in the role of Chair for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Having served for two years, a break was needed, and he became more of an activist for Libertarian idealism. Not straying far from the party, He served as Delegation Chair to the National Convention in 2014 and 2016. Having made the commitment to become a Lifetime member in 2014, he did so because he realized that we all are responsible for the state of our party, and when a gap opened, he chose to serve as Region 5 Alternate in 2018 filling a vacancy left by the previous alternate, in the same year he served on the Platform Committee. Working with a solid team, on elections in 2018, a plan developed, and Steve ran for Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania chair again in 2019, not just to serve, but to help enact the plan that would enable the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania to succeed, not just as chair, but also in the role of project volunteer, and project donor.

    Leaving the party with the largest number of / amount of donations, close to the largest membership in LPPA history, as well as a huge number of elected Libertarians, (all goals which have been well surpassed in the months since the LPPA’s most recent convention this past May), he reflected that this particular tenure, was mostly about building successful teams within our committees, and working to support everyone working on projects.

    2022 is going to be the biggest year yet, being Chair of the Bylaws Committee, and running for US Senate in PA, Steve is not interested in continuing the role past convention. Instead, he is stepping up to fill in the interim gap and support the committee as well as the people on it. Libertarian Principles are the bedrock of effective solutions, and while many politicians make “unity” a catch phrase, Steve continues his work bridging divides in order to solve problems and has a track record of making things happen. His closing thought: “Regardless of the growing pains, the Libertarian Party will continue to be a successful organization, because our people want it to succeed. Let’s work together and make that happen!”

  20. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 30, 2021


    Hello LNC, you are all familiar with my activism background but for members reading who are not, it is all on LPedia here:

    (and hint, hint, everyone should put their Party resume there, ask me if you need help)

    So, I am not going to rehash that.

    What I am going to talk about is the opportunity before us. I made this plea once before, and I am making it again. The Party is fracturing and if the LNC cannot model how to put extreme disagreements behind, I fear what may become of the party as fractures develop into cracks and fissures that may become unrepairable at least in time for the convention in Reno and perhaps permanent. I have said this to all sides – none of us can survive a Party split, and if we all love the Party (which I believe we all do and never doubted that), then we have to soberly take some positive action. I call upon all of you to be the leaders you were elected to be and set the example of how to work together with those you disagree with by reinstaing (sic) me to my position. I frankly think this would head off what we have already seen in some states from happening in others, and it must be modeled from the top down, not imposed from the top down and for that to happen all of us must step back and swallow some pride. If we can’t, we can’t expect any affiliate disputes to be settled amongst themselves in the same spirit.

    I was elected by the delegates, and it is the delegates that should be making these choices. We are only six months away from convention, and I am deeply concerned about what will occur this convention. I think we are in real danger of a Party split, and as I said so passionately on my show, I do not want that to happen, nor do I want to be a rallying symbol for that happen. All of us can help blunt that by agreeing to keep together the LNC that was elected. I was never ever accused by any of you of job incompetency. You did not like my political criticism, and I am not going to argue over that. We will always disagree on that. But we can model how to move forward in disagreement.

    In furtherance of that, and in modeling that we can be the example to the rest of the Party of compromise, if I am reinstated, I am still agreeable to the terms put forth before with the exception of saying not attending the December meeting, I will not attend the March meeting under the conditions noted before in the motion put forth by Mr. Nekhaila (which included limited participation in other matters) and to not dispute a censure for the good of the Party. That is the end of the term effectively which is what I understand Mr. Luchini originally wanted in essence. I am willing to swallow some of my pride for the best of the Party, and I am asking you once again to do so as well. We have an opportunity here, and I do assume and expect the rest of the term can be scandal and controversy-free.

    Further, I have done the convention preparation, and I know how to take care of those things. The best interest of the Party is not to put a brand new person into a very hot situation right before a convention. It is not the right thing for the Party. And whether another nominee thinks they are ready for the type of target they will inevitably become (not by my doing but the controversy itself), I can assure them, they are not. These past six months have been hell I would not wish on anyone nor do I think it fair to put someone in that position.

    I also want to emphasize a problem that I don’t think the LNC has fully wrestled with the Judicial Committee decision that will dominate Reno if not blunted, and us coming back together will blunt it. I find that the LNC wants to have it both ways. It wishes to accept the JC decision while rejecting the pivotal supposition upon which it rests – of course you “can” do that, but not with consistency and the appearance of being hypocritical. I will try to explain this clearly as I did confirm it with Dr. Moulton when I asked him about his assertion in the pivotal statement about severability.

    The JC decision absolutely rests upon the presupposition that each and every one of the 11 who voted yes agree that I violated not the non-aggression principle (that was never a charge) but the membership pledge. The two are not the same thing though they seem to be continually conflated – and the controversy would be just as hot even if it were the NAP itself. If you all did not agree on that charge (meaning all 11, and I know for fact that at least one of you did not), then the charges were not severable. And Mr. Hagan is incorrect (and the JC majority agrees) the motion (which is appendix X in the minutes, not the abbreviated form in the body which then refers to the appendix) WAS divisible. And if the charges were not severable (i.e., able to be divided by the LNC so that the vote necessarily means 100% agreement with each and every one whether that was your intent or not), they would have ordered reinstatement under the wording of the decision as issued. You cannot have it both ways, and the quickest and surest way to be sure arguments over whether mere words violate the membership pledge do not dominate the convention in Renois (sic) is to re-instate (sic) me. You are always free to suspend again on other charges more carefully if you feel that is necessary, but this is too important to be unclear on, and it is up to us to show caution in justice. Otherwise, inevitably, that is going to be THE issue at Reno and that is not in the best interest of the Party. This LNC can make sure to at least cool some of the controversy in Reno by taking this action.

    To be clear, my supporters do not want me to make the concessions I noted above. I offer it again, as I did in the past, for the good of the Party and ask the LNC to do the same.

    We can shock the Party in a good way here and start 2022 on a good step that the whole world is watching.

    My phone number is 561.523.2250, and I will be at the meeting in Boston.

    In Liberty,

    LNC Secretary in Exile, 561.523.2250

  21. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 30, 2021

    I am somebody @ November 30, 2021 at 14:14

    “why is Mr. WILFORD relegated to a comment rather than an update of the article to put him on equal footing”

    By placing the new material in the comments readers are alerted to that addition, whereas updating the article itself largely goes unnoticed by those who have already read it. Also I think it’s valuable to track the order in which materials are submitted.

    If Caryn Ann Harlos, or Steve Scheetz, send in statements or materials, I’ll post them here in the comments. Or – they could add them to the comments themselves as well.

    Does that seem fair/reasonable?

  22. I am somebody I am somebody November 30, 2021

    I have no preference between the candidates and don’t have a vote, but why is Mr. WILFORD relegated to a comment rather than an update of the article to put him on equal footing with those whose applications are posted in full in the article?

    If it’s because it would make the article too long , the others should be comments as well. Or, you can make each application an upload document, then link them from the article as more come in. If it’s just because the others were posted somewhere else, like the LNC list, first then the article can be reedited as more applications become available.

  23. Shawn Levasseur Shawn Levasseur November 30, 2021

    @George Whitfield:

    I appreciate all the candidates’ interest and willingness to serve in the position of Secretary. I was particularly impressed with Shawn Lavasseur’s statement.

    Thanks for the compliment on my statement. After being disturbed by a few terrible grammatical errors I missed, I really appreciate it.

  24. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 29, 2021

    John Wilford has provided the following STATEMENT AND VITA

    As far as my personal interests in the role. I really just want to help where I am needed. If that is as Secretary I am happy to do it and honored that you would trust me with such a responsibility. If that is as a regional alternate I’m happy to do that as well and am honored that the state chairs of region 7 trusted me to do that. My goal if elected is to be the most boring Secretary you can imagine. I want to make sure minutes are recorded correctly and released in time according to our bylaws and policy, I want to make sure the email lists are up to date, I want to make sure votes are recorded and formatted according to our policies, that times are noted for online votes so members who dropped and join again within 5 minutes can cast a vote, I want to ensure new members of the committee are added in a timely fashion, I want to follow any other policies and rules that outline the secretaries duties, I want to assist the convention committee get things set up in Reno, and then go home enjoy the company of my family and friends and leave everyone else alone. I’m not trying to be a personality, I’m not trying to raise money, I’m not trying to go to all 50 state conventions, I’m not trying to expose anything, or interface with any caucuses except the caucuses whose express and sole purpose is the distribution of memes. My work will speak for itself in the end but I just want to be a boring Secretary that you only hear about when I ask you again to please state your name and region for the minutes or to please submit that motion in writing. ?

    442 Valley View Dr, Lewisville, TX 75067 903-372-6931

    JULY 2021 – PRESENT

    • Assist the Region 7 Representative with preparing reports.
    • Interface with constituents to address issues and receive feedback.
    • Sit in for Region 7 Representative when they are unavailable to represent the region to the LNC.

    APRIL 2020 – PRESENT

    • Assist the chair as needed.
    • Provide a backup administration for our accounts.
    • Attend and vote in County Executive Committee Meetings.
    • Work to grow the party.

    APRIL 2016 – AUGUST 2020

    • Principal presiding officer of the State Libertarian Executive Committee (SLEC) and the party.
    • Maintain a deep understanding of our governing documents and issue rulings on actions of the SLEC.
    • Work with the treasurer to execute projects while maintaining the financial health of the party.
    • Interface with media outlets and work with staff to respond to crises.
    • Work with the events department to prepare for the state convention.
    • File documents on behalf of the party with various state authorities.

    APRIL 2014 – APRIL 2016

    • Maintain Party bank accounts and other financial assets.
    • Ensure that the State Libertarian Executive Committee (SLEC) is aware of the financial condition of the Party.
    • Issue financial statements to the SLEC at least quarterly.
    • Ensure that Party funds are disbursed only according to party governing authorities and state or federal law.
    • Work with the events department to prepare for the state convention.
    • File documents on behalf of the party with various state authorities.

    MARCH 2013 – APRIL 2016

    • Principal presiding officer of the County Executive Committee (CEC) and the party.
    • Maintain a deep understanding of our governing documents and issue rulings on actions of the CEC.
    • Work with the treasurer to execute projects while maintaining the financial health of the party.
    • Interface with local government and media outlets to affect local change and recruit candidates.
    • Prepare for and file paperwork for the precinct and county conventions.
    • File documents on behalf of the party with various state and county authorities.

    AUGUST 2009 – MARCH 2013

    • Principal presiding officer of the County Executive Committee (CEC) and the party.
    • Maintain a deep understanding of our governing documents and issue rulings on actions of the CEC.
    • Work with the treasurer to execute projects while maintaining the financial health of the party.
    • Interface with local government and media outlets to affect local change and recruit candidates.
    • Prepare for and file paperwork for the precinct and county conventions.
    • File documents on behalf of the party with various state and county authorities.


    • Affiliate Leadership Fundamentals Certificate
    • Member: National Association of Parliamentarians


    • Leadership
    • General Parliamentary Principles and Procedures
    • Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised
    • Phone Banking
    • Fund Raising
    • Bylaws Crafting
    • System Automation
    • CRM Management
    • Website Design and Maintenance
    • Vote Management and Tabulation
    • Enterprise Email System Management

  25. George Whitfield George Whitfield November 29, 2021

    I appreciate all the candidates’ interest and willingness to serve in the position of Secretary. I was particularly impressed with Shawn Lavasseur’s statement.

  26. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | November 29, 2021

    Apparently there is some upset in Colorado over the failure of neither their Region Representative, Chris Luchini, nor their Regional Representative Alternate, Alex Flores, to nominate Ms. Harlos.

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