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CNN Blog Asks How the US Can Get a Third Major Party

Anderson Cooper’s blog at CNN is carrying an article asking, “What would it take to become a three-party nation?” The article is written by David Gewirtz, Director of the US Strategic Perspective Institute.

American politics hasn’t always been dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Democratic Party didn’t arrive on the scene until 1828 and it took until 1854 for the early “modern” Republican party to enter the game.

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The Indypendent: Third Parties’ impact on Presidential elections

By Alex Kane in the Indypendent

While no third party presidential candidate was able to crack the one percent threshold in this year’s election, third parties have long been an important part of the electoral process. Historically, third parties have sprung up from across the ideological spectrum. And although none has won the White House since Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party triumphed in a four-way race in 1860, third parties have periodically made an impact by pushing issues into the mainstream that wouldn’t have otherwise received attention, or by garnering enough votes to affect the chances of major party candidates.

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Georgia U.S. House candidate runs as Bull Moose

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Loren Collins, a write-in candidate for Georgia’s Fourth District U.S. House seat, has declared he is the candidate of a revived Bull Moose Party. In a statement, he said, “The Bull Moose Party is intended to stand as a refuge for economically conservative Democrats, socially liberal Republicans, classic liberals and libertarians.”… Read more ...