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Libertarian National Committee Disbands Judicial Committee; Cites FEC Recognition as its Authority to Act

In an emergency meeting of the Libertarian National Committee’s Executive Committee yesterday, of which six of the seven members were invited, the following resolution was adopted unanimously.

Whereas, today’s ruling of the Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee finds that Government is the final arbiter as to which organization shall be recognized as a political party,

Whereas, the Judicial Committee’s conclusion is that adherence to bylaws is no longer a relevant factor in party governance, and

Whereas, the Federal Elections Commission recognizes the Libertarian National Committee as the national committee of the Libertarian Party [see 2 U.S.C.

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Fourteen LNC Members File Joint Response to Judicial Committee Appeal

Fourteen members of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) on July 28 submitted their response to the appeal filed by the Wes Wagner group claiming to lead the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO). 

The June 19 appeal by the Wagner group claims that the LNC Executive Committee’s recognition of the Reeves group on June 18 was a constructive disaffiliation and should have required a three-quarters vote of the entire LNC. … Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee (LNC) to decide fate of Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO)?

Chairman Mark Hinkle has scheduled an Executive Committee meeting for Sunday, July 17 to discuss two topics:

  • Ballot Access Request for South Dakota; and
  • LPO – Discussion with representatives from each of two groups claiming to be officers of the Oregon affiliate.

In addition, there is an agenda item to discuss a matter in executive session with legal counsel that appears to be related to LPO, because it is under the same category on the agenda.… Read more ...

Chuck Moulton: Wes Wagner Not Chair of Oregon Libertarian Party

Bylaws Purportedly Enacted by State Committee Invalid

State Committee Not Authorized to Cancel Convention

The conversation below was extracted from another thread in IPR. It is compiled here in this order to improve readability. Redundant language was removed.

The controversy surrounds an attempted coup by the former officers of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, lead by former Chair Wes Wagner, where the State Committee purportedly adopted new bylaws, canceled the convention, extended their terms of office, and declared many members in good standing as no longer being valid members.… Read more ...

LP Blog: My Father’s Remembrance of Memorial Day

Blog entry posted by LNC Member Daniel Wiener on May 30, 2011

My father, Stanley Wiener, was a naval officer during World War II and a writer in the later years of his life.  He was also a very active member of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.  He knew the horror and tragedy and wasted young lives brought about by war. … Read more ...

Robert Ringer: The Truth About the Israeli “Occupiers”

Now that our dear leader has again shown his contempt for Israel and his sentimental attachment to radical Muslims, Israelis are feeling the heat from Jew haters worldwide more than at any time since World War II.  Obama’s modern-day version of the final solution is for Israel to simply cooperate in its own suicide by giving up the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. 

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Wayne Root: Washington Times OpEd — Bin Laden dead, Uncle Sam slow

Like the rest of America, I cheered at the news of the killing of Osama bin Laden. I was thrilled. It made my night. And the next day, too. One of the great vile, evil villains of modern history had been eliminated. If you weren’t celebrating, there is a chip missing from your DNA.… Read more ...

Gallup Poll Sees Growing Support for Third Party in GOP, Tea Party

A majority of Republicans said for the first time that a third party was needed in American politics, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

Fifty-two percent of Republicans, and an even stronger number of Tea Party supporters, support the creation of a major, third political party, underscoring the occasional tensions between grassroots conservatives and the GOP establishment.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: The Marxist in the Mirror

It’s official. President Obama has declared war on capitalism, which is funny because he never officially declared war on Libya. But our fearless Marxist-in-chief reserves a special brand of hatred for capitalism, entrepreneurship and rich people. Just days ago, Mr. Obama publicly blamed “speculators” for the rising price of gas. Mr.… Read more ...

Wayne Root on Russian Television: WWOD — Would Obama act differently than Mubarak?

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Ballot Access News: California 2010 Libertarian Nominee for Lt. Governor Had Best Showing for an “Other” Candidate for that Office Since 1922

According to Ballot Access News:

“On November 2, 2010, Pamela J. Brown, Libertarian nominee for Lieutenant Governor of California, received 5.86% of the vote. That is the highest share of the vote any candidate for that office (other than Democratic and Republican nominees) has received since 1922. The race also included nominees of the Democratic, Republican, American Independent, Green, and Peace & Freedom Parties.

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Wayne Root: “FRAUD: Why the Tax Cut Bill is Just an Excuse to Spend Another Trillion Dollars!”



Didn’t we just have a historic Tea Party election? Wasn’t the message STOP THE SPENDING, PAY OFF THE DEBT, and STOP THE INSANITY? The message was loud and clear, yet the first major bill after the election adds about one trillion more in debt as we face economic Armageddon — a rapidly approaching debt crisis (that will make Greece look like child’s play), 20% real unemployment, and eventually hyper-inflation that could turn America into Zimbabwe.… Read more ...