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Constitution Party Disaffiliates California State Party

We heard from Constitution Party of California Chair Donald Grundmann, and confirmed with the national party, that the Constitution Party of California has been disaffiliated by the national party. Grundmann asserts that the intent is to add the American Independent Party of California as a Constitution Party affiliate.

It is our understanding from Grundmann that the nominal reason for the disaffiliation was that the California Party had not submitted one or more of the required documents, these being the California By-Laws, the Party Pledge, the Officers List, and the Financial Statement. Grundmann maintains that the actual reason for the expulsion vote, in a special Zoom meeting, was that the national party leadership did not want him as California Chair.

The Administrative Assistant to the Constitution Party National Chair advises us:

Per Janine Hansen, the Constitution Party Western States Area Chairman: We have voted to disaffiliate the California Constitution Party. However, the California AIP is just getting reorganized, and nothing has been finalized with them yet.



  1. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann March 20, 2023

    Supporting challenging the Obama citizenship fraud is a smoke screen issue to cover up that Mark Seidenberg was/is a Deep State intelligence agent who was tasked with destroying the CP by attacking the AIP; which he and Mark Robinson did by filing fake documents with the state. I documented their corruption at

    The AIP was taken over by Deep State moles/agents who infiltrated the Party; a process which has never stopped and continues to this day in the national CP.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California

  2. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman March 16, 2023

    As I understand it, the AIP disaffiliated from The Constitution Party in 2008 in order to support Alan Keyes for President. Mark Seidenberg was one of the ringleaders of the group that supported Alan Keyes. Mark told me he supported Alan Keyes because he was the only candidate for President willing to challenge Barack Obama’s claims to citizenship.

    Mark Seidenberg has moved to Alaska. He told me over the phone that he plans to qualify an American Independent Party in Alaska, which would be in competition with the Alaska Independence Party and the Alaska Constitution Party for right wing voters.

    In any case, with Mark Seidenberg no longer involved in the AIP in California, and America’s Independent Party, founded by Keyes no longer active, the remaining AIP activists are probably looking again to The Constitution Party as a national affiliation.

  3. Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson March 16, 2023

    Hi George – thanks for this! Slight typo alert – it’s Grundmann.

  4. Ryan Ryan March 16, 2023

    Does this reflect on the previous long-term chair of the AIP passing away and the new chair being more agreeable to national affiliation?

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