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The Keystone Party Rebrands as the Liberal Party of Pennsylvania, Announces Plans to Field Candidates for 2024 State Elections

The Keystone Party of Pennsylvania has officially rebranded as the Liberal Party of Pennsylvania. The party announced the change over social media on Tuesday, along with plans to field candidates in the 2024 election cycle.

In an X post made by the now-former Keystone Party on Tuesday, the party announced that it had officially joined the United States Liberal Party and changed its name in doing so. According to the United States Liberal Party’s website, it is a “national home of autonomous state political parties committed to furthering the agenda of free people and limited government.” Formerly called the Association of State Liberty Parties, it has four state affiliates, including the Liberal Party of Pennsylvania.

The two organizations were also previously associated before the recent rebranding.

In addition to the name change, the Liberal Party of Pennsylvania announced that it would run candidates later this year for several statewide offices, including Pennsylvania Attorney General, State Treasurer, and Auditor General. The party also plans to field a candidate for the United States Senate. As the Keystone Party of Pennsylvania, it fielded several candidates in the 2022 election cycle, including a candidate for governor.


  1. Jeffrey Kendall March 31, 2024

    They actually should change their name to Super Secret We Are a Private Club You Will Find Out Nothing About Us Ever political party. Good to see in keeping with the rich tradition set out by the Keystone Party of Pa, there is no mention anywhere of officers. No way to find out about meetings. No way to get involved. Funny that these blokes are former Libertarians complaining about lack of transparency in the LP.

  2. NewFederalist March 15, 2024

    As a member of the LPNM as well as being a candidate for office and CentComm member I can say that we have no idea at this time if we will nominate a presidential ticket. That decision will have to made by June. Lots of moving parts and divergent opinions.

  3. Gene Berkman March 14, 2024

    There was a Liberal Party in Pennsylavania that ran candidates in 1930 and 1932. The main purpose of the Liberal Party was the repeal of alcohol prohibition.

    The Liberal Party of that era mainly supported sympathetic candidates who ran as Republicans or Democrats, providing a second ballot line for the candidates they supported.

  4. Darryl W Perry March 14, 2024

    Neither the LPPA nor Keystone Party have ballot access, although the LP is a recognized “political party.” Only those political parties with over 15% of the combined statewide registration have ballot access, however their candidates still need to circulate petitions to get on the primary ballot (although it’s a lesser number than required by “other” candidates).

  5. SocraticGadfly March 13, 2024

    Thanks, Jordan. As I said back then, with the old/new LP split fresh, with horrendous duopoly candidates and other factors, any states where the old LP state party affiliate still owns the legal party ballot access line, I think you have to run a prez candidate for current visibility, future fundraising, and possibly an additional legal foothold on that ballot line in the future.

  6. Jordan Willow Evans Post author | March 13, 2024

    SG, I’m not sure off the top of my head, but George might know more about the Pennsylvania situation in that regard. He had an in-depth interview with Liberal Party treasurer Chris Luchini several weeks back for 3PW.

    However, I can say that’s the case for Massachusetts. The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts ran several statewide candidates in 2022 who performed well enough to earn the organization major party status. That gave them both ballot access and control over who appeared on the Super Tuesday primary ballot. Meanwhile, the LNC-recognized group hasn’t secured ballot access at this time. While LAMA hasn’t formally announced plans, it was alluded to by individuals in the organization on social media that their decision would be determined by who is eventually nominated at the Libertarian National Convention.

  7. Jordan Willow Evans Post author | March 13, 2024

    Excluding Pennsylvania, the other affiliates are the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts, the Classical Liberal Party of Virginia, and the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

  8. SocraticGadfly March 13, 2024

    Per earlier reporting, aren’t they one of the state parties that hold the old LP’s party line ballot access? I still say these folks should nominate a prez candidate too.

  9. Ryan March 13, 2024

    Who are the other state party affiliates?

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