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Posts tagged as “Libertarian National Committee”

An IPR Political Analysis

Over the past two years, the Libertarian Party’s Mises Caucus has launched a systematic campaign to take over the Libertarian Party. In many states, they organized groups of supporters to appear at state conventions and elect their supporters as state committee members, state party officers, and delegates to the Libertarian National Convention.… Read more ...

George Phillies: How to Fix the LNC

Over the past few years, our party has struggled with the differences between advocates of developing tools for ballot access and advocates of growing the party by showing our practical successes.

In Pennsylvania, we made huge strides in membership and donation growth by demonstrating our strong focus on electing partisan Libertarians to office, by showing that we can work with non-Libertarian town council members to move public policy in a Libertarian direction, by showing we can watch where the money is spent, and by serving as a check in the credibility of our electoral process.… Read more ...