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Root: Krugman Wrong on Capital Gains

Paul Krugman Is Wrong About Capital Gains Taxes
by Wayne Allyn Root – Capitalist Evangelist


Paul Krugman is a liberal. He’s also untruthful on the topic of capital gain taxes. Like President Barack Obama and most liberal Democratic politicians, Krugman’s contortions about capital gains taxes are so pathetic you’d think he owned stock in Pinnochio Inc.… Read more ...

Nader: Apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations

from Nader.org:

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by Ralph Nader / 4-22-11

It is time to apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations and demand that they pledge allegiance to the United States and “the Republic for which is stands…. with liberty and justice for all.” This July 4, 2011 would be  good day for Americans to demand such a corporate commitment.

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Libertarian Party Monday Message: Video from CPAC 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I think you’ll enjoy this video of the LP in action at CPAC (pronounced "see-pack"), the Conservative Political Action Conference.

LP Headquarters staff and volunteers hosted a booth last Thursday through Saturday here in Washington, D.C., featuring the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and the "Republican Wall of Shame."

Our new video specialist, Nigel Lyons, interviewed everyone from Libertarians to Republicans, as well as representatives from various nonpartisan groups like Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.… Read more ...

PSL: ‘Election results: right-wing shift or anger at the status quo?’

Brian Becker at PSLweb.org:

Class-wide struggle is brewing

Do the Nov. 2 election results signal a major shift to the right and a resurgence of conservatism among the people? Is that what the capture of 66 House seats by the Republicans indicates? That is the fundamental message from the corporate media and by many in the milieu of pro-Democratic Party liberalism, such as the ACLU.… Read more ...

Mass. gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein ‘says liberals want some place to go’

From the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

But on the other side of the political world, Jill E. Stein has her own take on voter frustration and how it could translate into votes for the left in November.

“There were about 800,000 voters that just didn’t come out,” said Ms. Stein, the Green Rainbow Party candidate for governor.

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