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Vermin Supreme wins New Hampshire LP Primary

Performance artist/activist Vermin Supreme won the New Hampshire’s LP convention’s presidential preference poll this past Saturday evening. Kim Ruff was runner-up. Other notable include Jacob Hornberger, who finished 6th, and recent entry, Lincoln Chafee, who finished a distant 10th. NOTA managed a respectable 5th place finish. It remains to be seen if Vermin Supreme can ride of a steady wave of LP membership discontent with the prospect of a 4th straight shiny badge coronation to make things interesting in Austin.… Read more ...

Liveblog – Libertarian Party of Tennessee (and NH? Other States?) 1/11/20

I’m at the 2020 Tennesee Libertarian state convention and as usual when I am at these things will attempt to liveblog in the comments. Getting here late so I missed some of the early parts of the schedule posted above but will piece things together as best I can. If anyone can add additional comments, links to photos or video or coverage anywhere else please join me in the comments.… Read more ...

Lincoln Chafee Announces 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign

Today, at the National Press Club in Washington, former Republican Senator, Independent Governor, and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, formally announced he is seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Born into a politically connected family, Chafee succeeded his father, John Chafee, as U.S. Senator in 1999 and established himself as a Liberal Republican, emphasizing support for gun control and environmental protections. … Read more ...

Keeping Green Party candidates off ballots

The United States Green Party issued a press release Thursday announcing it is seeking “to get ballot lines for all 50 states and DC and the U.S. territories in 2020.” This would be an improvement over the 2016 US general election. The press release states that the party had ballot access in 47 states then, with access in three of those states just for write-in votes.… Read more ...

Holiday message from Vermin Supreme, Libertarian for President: ‘I dream of a world of holidays without cages’

Holiday message from the Vermin Supreme campaign:

I dream of a world of holidays without cages.

As we hit Christmas, I am reminded of those in cages who are not allowed to enjoy the most basic of freedoms. Tonight we think about all of you, and shed a tear that you cannot be with your families.… Read more ...

Green Party and Libertarian Party Ballot Access Press Conference

ALBANY. NY – The Green Party of New York and Libertarian Party of New York will hold a joint press conference to discuss their next steps in challenging the unjust ballot access thresholds implemented by the Public Campaign Finance Commission. Green speakers will include Mark Dunlea, former Comptroller candidate, and Peter LaVenia, state party co-chair.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry announces Gubernatorial Run

On December 4th 2019, Libertarian Activist Darryl W. Perry, announced he would run for the Libertarian Party Nomination for Governor of New Hampshire in 2020.

Perry has previously run for the Libertarian Party Nomination for President during the 2016 Presidential Election, running a more hardline Libertarian Platform compared to eventual nominee Gary Johnson.… Read more ...

Yan Leyzerovych: ‘Libertarianism includes right to avoid, embrace preferred personal pronoun use’

Column: American Insights

“Libertarianism is an extreme social and political laissez-faire ideology that reprehends the government’s intervention in the personal lives of its citizens. Thus, Libertarianism prioritizes all individual causes above communal ones.

Some famous Libertarians include American economist Milton Friedman, who was a 1932 Rutgers University graduate, Russian writer and philosopher Ayn Rand and Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.… Read more ...

Weatherford TX Libertarian Files For Parker County Sheriff

Libertarian files for Parker County sheriff

Another candidate has filed in the race for Parker County sheriff and Russell Hess, 48, Libertarian, said he has a plan to bring the county together and save taxpayer dollars.

Hess filed on Nov. 18 and has been self-employed for the majority of his life.

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Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

Libertarian Party of New York
Facebook: Libertarian Party of New York
Twitter: @thelpny
Instagram: @LPNewYorkState

News Release

Contact: Kari Bittner
Public Engagement Team Chairman, LPNY
Date: November 26, 2019


Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

BATAVIA, New York, November 26, 2019 – Yesterday, the New York Campaign Finance Commission voted to raise the threshold for political parties to gain ballot access.

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LP: Giving thanks for Libertarian wins this holiday

Via email list:

The struggle is REAL…

…the struggle to vote, the struggle to run, the struggle not to give up hope. The struggle to be heard when the old parties dominate the conversation and control far too many aspects of our lives. The holidays where you struggle to educate family members why neither Nationalism nor Socialism is the answer to our problems.… Read more ...

Russian Libertarian Party Head Is Latest Kremlin Critic To Face Pedophilia Accusations

Reprinted from the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty website.

Mikhail Svetov, the head of Russia’s opposition Libertarian Party, has denied allegations by Moscow prosecutors that he engaged in “immoral activities” with a minor, after he was questioned by investigators for about 12 hours beginning on November 6.

Svetov and his supporters claim the allegations are a politically motivated response to his increasingly vocal opposition to the government of President Vladimir Putin.

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